Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 8

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Episode 8
Uv is searching for tw all over amritsar.meanwhile mahi brings tw to the mandap.tw is wearing a beautful satee (which she wore in her fake marriage with uv in tei)with gold and red diamond studed jewellery.she comes down with a veil covering her.
Priest-nw tie the dulhan s saree nd dulha s dupatta nd they take the pheras.
L-come usha ji we will tie it together.
U-haa ji
They tie the knot.yhen twinj take the pheras.on the other side uv is shown asking ppl for tw wid her photo.they finish the pheras.priest says to fill tw s forehead with vermillion.kunj fills tw forehead wid sindoor.then the priest tells kunj to tie the mangalsutr..he ties the mangalsutr nd the priest says vivah sampanth huva.tw cries seeing leela nd mahi mahi also cries nd they hug eo tw bids them bye .Then kunj nd tw get into the car to go the sarna mansion.
Tw(while wipomg her tears)-ha kunj
K-aaj hamari shaadi huva
K-remember wht u promised me for tonight.
Tw(thinks)oh yeh kunj he has no other work than thinking abt these things
Tw(innocently)wht promise kunj?
K-wht tw u forgot
Tw-forgot wht?
K-abt our special night
Tw-when did i prmose anything
K-yesterday dont u remember
Tw-i didnt promise only to remember.
Kunj realises she is doing all this to irriatate him
K-oh ya ok sry i misunderstood sey i think it was an imagination.
Tw was shocked. N widens her eyes
Tw-(shocked)wht r u saying kunj i promised u yesterday in real i juz wanted to irritate u nd u believed it?
Kunj smirks.tw realises wht she just said.
K-so u accept u promised.
Tw*in a low tone)ya
K-remember tonight no restrictions.
Tw blushes nd turns the other side nd secretly smiles.
K-now no need to smile secrtly
Tw turn to kunj
Tw-hw do u know?
K-i know u more than urself.
Tw smiles nd hugs him tightly
Tw-thats y i love u so much.
Kunj smiles nd hugs her back.
K-me too.

Scene 3

The man calls uv nd tells he got the information abt tw s marriage.
Uv-tell me fast who is she married to
Man-kunj sarna.
Uv is shocked.
Uv-wht the hell
Man-ya she is married in the sarnas’
Uv-wth tw is my bhabhi.its okay i will torchure her so much tht she will be able to bear it. I will remind her abt our moments and she eont be able to tell kunj also.
Uv-(thinks)iwill not let u live in peace tw.i will serparate u nd kunj.

Scene 3

They reach the sarna mansion.twinj do the rituals.they go nd sitoj the hall.bebe comes there says there is one more ritual.
K-ab kya
B-wait nd see cherry bring the milk nd ring.
Cherry brings the milk in a vessel and puts the ring in it.
K-bhai kya kar raha hai?
B-now both of u should find the ring from the pot nd who finds it first willrule ober the other for the whole life.
Tw looks at kunj with lot of tashan nd says thru the eyes get ready to lose mr.sarna.
They speak thru their eyes.kunj says thru his eyes i wont lose mrs.sarna so u better get ready to lose..
Tw(thru her eyes)tqinkletaneja never loses.
K-correctoon tw sarna.
B-what correction .
K-nothing bebe.nw lets start the rasam.
They start the rasam.
Twinj-i found it.
They take ot out while tw s finger is in the ring and kunj is also holding the ring.
Us-what does this mean?
C-this means that love has won.llove has won.
Kunj looks at tw nd smiles.tw blushes.

Scene 4

Tw is waititng in their room.kunj arrives there with a gift in his hand.he approaches tw turns away in shyness nd sees the gift.
Tw-yeh kiske liya?
K-my ex girlfriend ke liye
Tw(sarcastically)then u can go nd give to her na?
K-ya thats why i came her.
Tw-ok then where is she?
K-here only.
Tw is shocked to tries to act calm.
Tw-kunj where is she?
K-i will show bt 1st close ur eyes.
Tw-ok nd closes her eyes.
Kunj goes near the cupboard nd makes some noise like smone is coming out of the cupboard to make tw scared. Nd tw gets scared also nd thinks oh babaji who is she?
K-now open ur eyes.
Tw opens her eyes and see her reflection in the mirror.which kunj was holding she smiles nd hugs him.
Tw-ok nw give the gift.
Kunj gives the gift nd tw tries to open it but in vain
Tw-kunj where is the scissors?
K-no need siyappa queen i will open give.
Tw-no sadu sarna i will only openrhis so tell me where is the scissors?
K-in that drawer
Tw searches the drawer for the scissor bt she didnt get so she went out to take the scissors
K-no need twonkle twin twinkleee.
Bt she foes suddenly she sees uv.she is shocked nd runs to kunj
K-ab kya huva
Tw(stammering)k k ku kunj i i saw r r raj.
K-wht where
She takes him nd shows uv
K-bt this is uv na?
Tw-how do u know?
K-cuz he is my brother.
Tw is shocked.
The screen freezes on tw ‘s shocked face.

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