Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 7


Ssry sry sry for not uploading the ep for a this many days.i k u all r very angry wid me so pls forgive.my sis is having her exams so no internet in the house.i am now even uploading from a friend s house.so i wont be able to upload regularly for 2 weks.really sry???.enough of my bak bak nd back to the story

Episode 7

They all reach amritsar from agra.tw mahi nd leela leave for the taneja s mansion.twinj eye eo sadly.ASA they reach the taneja s uv enters the sarna s mansion.
Uv-maa mein aagayi
U-ok beta jaayo jaake apne kamre mein aaram karo
Uv-ok maa
Uv leaves

Scene 2

Twinj r in tjeir respective rooms thinking abt eo.suddenly tw gets a call in her fon flashing the name cutie pie.
(U guyys rhink its kunj na? Lets see)
(No guys its uv)
Uv-hey baby hw r u ?
Tw recognises the voice nd
Tw-wht do u want??
Uv-ya baby i m back in india nd i want u only
Tw-that will never happen. I am only ..(stops nd thinks no uv shud not know abt kunj if he comes to know he will do something or the other)
Uv-u r only whos hah hah u r only mine.
Tw-just shut up uv i will never be urs
Uv-lets see.
Tw cuts the fon in disgust.nd runs to kunj.tw enter his room nd sits on the bed.kunj thinks its his imagination.
K-why i am i hallucinating abt this siyappa queen from morning.
Tw frowns in suprise.
K-its just a imagination control urself just ignore at least ths tym.
Kunj tries to ignore her bt tw keeps staring at him.after a certain point he couldnt resist himself.
K-ik u r just a imagination but still.
Tw s eyes pop out in suprise.
K-(he says all this in one breath)u have no idea tw hw i love u.i love u so much tht i cant even explain.i love u more than my lyf.i k u wont leave me but still i am scared if tht raj ur ex comes nd separates us nd i hav to stay away from u .oh my i cant even think of it.i hate tht raj(aka uv cuz tw told him the name raj nd not yuvraj) idiot y did he even come into ur lyf.he is my no 1 enemy.becuz of him i am in this state.i will ki…..
He stops as he feels soft lips on his.he was shicked but still responded.it was a long nd intense liplock.after sometym tw breaks it.

Tw-hw do u tell one breath.if u keep on doing this after marriage also i will go to the mental hospital.
Kunj was still in shock he touch her face everywhere to check if its real.he realises tw is there real.
K-u here but hw???
Tw-i wanted to talk to u so i came.ur house doors r widely open nd no one is in the haal nd i came here nd u r thinkinf everything as imagination.
Kunj bites his tongue.tw smiles at his childishness.
Yw-accha suno
Tw-he called me
K-wht?wht did he say?
Tw-ya he called me nd said he will get me somehw
K-that blo*dy idiot.hw date he?
Tw-just leave it i just wanted to inform u.
K-never mind abt his words.nd by the way we bothr getting married tommorow so one last kiss as singles.
Tw widens her eyes nd saýs no.
Tw-no. As u told tmr is our marriage nd tmr night no restriction
K-no prob let it be tmr also
Tw-no nd gets up to go while kunj pulls her and she sits on his lap due to sudden jerk.kunj holds her tightly arnd her.waust
K-nw u hv to kiss me. Nd firwards towards her lips
T-nn now u w ww ill ff force me.(stammering)
Kunj gets sad nd loses his grip ard her.she gets up nd sees that kunj is very sad nd says sry. Kunj who is hurt deep inside says do u really think tht i wiil force u.
Tw-u fool it was a just a trick for u to leave me.nd gives a peck in his cheeks nd runs
Kunj touches his cheeks n smiles

Scene 3 nxt day marriage

Leela is running here n there for the preparations
Mahi comes dwn in a beautiful lehenga.
M-maa need any help
L-make ur sister get ready thats itself enough.
M-di is getting it will finish in smtym.
L-ok beta
Then the sarna s arrive after sm rituals.
Uv gets a call nd leaves to pick it
In the call.
Caller-sir tw taneja is getting married today.
Uv-wth nd now u r tellung me
C-i am sry sir i found out today only
Uv-ok who is it?
C-idk i could nt get tht information but it is in amritsar only.
Uv-u r of no use i will find out myseĺf.
Uv goes to usha nd makes an excuse his friend is in ICU nd urgently needs blood.
Uv leaves.

Precap-twinj marriage nd uv searching for tw in all marriage halls nd gets to know the truth.

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Credit to: Aishwarya (twinj fan)

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