Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 6

First of all i want to convey sme writers one thing.ppl r telling tht sid is leaving TEI so they r going to stop writing ff s.i regret this decision.Actually i can understand hw much pain u ppl r going through now cuz i am too going through the same pain ?? but tht doesn t mean v hv to stop the ff s.ppl who cant forget sid will write ffs cuz there r some ppl who cannot see sid in tei so they see twinj in their imagination from our ffs.Even now i am reading ff s n imagining them in my mind cuz o cannot see them in TEI.nd besides jasmin mam amd zain sir will start thinking they r not that imp to the show so v hav to support them .SO I REQUEST U PPL NOT STOP WRITING OR READING FFs.
Ok nw i m sry if i had hurt anyone s feelings???.nd nw back to my ep.

Episode 6

The flight lands.the steward comes out of the plane wid twinj while going he says goodbye beautiful see u next tym.tw smiles.kunj gets more angry wid tw n leaves.tw tries to console kunj.but kunj just shoves her off.tw feels sadtw tells mahi evrythng.mahi tells a plan which is muted.

They reach the hotel.
R-hw mwy i hlp u sir?
M-V need 5 rooms.
R-ok sir.
They do the formalities. [Iwill tell u the room arrangments.tw n mahi -em no 21 kunj-rm no 22 mansha (manohar +usha)rm no 23 leela rm no 24 n bebe rm no 25.]

They reach their respective roomsafter some tym mahi knocks kunj rm door.kunj opens.
M-(acting tensed)jiju d di has f fa faintedpls come n see wht happen.there no water also inour i will bring water.can u pls go n see.
K(tensed)-ok ok u go fast
Kunj rushes into tje room n cannot find tw.he shouts her name.tw back hugs him.kunj melts in the hug.kunj turns
Tw-imsosry kunj iwnated to make u jealous bt i amde u angry.i m so sry
K-shhh no prob
Tw-u forgave me?
K-ya then.
Tw-u r not angry wid me anymore.
K-but wht ya i got jealous to see u both together cuz i luv u so much.besides who else has the right to make me jealous except my siyappa queen.
tw smiles n hugs him tightly.kunj smiles n hugs her back.they break the hug.tw gives a peck on his cheeks.he shows his other cheeks she kisses it.he bends down a little.she kisses his foreheadthwn he shows his lips.tw nods no n kunj nods yes.he goes forward for a kiss.there lips r about to meet
Suddenly tw s fon rings b4 their lips meet n the moment is spoiled.in the fon
Tw-kya mahi.
M-mom is cming to ur room tell jiju to go fast.i will manage her by the tym.she cuts the call
Tw-kunj leave fast
K-y wht happend?
Tw-dont ask questions go now.n she pushes him to his room n closes the door.kunj is outside nd sees leela cming there.
K(thinks)this is y she told me to get out.but she could hv told me tht maa is comin.anyways kunj leave it

Meanwhile it is shown that uv is searching all the outing places n hotls for twinkle.

In agra.

All visit sme places n twinj .mahi nall take selfies.twinj tale one romantic selfie.
Then while tw is walkingsslips n kunj catches her on time n both of share a cute eye lock.mahi takes a photo of it.leela cmes there.
L-ahem ahem.
Twinj composes themselves.
K(stammering)-vo maa twinkle was abt to fall i caught her.
L(teasingly)-oho puttar ok ok.
Tw-maa aap kyun humei ussi taraf se dek rahi ho.
L-notjing puttar.i came here to call u ppl for luncthey all have lunch after lunch mahi cmes tokunj n shws the phot n tells she willgive to him on one condition.
K-any condition now give me the photo.
M-actually jiju i want to tell one very imp thing but dont tell it to anyone.
K-ok now tell what is it?
M-i think i am hving feelings for uv.
K-great i had a doubt that day when i saw u both lyk that as uv doesnt hug any girl lyk that.
Mahi blushes.
M-but i donno if he has feelings for me.
K-dont worry we will sort it out.
M-ok jiju n she hugshim
He hugs her back.tw cmes there.
Tw-ahem ahem
Mahi sees her n composes themselves.
Tw-what is going in btw jiju n sali
K-tw nothing lyk that
Tw-then lyk what?
K-nothing she ws showing me a nic pic of us n i thanked her n huged her.
Tw-oh so where s the photo?
They shw the pic.n mahi leaves
Tw-wht dekha i know my kunj will never break my trust no matter wht
K-promise me one thing
K-promise that u will never leave me
Tw-i promise iwill never leave my sadu sarna n i will always trust my cutie pie.
Kunj smiles.tw gives a peck on his cheeks n runs away.kunj touches his cheeks.
The screen freezes on their endlessly smiling faces

Precap-all return back nd twinj wedding preparations.

Pls comment no matter whether it is bad or good.thank u

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