Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 5

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Episode 5

Kunj is shocked to see yuhi in that position.yuhi breaks the hug.
M-its a a been a long time yaar.hw r u?
Y-i am fine n u?
M-i m fine.n u here?
Y-i hv to ask u that.
K-whats going on over here?
M-ha jiju i came here to see u
M-ha he is my marrying my sis means he is my jiju
K-first explain me how u bth know eo?
M-we studied together in london.
K-oh ok
Y-ok wat were u saying jiju?
M-he is marrying my sister.
Suddenly smne calls uv.
Y-ok guys carry on.i hv sm wrk.
M-ok bye uv.n jiju i came to discuss the prepartions for tmmrows haldi function.
K-ok.they discuss fr sme tym after that mahi leaves.

Nxt day haldi function

Tw gets ready.n cmes dwn in a red lehenga n kunj is wearing a red sherwani.every one us suprised by the colour co ordination.
Kunj is mesmerised to see tw.
Tw smiles seeing him lyk tht.usha shakes n he cmes to his senses.
U-kunj where were u lost?
K-no where maa n where is uv?
U-he has went to buy sme things for the function.
K-ok maa.
Pple start applying haldi on tw.when they r abt to apply on kunj.he starts running as he doesnt want haldi in his face.
Bubbly(bu)-look kunj jiju even di put haldi on her face.u r scared.wht is this?
K-bubbly she is a girl,not only haldi put salt sugar,coffee powder put anything no prob,but not for me.
tht tym manohar cmes.there
M-what are u ppl doing a haldi function or playing ice boy over here.
Bebe-nothing monu kunj does not want to apply haldi.
Manohar stares at kunj.kunj goes n sits.manohar apllies haldi n laughs at kunj.everyone apply haldi on tw n kunj n goes.
Mahi is taking tw to their room.tht tym kunj comes mahi understands n leaves.kunj n tw r alone.kunj moves towards tw.
Tw-kunj smeone will come.
Tw-kunj no
Suddenly chinki cmes there.
C-ahem ahem.
Twinj compose themselves.tw gets shy n runs away.
K-kyu babaji kyu whenever i go near here something happens.

Outing day (guys i dint want to waste my tym in rituals)

Uv leaves for pune.the taneja s arrive.they all leave for the airport.they board the flight mahi ws sitting near tw.she exchanges ger seat with kinj.now kunj n tw r sitting together.there were stewards in the flight.so tw starts flirting wid to make kunj jealous.
The flight lands
No precap

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