Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 4

Thank u some for ur comments.and sry for late update as there ws no internet in my home.ok now back to my episode.

Episode 4

Uv and kunj walk to kunj s room to see tw s pic.kunj takes his phone to show him the pic of tw.
K-shit,my phone is out of battery.uv i ll show her pic later.
Uv-koi problem nahi.
Suddenly usha calls kunj.kunj goes.
K-i ll come 2 mins.
Kunj leaves.uv calls a man and tells u have to find her at any cost u have just got 1 week u better find her before it otherwise u noe wht will hppn.

Scene 2 hall

Kunj-haa maa.
U-nothing dear we have planned a outing this weekend as ur post marriage rituals n ur wedding day,we hv a lot of free time.just called to inform u.
K-i am not interested.
U-the taneja’s r also cming.ok if u r not interested dont come we will go.
K(excitedly)who told i am not coming i am coming.
U-dekho bebe as soon i as told twinkle is xomin he became so happy.
K-nothing lyk that.
And kunj goes from there.

Scene 3 uv’s room

A man calls uv and tells that tw is going to pune with her family n inlaws
Uv-wth how cn she marry n forget me i ll not leave her un peace.
Usha comes there.
U-uv beta we r going to pune for a outing this weekend.r u coming?
Uv(thinks)yes now in the name if outing i can go their and search for tw.
U-kya hua puttar where r u lost?
Uv comes out his thoughts
Uv-haa maa i am coming.
Just the bebe vomes there
B-usha rani v r going to agra as the weather in puune is not nice.
Uv immediately
Uv-i am nt cming maa
U-why puttar?
Uv-now i remembered my friend called for his marriage in pune i hv to attend it.
B-ok then puttar we will go n cme by tym u go to the marriage.
Uv(thinks)thank god they believed me now i cn search for twinkle there without any disturbance.
Usha n bebe leave.

Scene 4

Kunj calls tw
K-hw r u my jaan?
Tw-fine wnt to tell u smthing.
Tw-no one at home.
K-mein abhi aa raha hu.
Tw-no need
K-i will cme wht u will do?
tw-kk ku.kunj cuts the call without listening to her.

Tw bkushes thinking hw she sent everyone out of the house to spend quality tym wid kunj.


Raman n keela went to meeting so they r not at home.tw goes to pinni.
Tw-pinni kamala aunty came to see u when u were out.
P-for wht beta
Tw-she didnt tell me she wanted to meet u.
P-ok i will go.i will go the market also n cme.
Tw-ok pinni.
Pinni leaves.then tw goes to bubbly

Tw-bubbly did u tke sharanya s book?
B-haa di hw do u noe?
Tw-she called n askedfor it.
B-ok di i will go return it n stay for sme tym.
Tw-ok bt b4 starting from there call me. I hv to open the door.
bubbly leaves.then she calls kunj.


Kunj cmes n rings the bell.tw runs to opn the doors.she opens the door
K-itna jalti.
Tw-i thot it was maa.i didnt knw it ws u.
K-u didnt know it ws me?(in slow tone moving towrds her.)
he gets in n closes the door.he keeps moving towrds her.tw moves backand gets pin to the wall.he moves forward for a kiss suddenly tw widens her eyes and says maa aap yaha?kunj movesback n turnsto find no one there.

Kunj gets angry n starts to chase her.she starts running.while running kunj slips n both of them fall on thebed.he forwards his kiss 4 a kiss.suddenly smone rings the bells.
K(self talk)kyu babaji kyu whenever i go near her something or the other comes.
Tw hits him in the shoulder n tells him to escape through the window.kunj leaves.

Scene5 sarna house

Mahi had cme there searching for kunj.she sees uv and goes to him.uv lifts her n hugs her.kunj is socked n suprised to see this.

Precap-outing to agra twinj moments n uv searching for tw in pune.

So hw was the episode pls comment.

Credit to: Aishwarya (twinj fan)


  1. Sayeeda

    Wowww yrr maza agaya ……but somewhere tensed that UV will create havoc for twinj ….waiting for the next to see Uv struggling ….that will be a fun to read…

  2. Ria

    The episode was amazing.. precap was interesting and funny.. twinkle in Agra n uv searching her in Pune..lol!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.