Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 21 and 22

Hey guys
Sry i cudnt post last week so i will be ppsting 4 episodes this week. One is this 2 nd other 2 will be from the other ff. Nc many of u asked y twinj r nt revealing tht they r married. There r 2 reasons
1.they agreed tht they will fianćes for the next few days
2.will be revealed in this episode↓↓

For those who missed my prev epi: http://www.tellyupdates.com/tere-mere-pyaar-twinj-episode-20/

Episode 21 and 22


Twinj r in the room. Tw is sitting on the bed while kunj is stabding nd giving a furious luk to her.

K-wht was the need to come here?

Tw-wo kunj mein

K-i still didnt finish talking. I just asked u take complete rest in amritsar so tht u dont take any stress or tension. I wanted u to be alright. U cant understand a small action me then tht means u dont understand me itself.

Tw(goes nd holds his arm) aisa nhi hai ku..kunj jerks her hand off by which he accidentally slaps her. Tw stands there holding her cheek. Teard starts flowing from her eyes. Kunj realises wht he has juz done nd his eyes start to well up.(tw knew it was an accident bt being a drama queen)

Tw-i just did a small mistake bt for tht u slapped me. On top of tht u didnt even listen to wht i hv to say also.

K-tw i am very sry…goes to touch her bt.

Tw-i hate u kunj. dont touch me. dont even try to talk to me.

k-tw i am sry pls forgive me.

tw-dnt talk to me. GET LOST!!!

kunj collapses on the ground being shattered. Tw feels pity for him. She kneels down nd touches her shoulder.

K-i am sry tw. It was an accident.

Tw-mujhe pata hai. Ab rona band kar..nd wipes his tears.

K- tw i am really very sry. I didnt mean to..

Tw-oye sadu. It was just a drama by ur siyappa queen to tease u nd luk at u crying like a small kid.

K-i can afford to cry only infront of u…tw.just smiles nd says

Tw-accha now stop crying luk ur nose is so red…pulls his nose

K- stop pulling my nose

Tw-wht will u do haan?..pulls his nose

K-stop doing tht. Nd she again pulls his nose.

K-tw its ur last warning.

Tw-wht will u do?..pulls his nose again

K-thts it i am gonna kiss u..nd comes on top of her.

(Remember they r still on the floor)


Mahi reaches mumbai. She hires a taxi nd reaches the accomdation which given to her by the company. She changes nd comes out. She hears a noise from the kitchen. She grabs a stick and moves towards the kitchen.


Kunj is forwarding towards tw. They r just inches apart. Wen :KNOCK KNOCK. Kunj feels irritated. He gets up nd opesns the door just to find shanaya standing there.Kunj gets irked seeing her.

K(harshly)wht do u want?

Tw-kunj stop behaving lyk this wid her.

S-oye i dont need ur recommdation.ok?

K-shanaya can u pls lev?


K-JUST LEV!!..nd slams the door on her face leving her crying.

Tw-kunj y do behave wid her lyk this? First of all u shud hv not even lied tht v r fianćes. We shud hv been just gud friends. I dont want to be a reason for a girl’s death…nd starts crying


Kunj proposed tw and she accepted(i will be telling how this happened briefly in further episodes). The next wen shanay came to know she was heartbroken she just cudnt take it. She tried to commit suicide bt at last moment. Tw broke up kunj to give shanaya wht she wanted. Kunj wanted tw back in his life. Soon after so many trials twinj re unite. Since then Shanaya used to hate tw.


Kunj hugs tw while consoling her.(agar tum saath ho tune plays)

The screen splits into two. One side twinj in a hugging position nd mahi holding a stick to hit somebody.


Atlast finished. I think this will suffice. Ok guys see ya tomorrow in my unconditional love virika and twinj ff.
Bye till then.

Luv all♡♡♥♥

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    It was nice I hope everyone is fine as mahi holding a stick to hit some body

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    lods of love too cute n emotional♥♥

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    awesome amazing shocking epi

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    Awesome amazing shocking

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