Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 20


Episode 20

Tw is crying.(lets her wht kunj is saying)

K-i luv her man. I just cant wait to see her again.(refering to tw)

Bas itni si tammana instrumental was playing

Tw just couldnt resist anymore. She runs nd hugs him tightly from back.(kunj was sitting)he stands up nd turns. Tw wraps her hands around hs neck hugs him tightly. Due to sudden action kunj didnt see the face. Tw was crying nd telling. He felt the touch familiar so hugged her back

Tw-th..thn..k u kunj. I l..luv u.(wid so much of emotion)

(The camera is rotating around them)

Shanaya fumes seeing them together while the pthers gey happy to see them together once again. The girls go nd stand near their couples. After sum tym twinj break the hug.

K-tw tum yaha??

Tw-vo. k..unj..

K(angrily)y did u cm here?


K(holds her arms)i told u bt still u cant listen to me na? I…bt was interupted by viren.

Vi-y cant she cm? She is also our batchmate our friend. She will stay here.

Sh-btw tw wer r u going yo stay??..tw gives a xonfused luk.

Sh-its just tht ther r no rooms left over her.i am staying wid aisha. Nd the only room left is kunj’s. Of course u cant stay wid him.

K-y cant she stay wid me?She is my fianće…black light flashes on shanaya’s face.

Ma-ya btw its nt the first tym..shanaya givs a shocked luk

Ma-vo kya hai na u wer nt there tht tym. during the manali trip so due to shortage of rooms they stayed together..this was a double shock for shanaya.

On the otherside

Mahi is leving for mumbai.Leela,Raman,Pinni nd bubbly lev for the airport to lev her. Soon they lev. Uv after they lev cms to mahi nc asks for forgiveness.

Uv(kneeling nd crying)mahi pls mahi dont lev me i hv realised my luv for u. I luv u mahi. Give me another chance. Pls mahi pls…nd holds her leg. Mahi steps bck.

M-sry MR.YUVRAJ i dont think u deserve a second chnce. Bye forever….nd levs from there. Uv is shown crying.
The screen slipts on shanaya’s shocked face nd uv’s crying face.

Is this uv’s new drama?? Wht will shanaya do after learning the truth?? Will twinj be able to undergo shanaya’s wrath??

To know more keep reading tere mere pyaar twinj…
Uff atlast i finished this much.i cant write more. Sry giys for the late update.i couldnt put the precap of the last epi in this epi. Sry. Atleast i broke the suspense. See you guys later.

Luv u all loads♡♥♡♥♡♥

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  1. Oh god aish.. Where r u girl..? I missed ur ff soo much.. This epi is awesome.. Plz post next epi soon..
    Happy new year dear in advance… Stay happy always and keep smiling…
    Love you..

  2. Adya

    Awesome episode yrr aish…
    Amazing.. missed you..
    Happy new year ….
    Post soon…
    Loads of love

  3. SidMin23

    Nice after long time u write again

  4. Thank god finally u post it…..
    Awesome epi….
    Really u dont know how many time i have read previous epi 17 18 19 and after reading 20 how much relief and happy i am feeling i cant explain in words and plzzzzzzzzzzzz now try to post nxt asap….

  5. Chiku

    Awesome ???lovely.

  6. RUTU.....

    Really an amazing episode cutei

  7. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Happy new year 🙂

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Superb episode.. n happy new year girl!!

  9. Ramya

    Aishu can u plssss give me a short recap
    But episode was amazing but I was little confused so I’m asking I. Sry if I have hurted u
    Happy new year loads of love keep smiling

  10. Baby

    Ohhh god Ashwarya I was too scared think god it was amazing lovely update pity nono osm maza aaya shan aya ko dekh hahaha well y don’t dey tell ?dat dey r married ??wwll loved it
    Love u lods?????
    Post asap????

  11. Awsm epi aishwarya di
    Cant wait for the next epi upload fast

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

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