Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 2


Thank u some much ria,sam,sayeeda,dreamer romaisha,sadaf for ur comments.it really means a lot to me.and one more thing i really dont much about the rituals so the episodes go according my way so pls dont get confused.ok now to my episode.

Episode 2

Next day(mehandi function)

In the taneja ansion.Leela is running here n there 4 the preparations.n mahi comes down

L-is twinkle ready i have make all the arrangmets the boy s side r going to come.
M-that go and ask ur kumbakarn daughter.
L-u mean,oh my god what i am going do with this girl.ok i will go and wake her up u.u see if these things ready.
M-ok maa

At twinkle room

L- puttar wake it s time they r going to come get ready fast.
Tw-maa 5 more min
L-(angrily)now u r going ro get up or i will cancel the wedding.
Tw quickly jumps out the bed.
Tw-ok maa.and she runs to the bathroom.
By the time grooms side arrive

L-shas ri kal ji.
Manohar n usha sasri kal ji
L-aap ayiye
They enter the house.and kunjs eyes r looking for someone.mahi comes there

M-i know whom u r looking for.iwill take u to that person if u promise me something
K(eagerly)-ok ok now take me to that person
M-pukka then u wont change ur word na?
K-sure pukka now take me.
M-ok ok wait
And they sneak into twinkle s room

At twinkle s room

Kunj enters the room and mahi is guarding the room outside.
Kunj i s in throom and tw comes out in her bathrobe.she dint know kunj there in the room and was abt to open her bathrobe to change.n suddenly kunj sees and says stop n closes his eyes.tw is shocked.she closes fer bathrobe n turns back to see over there.

T-tum yaha?
K-ha mein and now can i open my eyes.
Tw(thinks)so nice he closed his eyes and told me stop if anybody else was there they would have taken advantage.thank u babaji for bringing in my life.
K-excuse me
Tw comes out of her thoughts.
Tw-(showing her back to kunj)ok now open ur eyes.
Kunj opens eyes.n is mesmerised to see her.
Suddenly leela knocks the door and kunk goes n hides in the wardrobe.rw opens the door
L-puttar u r still not ready go and get ready i will take the dress from the wardrobe.
Tw is shocked n leela moves rowards the wardrobe.the screen stops in leela proceeding towards the wardrobe and twinkle s tensed face

So how the epi pls comment

Credit to: Aishwarya (twinj fan)

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