Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 17,18 and 19


Episode 17

Kunj tries to get up widout disturbing her bt tw pulls him closer nd hugs him tightly. He again tries bt again the same thing hppns so kunj gives up nd again lies down hugging her.kunj admires her cuteness. After sumtym tw wakes up nd sees kunj sleeping,she starts caressing his hair,cheeks,nose etc.

Tw-hw cute he is while sleeping bt if he wakes up his sadu mode will be switched on.

K-i see.

Tw jerks up.

Tw-u r awake?then y wer u acting?

K-if i was not acting i wud hv nt knwn wht my siyappa queen thinks abt me. So i am cute while sleeping…nd pulls her close.

Tw-kunj chodo mujhe…nd tries to get up bt kunj pulls her more close.

K-ok i will lev u bt after my morning kiss.

Tw-haww no kiss viss,lev me down everyone will be waiting for me.

K-then be like this only.

Tw-ok(nd gives a peck on his cheek)nw lev me

K-ok bt one more over here….pointing towards his lips.

Tw-haww kunj u asked for a kiss i gave u nw lev me this is not fair.

K-Everything is fair in luv nd war.

Tw-ok bt first u brush…..kunj runs from the bed nd brushes quickly nd cms back

K-i brushed now where is my kiss

Tw-i hv to also brush na…tw goes nd starts brushing slowly slowly. Kunj who was frustrated w8ing cms nd makes her brush fastly. Tw smiles at this.

K-cme on tw nw u also finished brushing.

Tw-so nt in the bathroom…nd pushes him out nd locks the door.

K-tw this is nt fair huh.(while banging the door)

Tw- Everything is fair in luv nd war(while taking a shower)…nd smiles

After taking a bath she cms out in her blue bathrobe nd starts drying her wet hair. Kunj is mesmerised seeing her.
(after tht u knw wht hppns….no..ok i will tell..oops..write)
Kunj moves towards her nd backhugs her. He starts kissing her neck.

K-u knw today only my dream has cm true. Everyday in my dreams u will cm in the bathrobe wid wet hair nd i will cm nd backhug u nd start kissing u then…


K-then as usual one of my family members will cm to ruin my romance,i will get upset nd i will wake up….tw giggles hearing this.

K-bt nothing lyk tht hppnd today,nw noone is there to disturb us…nd starts kissing her again.


K-tw dont spoil the moment.

Tw(blushes hearing it)

Suddenly smone knocks the door

K-ab kya?

S.O-open the door u both r still sleeping.

Tw-nahi bebe

Kunj goes nd enacts as if sleeping. Tw goes nd opens the door. Bebe sees her in the bathrobe nd understands

B-kunj puttar no need to act too much get ready nd cm down for breakfast

Bebe goes nd kunj gets up nd goes to take bath. By the tym tw gets ready nd goes down.

The Hall

All sit for breakfast.(kunj still didnt cm).

B-tw puttar wer is kunj?

Tw-he will cm bebe he will be getting ready nw.

B-ok puttar tonight v all r going to the malhotra’s for pujaa. Get ready at 5 o clock.

Tw goes near bebe nd whispers smthing in her ears.

B-ohk u nd kunj stay at hme then v all will go.

Us-kyu bebe?y r they nt cming?…Bebe whispers smthing in usha’s ear.

Us-ohk puttar u bth stay at hme(wid a concerned face)


Everyone left. Kunj who had went smwer cmes back. He luks for every1 bt doesnt find anyone.

K-maa,bebe any1 at hme?

Tw-kunj y r u shouting?

K-thnk god tw atleast u r here. Wer is every1?

Tw-Every1 went for pujaa to the Malhotra’s.

K-y didnt they take us?

Tw(sarcastically) Y u want to go? Then go i have no prob. I will manage here ALONE…Nd she levs to their room.

K-Tw..twin..Twink…meri baat toh s..(bt she already left)where did i go wrong?…nd thinks..oh shit i am big fool nt to understand….nd he also goes to their room.

Tw is sitting on the bed with a cupped face.

Tw(thinks)wht hppn to this kunj? V r alone in the house nd this guy wants to go to pujaa. So unromantic..hmph..

Kunj cms there nd backhugs her.

K(thinks)Does she really want spend quality tym wid me? Or not? I am full of confusions. Let me check. I will ask her to cme to the pujaa wid me if she denies she wants to spend tym wid me

K-Tw cm lets go for pujaa

Tw who was sitting in anger started to boil in anger bt controls it

Tw-i am nt cming.

K(lets hv sm fun)aaja na

Tw-kunj pls understand i cant cm.

K-ok then lets go out for dinner.

Tw(super excited bt doesnt shw it)ok.

K-ok u go get ready by the tym i will inform Bebe.

Tw-ok(wid a big wala smile)

Tw gets ready.
She wears smthing lyk this.

(Hope this link works. If it doesnt search this address in google)

Kunj wears a yellow shirt over a grey vest(the one which he wore in the college stunt)

K-luking good.

Tw-thnk u. U too not less huh?

K-shall v proceed?

Tw-ya sure mr.sarna…nd entwines her arm wid his.

They both go xyz hotel. They hv their dinner wid sm romantic talks. Smtyms tw fed kunj nd smtyms kunj fed tw in b/w.

K-Ther is a park nearby we will go for a walk?

Tw(smilingly) Y not?

They go for walk in the park with entwined arms.

Tw-so kunj i will ask u sm questions? Answer them truly



K-ya promise.

Tw-Whom do u think understands u the most in the world?

K-my best friend. Bt i did mistake wid her yaar

Tw’s eyes widen hearing the words “MISTAKE WID HER”


K-ya yaar i married her nd nw she becam my wife… nd smiles.

Tw’s shocked face calm dwn nd starts beating him playfully.

Tw-u idiot u almost took my lyf.

K-ok sry sry. Next question.

Tw-Three imp ladies in ur lyf.

K-First maa (tw didnt get jealous bt smiles)
Next u
Then Mahi.

Tw- Then wht abt bebe nd my mom?

K-i already added them in the maa category.

Tw-ok. Ur ex girlfriends.

Kunj luks at Tw wid widen eyes nd gulps in.

K-to be truthful i had 3 gfs.
1. Alisha which i already told.u.

Tw(angrily) Who r the other 2?

K-2. Riya.
3- The one i luv the most out of all three i luv her the most.

Tw(jealousy) Who is she?

K- Twinkle Twinkle Big Star.

Tw was practically hving tears due to happiness. She hugs him very tightly. Kunj responds to the hug.

Tw(wid tears inher eyes) Last question.

K(breaking the hug)wht is it?

Tw-promise tht u wont get angry or ignore me.

K-ok wht is it?

Tw-wht will u do if i die tomorrow?

K-i knw u will nt.

Tw-just answer me.

K-i will becum mad.

Tw(smilingly)-tht means u wont marry anyone else ryt?

K-god knws a mad person might do anything.

Tw’s smiles fades nd she starts hiting hm playfully bt hardly on his chest.

Tw(wid a pouty angry face)-i am nt talking to u kunj.

Kunj pins tw behind a tree.

K-no 1 thing i knw u wont die. More over i wont let u die.
No 2 dont talk lyk this hereafter.
Nd wht do u expect from me huh?

Tw-accha sry baba. Maaf kardo na?….holding her ears.

K(still lil upset)ok cm lets go hm.

Tw(with a cute pouty face)pls kunj,sry….nd as usual kunj gets convinced.

K-ok lev it nw…nd starts motioning towards the car.

Suddenly it starts raining. Thunder sound is heard. Tw hugs kunj in fear.


K- tw it is just a thunder….they break the hug.

It starts raining. Kunj runs towards the car. He was about to enter the car when he sees Tw is missing. Tw was dancing in the rain..

Tw-kunj cm na. Enjoy the rain.

K- Tw u will catch cold..

Tw-no prob. Aa kunj ice-cream. Pls pls pls pls pls pls.

K- Tw….


Tw-i do anything. Pls buy me one na.

K- Anything???…nd smirks naughtily

Tw- Ya anything bt nw buy me a ice cream.


They go to the ice cream vendor.

Tw- bhaiya 1 choco cooky nd 1 vanilla butterscotch mix(my fav)

The vendor gives their ice creams. Tw while eating.

Tw-Kunj shw me ur mix i want to try….she tries it. Nd starts liking it.

Tw-Kunj it is really nyc.

K- afterall kunj sarna’s selection.

Tw- Teri tareef mat karo.

They enjoy their ice cream in the rain.

(Hw many of u expected 1 ice cream sharing)

Tw- Kunj cm lets go.

They both go to the car nd find the car battery dead.

Tw-oh no battery is dead wat to do?

K- house is nearby only v hv to walk.

Tw-ok start walking.

They both start walking.( It is still raining). Suddenly Tw was abt to slip bt kunj catches her.
They share an intense eyelock. Sajna ve plays.( Missing it so badly??) Kunj leans for kiss. They r so close to kiss when they hear a car horn nd compose themselves. There is sm awkward silence for sumtym until kunj breaks it.

K- Tw u asked me sum questions na?i will also ask smthings to u. Answer truthfully.

Tw-haa puch.

K-3 imp ppl in ur lyf.

Tw- There r so many imp ppl hw can i just select 3 of them.

K-ok 3 most imp ppl.

Tw-ok First U (Ishq bullava plays)
Next Maa
Then Mahi

K- So i am the utter most imp person in ur lyf?

Tw-of course kunj. U play the most imp role in my lyf. Even if the world is against me i hv the hope tht u will be next to me. Widout u my lyf wud be nothing. Pls never lev me.(hving tears in her eyes)

Kunj hugs her tightly. Even he has tears bt doesnt shw it. Tw responds. They break the hug after sm tym. Kunj wipes the tears in her eyes.


Tw hugs him tightly. Kunj responds.

Tw- thnk u so much kunj. Thnk u for everything.

Kunj clears his tears..

K-ok next question. Whom do u miss the most in the world?

Tw- Papa(echoes)
U knw kunj i used to wish i also had a father lyk other children. Chinki na she is so lucky if she does sm mistake nd her mom finds out. She will go nd hide behind her dad. If i also had a dad i wud also been much more happier. Bt nw it is nt at all a prob.

K(gives a confused look) means?

Tw- Means ppl say a girl shud always be a in a man’s responsibility. Anyways i dont believe in tht. Bt still wen she is small she is in her father’s responsibility then husband nd after tht son. I exceeded the father’s limit. Nd nw i am in the husband’s level….nd entwines her arm wid kunj’s nd smiles brightly. Kunj was getting emotional bt doesnt shw it.

K- last question. This is a situation kinda question. For eg u get ur father back nd he doesnt lyk me so takes u away from me. Wht wud u do?

Tw-i will go wid my dad.

Kunj gives shocked look.

Tw-mad or wht? Suddenly a man cms nd addresses himself as my father nd i will accept him?? Isnt it stupid? Ok even if i accept him he has no right to talk abt my husband. I wont be resisting it. Understand?..pointing her index finger at kunj.

Kunj nodes wid bright smiles. By nw the rain had stopped nd Tw starts shivering. Kunj practically side hugs her to give her heat. At last they reach the sarna mansion. Everyone giggles looking at them.

B(controlling her giggling)wht hppnd kunj puttar? Y r u bth wet?

K- Vo Bebe the car was nt working so bth of us had to walk till here.

Us-ok u bth go nd dry urselves. Jaldi jaldi.

Twinj go to their room. They bth dry themselves nd sleep hugging eo.

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Episode 18

Next day. Morning

Tw wakes up nd takes bath. She wakes up kunj.

Tw-kunj utho. Acchu. Kunj acchu utho…..kunj wakes up nd checks her temp

K-luk tw i told u nt to dance in rain. Nw u caught a cold wait i will call the doc…nd he calls the doctor. The doctor cms nd checks Tw.

D- she caught fever. Dont let her do any work. Tell her to take complete rest for next 2 days nd take these medicines before sleeping.

K-ok doc…he goes nd levs the doc. He cms back.

K- Tw heard wht the doc said na? U r nt getting out of the bed. So u r nt wid me to Hydrabad.

Tw- kunj this is nt fair. Acchu. Plssss. Acchu. Pls kunj.

K-no tw u r nt cming wid me. U r going to take complete rest. Nothing is more imp thn ur health. Got it?



Tw-kunj i will do anything plsssss.

K- Tw remember u promised to do anything yesterday. Nw u do this. Rest properly,i will bring breakfast here…puts the blanket over her properly nd goes leaving tw with a pouty face. He goes nd brings soup.

K- Tw drink this soup.

Tw-kunjjj!!pls noo. U knw abt me na. I dont lyk these thin..

She stops as she feels a spoon in her mouth. Ya kunj fed her while she was talking. After swallowing the soup she starts shouting.

Tw-kunj tum na. Who asked u to feed me soup…..nd bak bak bak bak.
Blood was practically cming from kunj’s ears.

K(joining his palms) Oh meri maa. Pls drink this. I will do anything. Pls


K-Anything except tht.

Tw- except wht?

K-i knw wht u will ask. U r nt cming.


K-ok if u finish this.



Tw- promise?


Tw-pakka wala?

K-ya pakka wala. Nw hv this.

Tw-haan… nd finishs the soup within minutes.

K-tw i lied to u,u r nt cming anywhere…nd takes out his crossed finger.

Tw-wht?…nd starts beating him with a pillow.

K(while laughing) ahh tw. Ok ok sry.

He smhw gets hold of the pillow nd starts tickling her. Both ly on the bed laughing.

Tw-acchu.. kunj r u sure i cant cm?

K(concerned voice)even i want u to cm bt wen the matter cms to ur health i cant risk it.

Tw-pls rethink. acchu..its our first project nd u want to do it alone.

K- i told u even i dont want to do it alone bt i hv to.

Tw-i will miss u.

K-me too.

Tw-this 5 days r going to be lyk 5 years for me.

K-oh really?.nd cms on top of her

Tw(blushes slightly)ya.

K-hayee stop blushing i feel lyk kissing u wen u blush.

Tw blushes even more.

K-so u want me to kiss u?

Tw stops blushing. Kunj kisses her cheeks. Tw feels the touch nd smiles. He kisses her forehead. Tw blushes. Nw kunj captures her lips wid his. Tw was shocked at first bt then gives in. They share a passionate liplock. Bebe from down calls kunj nd bth compose themselves.

K-(murmurs)bebe aap ko kitni acchi timing hai.
(Shouts)haan bebe aa raha hu..nd walks out…tw smiles hearing this.

Kunj goes to hall.

K-haan bebe.

B-kunj puttar. Did u pack ur bags nd all?

K-oh god!i forgot i will go pack thnq bebe…nd rushes to his room nd starts searching for a suitcase. Tw who was sitting on couch luking at her nails.

Tw-so lemme guess mr.sadu sarna forgot to pack his bags? Bt wht to do he’s got a intelligent wife who already packed his bags nd kept it aside.

Kunj luks at a side finds his bags packed nd kept. He goes nd keeps his hands on the handles of the couch.

K-thnq very much Mrs.intelligent Sarna…tw gives a proud smile.

Tw-i knw mein hu utni intelligent.

K-so will Mrs.Intelligent Sarna miss Mr.Sadu Sarna?

Tw(pulls his cheeks)y do u care?

K- becuz Mr. Sadu Sarna will miss Mrs. Intelligent Sarna.

Tw(cups his face) This Siyappa queen will always miss her Sadu Sarna.

K- Tw,give me smthing na? As ur rememberance. Smthing u luv.

Tw- hmmm..cm here(nd takes him infront of the mirror)luk smthing i luv very much.

K(turns around) nt myself smthing of urs.

Tw(puts her hands around his neck) so ur nt mine?

K(cups her face nd touches his forehead wid hers ) i am always urs. Besides u can give anything,i am ur husband i dont mind u kissing me nd all..nd smirks naughtily.

Tw(pushes him) badmash!

Twinj smile.

B(from down) KUNJ PUTTAR..

K-ab kya??
(Murmurs)wenever sm nyc moment is going only she feels to call me.
(Shouts)haan bebe…nd goes to her.

K-haan bebe. Kya baat hai?

B-kunj puttar r u taking tw wid u?

K-no bebe.

B-good. She is having fever na? Let her take rest.

K-i’m also telling the same bt she doesnt listen. She wants to cm.

B- bechari ladki,she got struck in a situation lyk this.

K-even i really want to take her. It is our first project,i really dont want to do it widout her.

B-bt wht to do? Btw wen is ur flight?

K- 5pm.

B-go get ready only 3 hrs r left.

K-ji bebe…nd goes

Twinj Room

Kunj is getting ready nd tw is just watching him while sitting on the bed.

Tw-kunj r u sure i cant cm?

K-pakka,lock kar diya.

Tw(wid a pouty face)plssssss

K-sry bt this tym i’m nt going to listen to anyone.


K-pls try to understand,i’m doing this for u

Tw-bt i’m gonna miss u.

K(goes nd sits on the bed infront of her)ok lets do one thing.

Tw(lil upset)kya?

K-just imagine tht v r nt married. U r tw taneja. V r just fianćes. Okay? Nt only nw v can do this wen v r away frm eo

Tw(narrows her eyes) R u sure?

K-of course,Y?

Tw-i knw u will flirt wid girls.

K-i wont. Twinki promise.

Tw(smiles)ok then.

K-ok bye.

Tw(wid a sad pouty face) bye. Cm back soon. Will miss u very much(nd gives a peck on his cheeks) Nd wish u a very happy journey.

K-wers my good luck?

Tw(blushes)ok close ur eyes nd open ur mouth slightly.

kunj does dat by the tym tw runs out of the room. Then kunj realises tht she is nt there he cms dwn nd finds tw wid bebe nd usha

B-haan kunj,u r ready? Luk the car is waiting for u.

Twinj keeps on staring at eo which is noticed by UsBe.

U-Bebe i left the stowe on itself i’ll go of it

B-i forgot to take my med also. I’ll take it nd cm…bth levs.

Kunj luks at tw a lil disappointed bt still goes till the car wid her. He gives a tight hug to her. She also responds nd they break the hug after sum tym. Kunj turns to enter the car bt tw pulls him towards her nd gives a kiss on his lips. It was a short nd sweet 2 min peck. While kunj stands there shocked.

K-wht was tht?

Tw(blushes)u only asked for good luck na?
Thts y.

K-thnq(gives bone crushing hug)
Will miss u.(gives a peck on her cheek)
Bye miss tw taneja.

Tw(wid a sad innocent face) cm back soon ok?
I will be waiting.

Kunj levs. Tw feels lyk to cry bt controls nd goes inside.

Episode 19

She starts writing her diary.(ya she writes diaries dat too each nd evrything in detail)(ull will be thinking y i am telling this ryt nw bt u’ll cm to knw soon). After writing she keeps it in her cupboard wen she sees a small calender wid a date circled(which is just 3 days later), she runs to bebe.

Tw(breathing fastly)bebe bebe.

B-kya hua puttar?

Tw-bebe vo..(muted conversation)

Tw-pls pls pls pls pls. plssssssssssssss…….

B-ok ok bt ur fever?

Tw(keeps bebe’s hand on her neck) luk bebe it has vanished. Plssss bebe.

B(smiles)ok puttar go.


B(smiles)ok puttar. Bt wht will u give me?

Tw-whtever u ask.

B-u hv to buy me a this much big cadbury dairy milk silk.

Tw(smiles)u hv given me permission i will buy u one widout fail.

She gives a peck on her cheek nd goes nd packs her bags. She then goes nd buys the chocolate nd gives to bebe.

By the tym kunj reaches hydrabad nd goes Mr.Zalim’s house. There wen he was going to his room,he sees his college friend yug(kaala teeka yug).(mr. Zalim intro everything was done)

Y- Hey bro. Bt u here?

K-vo i came here for the engagement planning. U?

Y-hey this is our collage mates engagment yaar. Aisha nd Hameed luved eo na. Remember?


Y-their parents agreed for their marriage. Nw its their engagment.

K- oh great did our batch mates cm?

Y-ya. Only sm cud make it.

K-ohk. Nd u fool y didnt u cm for my marriage?

Y- got struck in a situation. Then wht abt ur luv story wid tw?(he doesnt knw twinj r married to eo he thinks twinj r married to different ppl.)

K-i’ll tell u later. U cm shw me our batch mates. Nt even 1 persn cm to my wedding. I will shw thm who i am.

Y-yaar be careful even tw’s batch mates r there.

K(gives a confused look)

Y- Aisha was from tw’s batch only na.

K-ohk,cm lets go.

Bth lev. They go to twinj’s batch mates. (They r in the garden)
(The gang:All r pairs remember. Yuli,Karvi,Virika,Virman,Manan nd shanaya( single nd has a crush on kunj))
(Girls from tw’s batch nd boys from kunj’s)
(Short form Kal- kali
J-jeevika(eldest of all girls)

Y- hey guys! Guess who’s cm?

Gang- kon??

Y- The Great Kunj Sarna.

Kunj cms in. Shanaya was damn happy nd passes a flirty smile to kunj.(hw dare she) Kunj just ignores it nd goes to the gang.

Ku(hits karthik) abe saale y didnt u cm for my engagment(remember the deal btw tw nd kunj) nd u bth got married,u didnt call me also? Wht kind of bff r u yaar?hmph..turns the other side. Shanaya was heartbroken.

Ka- hey my marriage hppned in a urgency widout any1 knwing then after so many prob our families accepted us.

Shanaya goes away to her room.

Next scene

Shanaya is in her room wen all r enjoying outside.

S(thinks) wth kunj is getting married. Then wht abt me? No i will nt let this marriage happen. No kunj sarna, nobody has the right to becum Mrs. Kunj Sarna except me.

On the otherside

Kunj receives Tw’s call. The gang teases him.(the gang doesnt knw twinj r engaged they think kunj is engaged to sm1 else)

K-hi..b4 he cud speak tw interupts

Tw-kunj kunj i hv a suprise for u


Tw-u’ll cm to knw.

K-wht is it?

Tw(thinks)lets hv sm fun.



K-wht is it?

Tw(sounding excited)KUNJ U R GOING TO BECUM A DAD.

K(shocked) WHT!!??

Tw(controling her laughter)haa kunj arent u excited?

K- haa par hum dono…

Tw-vo kunj tht day u were drunk while this hppnd.

K(abt to faint) wht r u saying? My head is paining..nd almost faints on viraat. Nd viraat takes the fon

Tw(bursts laughing)accha suno kunj i was just kidding. Okay?

V-hello bhabhi, this is kunj’s bff viraat. Apka naam?

Tw(changes her voice just to tease him) hi viraat,i am kunj’s fianće. Wht hppnd to kunj?

V-idk he almost fainted. Maybe becuz of smthing u told or smthing else. Dont knw.(nw kunj gets up as viren nd manik splashed water on him) haa bhabhi he woke up.

Tw-ohk. Can u give the fon to him?(viraat gives the fon to kunj) (back to normal voice)kya hua sadu sarna? Arent u excited? Acchu.

K-(no response)

Tw(starts laughing) ok ok i was just joking ok? U believed me also. Aww so nyc hubby oops fianće..giggles.

K(angry)tum bhi na. I really got so damn scared.

Tw- Y??

K-tht i couldnt do it wen i was in my senses.

Tw-Besharam!!..bth giggle. Nd kunj gets up nd goes away from the gang.

K-so nw hw is ur fever?

Tw-ok ok a lil better.Achu

K- u knw 1 thing.idk hw i am going to sleep peacefully widout cuddling u.

Tw- y? B4 marriage u wer sleeping widout me na?

K-tht was b4 marriage nw i’m habitual of hugging u while sleeping.

Tw-oh really.

K-promise yaar.

Tw- Aww soo sweet.

K-so tw did u miss me?

Tw- No. Actually in the neighbour’s house a small baby has cm. She’s so cute u knw so i used to go to their house nd play wid her. Nd all my tym goes in the house chores nd playing wid her so i had no tym to miss u. Achu

K(lil upset) ohk

Tw-bt i missed my cute hubby very much.. kunj’s face brightens.

K-oh really.


K- ok tell me one thing can u sleep widout me?

Tw-i’ll try my best. Bt tell me 1 thing. Hw is viraat wid u?

K2-oh i forgot to tell u. This is engagment of our batchmates Aisha nd Hameed. So our batchmates hv cm.

Tw-u sadu,u cud hv took me also na i missed an awesum chance lyk this.achu

K- sry nothing is more imp thn ur health.

Tw-ok mr. Romeo enough of luving ur wife.

K-twinki i miss u so much yaar. U knw tht idiot shanaya is also here.(anybdy name shanaya. Sry highly coincidental) wen she saw me itself she started passing flirty smiles. I cant wait to get rid of her.

Tw-i’m so happy kunj.


Tw-i’m happy tht my hubby shares his everything wid me. U knw 1 thing if u didnt tell me this nd later i found out i wud hv been furious at u bt u r truthful to me nd told me evrythng. Thts y i trust u a lot. Nd i knw u will never betray my trust.

K-wah,my wife knws hw to talk lyk this also.

Tw-ya (coughs)..bth smile.

By the tym shanaya had joined the gang. Nd twinj’s sweet talks cont. The gang sees it from far.

Vi-i am sure kunj will stay forever happy wid her. It is shwn in his face itself.

M-ikr viren. See hw happy he is

Su- haa bhai(girls call the boys ‘bhai’) v cn understand from his eyes…shanaya ws fuming hering thiz

J(entwining arms wid viren)luk viren ji hw happy he is. I am seeing him happy for the 1st tym after alisha. Tht girl missed a vry nyc boy

Kal-haa di (all girls call jeevika ‘di’) he has becum much better nw.

Ma-bt my biggest question is wht hppnd to tw? Bth wer dating na?

N-oh ya,v frgt abt it. Maybe the girl is tw.

V-no i talked in the fon,its sm1 else. Its sm1 else voice.

Y- R u sure?

V- As if i dont knw tw’s voice

After sm tym whole gang shouts to kunj.

W.G- Are yaar kunj u hv been talking for the past 45min. Cm fast.

K(realises the tym)ok miss tw taneja bye.

Tw-ok kunj bt 1 request call me Mrs. Tw kunj sarna. I lyk it better as only i hv the right of tht name. Acchu.Acchu

K(turns while saying thiz) ok mrs. Kunj sar…stops as he finds the gang standing there furiously.
Ok bye.

Tw-kunj kunj(bt he cuts the call) wht hppnd to him (then she sees the call duration)no wonder the gang wud be furious at him by nw. Bt nw i hv to sleep widout kunj. Hmmp hmmp nw hw will i sleep widout kunj. Oh babaji nw wht shud i do?..She simply sits on the bed wid a pillow.

On the otherside.

Ka-kunj beta v knw u luv ur fianće very much bt this much is too much.

V- nt too much it is 3 much.

Ma-its a lame joke viraat.


Vi(keeps his hand on kunj’s shoulder) v cn understand even i was lyk this b4 i was married bt..suddenly kunj’s fon rings. It is written maa.

J-nw who is it?

K- maa..nd shws the fon. Gang lets him attend the call.

K-hello maa.

V- kunj mein tw hu. Just maintain lyk u r talking to mummyji

K-ok maa

Tw-so nw wht did the gang do to u?

K-kuch nhi maa just escape..nd walks away from the gang while saying this

Tw(smiles)thnx to me

K-haa maa tysm

Tw-so hw r u going sleep widout me?

K-dk maa

Tw-ok do 1 thing i kept one of my chuni in ur suitcase. In case u miss me so much use it

K(smiles)thnq maa. Wht will u do nw?

Tw-i hv few of ur shirts here na

K-oh my brilliant wif..sry maa..bth giggles

Tw-ok bye..mummyji wants to talk to u i’ll giv the gon to her.

K-haa.ok…tw goes nd gives the fon to usha.

U-hello kunj beta. Hw r u? Did u reach safely? Did u hv dinner? Hw was ur journey? Did everything go well?

K-maa hw many questions will u ask at the same tym? Ask 1 question at a tym…the gang gets suspious nd cms near him.

U-ok ok. Did u reach safely?..Manik pulls the fon frm kunj nd hears usha’s voice. Then gives the fon back kunj nd awkwardly smiles.

U-kunj beta u there?

K-haa maa..usha gives lot of advices nd instructions to kunj. Kunj is just practically lyk’ji maa’ while nodding his head.(just imagine hw it wud me)

Soon after sm quality tym the gang disperses. All go to their room with their wifes. Kunj in his room is only thinking abt his luv life. Hw they met,hw they becam friends then best friends then luv. Hw they confessed their feelings. Then etc etc. (All these things will be shwn in flashback later.) Then he calls tw through whtsapp. Bth keep talking till early morning. In between wen nandini went to drink water,heard kunj talking to tw. She calls the whole gang(ex shanaya as she wanted to sleep). Nd evry1 giggles listening to him. Then later goes to their respective rooms. Twinj go to sleep in early morning 5am.

Next morning.

BeUs is shocked as tw never sleeps this late in the morning. They think she has fever so lets her to rest. Here the gang thinks the same nd levs him alone. Bth wake up late. Bebe asks tw abt her fever.

B-tw puttar hws ur fever?

Tw-its fine.

B-then y r u sleeping this much late?

Tw(sleepy tone)-vo tht i was talking to kunj all nig…(realises wht she ws saying nd luks dwn in embrassment)

B-koi prob nahi puttar.(teasing tone) ppl do miss their husbands very much nwdys. Nd these things hppn.

Tw-bebe i’ll go,get ready…nd levs in embrassment. Bebe smiles.


Kunj wakes up nd gets ready. He goes to the gang in the dining table widout seeing the tym.

K- Gm guys…sits

Ka-nt gm its good afternoon…kunj checks the tym nd byts his toungue slightly.

Vi-so wht were u doing all nyt?

K-idnt understand.

N(to m)yaar ik v r just engaged bt still it feels lyk v r married.

Kunj starts coughing after hearing this. As it was same thing he told tw. The gang giggles except shanaya. Kunj finishes his lunch as fast as he could nd goes away in embrassment. The gang has a great laugh.
At 5pm

Tw gets ready nd levs for the airport. UsBe blesses her. Tw does the formalities nd boards the flight. Nd lands in hydrabad.

On the otherside.

The boys decide to party widout the girls.
They send the girls away. Tw reaches Mr. Zalim’s house nd sees Jeevika. She goes nd hugs jeevika.

Tw-Jeevika Di hw r u?

J-i’m f9 twinki. Hw abt u?

Tw-bilkul perfect. Where r the gang?

J-The boys send us awy nd r partying over there. Girls r sitting here.

Tw-di v will spy the boys na? It will be awesum. Pls pls pls.

J-ok v will ask the girls first…all the girls agree. They all hide behind a pillar nd listen wht the boys r saying.

Kunj is saying smthing to the gang. Nd tears start flowing from tw’s eyes.

The screen freezes on the boys partying nd girls spying wid tw tear-eyed.

Precap- Tw angry on kunj. Kunj ke manao tw mission
Hey all,

Sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry
I was nt hving net. I cm to india so no net. Nd nw i am hving exams. So until october no more episode.

Thnx to all readers.
Luv u all.???❤???????????

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      I got it from my friend in fb. Anyways thnx for a beautiful pic of twinj nd for commenting.

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