Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 16


Episode 16

Next day

Night while all were having dinner.

M-so kunj nd tw wen r joining the bussiness?

K-anytym pa

Tw-ya papaji anytym u want us to.

M-ok then u both r going hydrabad day after tommorow for a engagement work of a client



Tw-bt papaji v dont hv experience

M-maybe bt mr.Zalim wants u bth to the decorations for his daughter’s engagment. Tht day he was the chief guest for ur youth festival in college nd he got quite impressed wid ur work,it seems.


Twinj were good friends from college(although kunj was a senior in the college)
One day teacher appointed them both to do the arrangements as she had to go to mumbai for a family purpose.
Twinj did allthe arrangments perfect. Mr.zalim was the chief guest tht nd was impressed at the decorations nd settings.


K-ok pa bt wen is the flight?

Manohar tells them all the details.

Tk-ok pa/papaji. We will go.

Twinj return back to their room.kunj goes nd lies on the bed

Tw-kunj v hv to start the packing now itself. Start fast.(takes the suitcase ndkeeps it on the bed. Ndstarts packing)

K-tw its just 3 days v r going to stay. Hw much tym will it take?

Tw-kunj start packing fast. I knw u will do everything in the last min.(nd pulls him the bed)

Kunj pulls her nd she falls on him. They share a cute eyelock. Bt soon tw breaks it nd gets up. She starts packing facing her back to the door.

Tw-kunj start packing.

K-tw i hv doubt.


K-nothing just tht v didnt go for honeymoon.


K-so v can think this trip as one.

Tw blushes bt doesnt shw it.

V r going for work purpose so dont even think of it.

K-y wont i it is my right to thiii…nn..k

Tw-wht hppnd to ur gaadì? Continue na.

K-luk there (nd turns her)

Tw-bb..be..bebe aap?

B-nothing tw puttar i came to tell u tht u r going for 5 days so start packing now itself.

Tw-haa bebe main suitcase lekar aati hu…nd goes

Bebe holds kunj’s ears.

B-honeymoon pe jaana hai? Toturing tht bechari.

K-aahh bebe. Pls lev me. I am nt toturing her even she has no prob.

A voice from behind

V(sarcastically)oh yaa i see. Di doesnt hv any prob

KuBe turns nd sees mahi.mahi cms wid a suitcase.

M-ahh di lev me..(yes tw was pulling her ear from behind)(first jiju nw sali hehe??)

Tw-mahi arent u crossing ur limits.

M-i dont feel so.

Tw-then dont feel the pain also.(nd twists her earlobe)

M-ahh di,bebe help me na.

B-tw puttar lev her na.

Tw levs her. Mahi runs to kunj nd hugs him.(a friendlly hug). She breaks the hug.

M-jiju hw do u bare thiz chudall everyday?

K-atleast nw u knw my sufferings everyday.(while fake crying.)


Tw(tells thru her eyes)-wait a lil bit mr.sarna i’ll shw u.

K(thinks)oh god kunj u r dead today. Smbody help me.

B-ok i am going u both start packing nd go to sleep…nd levs.

M-(whispers to kunj)RIP in advance jiju…nd runs away.

K-ma..mah…mahi dont g..

After mahi levs tw closes the door nd locks it.

K(thinks)kunj beta wht was the need to open ur mouth,luk hw she is luking at u.

He was expecting her to shout at him or beat him bt she didnt do anything. She just went nd lyed on the bed shwing her back to him nd covered herself wid the blanket. Kunj was lil upset as she didnt do anything
(ppl tell na wid whom we care a lot we express our right over them by fighting or scolding)

K-accha baba sry.

Kunj goes nd hugs tw from back bt she jerks him off. Kunj was lil disappointed.

Tw-kunj y r u hugging a chudall?

K-ok sry.


Kunj kisses her cheek. Tw turns towards him with widen eyes.

Tw-wht did u just do?

K-wht did i do?

Tw-asking as if u dont knw.hmph…nd again turns back.kunj again gives a peck on her cheeks.

Tw(ws happy from inside bt doesnt shw it)sop doing tht.

K-stp doing wht?

Tw-stop kissing me.

K-ok then i will go kiss her,she wont say anything unlike smeppl.

Tw(gets up wid a sudden jerk)kiss whom?

K-wht question is this?whom..of course my lady luv..nd gets up.

Tw-sochna bhi mat(nd makes him ly on the bed.)soo jaa.

Kunj lies on the bed nd cuddles tw while sleeping as he is used to it. Bt thiz tym tw jerks him off.kunj gets up nd starts leaving.tw too gets up

Tw-kaha jaa rahe ho?

K-to my ladyluv. She is not lyk u,she lets me cuddle her while sleeping,lets me kiss her,lets me hug her nd…

Tw(interupting)u shut up nd cme sleep.(with a pouty angry face)

She pulls him nd makes him ly on the bed. Then she hugs him tightly nd kunj responds to her. They both sleep in a hugging posture smilingly.


Kunj wakes up nd sees tw hugging him tightly.

K(rhinks)hw much cuteshe luks whilesleeping bt wen she wakes up her siyappa mode gets on.

He tries to get up wen suddenly he hears smthing. He goes close to tw nd hears her mumuring in sleep

Tw-pls dont lev me kunj i luv u so much.dont ever lev me.i trust u so much,more thn my lyf,i knw u will never lev me bt i was feeling reaaly bad yesterday wen u were talking abt tht ladyluv.

K(thinkz)hw can i lev my siyappa queen. I cant even think of leving my ladyluv tht is u. i luv u so much…nd smiles

The screen splits on bth their faces.
Hey all,

Sry for the late upload nd thnx all the ppl who commented nd silent readers too.

Next epi might take alot of tym. Nd r there any tamil or telugu ppl reading this ff. Cuz i need ur help. Cuz i hv to choose b/w 2 songs
☆Enna solla
☆arere arere.

Nd others pls listen to this songs as there are my fav nd give ur suggestion.

Bye luv u all.?????????????

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