Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 15


Episode 15

Mahi is shocked bt then smiles. She movs towrds uv .

U-wht hppnd babydoll?shw whts in tht.(nd ws abt to take the fon from her hand )
Bt suddenly CHATTAK!!!!. Yes guys mahi slapped him.

Mh-hw cud u even think lyk thiz yuvraj?i never thot u can stoop so low. I dont want even to see ur face.

Kunj rubs his head nd gives a “oh shit” wala expression. For which tw gives a confused look.

K(thinks)Oh god thiz is all my fault. I shud hv never let mahi see tht video .sry mahi i am rlly sry. I unknowingly played wid ur feelings.

A tear drp falls from his eyes. Tw who cudnt understand wht was going on stands there numb.(guys tw doesnt knw abt mahi nd uv r friends from london nd her feelings for uv remember)


uv feels hurt.

Y(thinks)-Idk y bt i felt heartbroken wen mahi told all these.

He ws just standing here numb as if smthing imp in my lyf went far away from me. Then tw goes to uv
tw- i feel lyk slapping u,i am tht much angry bt i think wht mahi has given u is itself enough.

She also follows kunj to the taneja mansion.
(yaar i cant be tht rude to make tw slap him again,i am also smwht fan of zain).

Tw goes to the taneja mansion (or in more clear words mahi room). She sees kunj consoling mahi.

M-(while crying)y me always jiju?i luved uv whole heartly bt he…chi…i cant even think of it.

K-cm on mahi just think ut as a dark past nd leave ut all. Start a new lyf. I can understand u luved uv bt he didnt reciprocate feelings for u so u shud move on.(he was also hving tears in his eyes bt didnt shw her).

Tw is shocked

M-(wiping away her tears)ya u r ryt.i shud move on.jiju i received a job letter from mumbai,i didnt go for thtciz i didnt want to be away frm uv bt nw tht things hv changed i thinking of accepting the job. Wht do u think jiju?

K(fakes a smile)ya mahi tht wud be great. I think u shud go fr it.

M-ok jiju i am going for it. I will inform abt to maa nd di later.

Kunj gets a call.(its sm insurance call kunj just wanted to get out tht place so he used it a reason)

K-I’ll come back latr. Bye. Tc

M-ya jiju bye.

Tw sees kunj nd hides. Kunj cmes out nd tears start flowing down,tw feels bad for him. Then he controls himself nd goes to sarna mansion(twinj room).
Tw goes to mahi.

Tw-(in a corcerned voice)mahi tell me the truth. Did u like uv?

M-yes di bt nt anymore…

Tw-i knw mahi tht u dont lyk him becuz of wht he did to me. Bt he is a good person at heart . His anger is on me thts y he is behaving lyk this to me. Nd he will behave lyk thiz only to me.

M-bt di he has made alisha preg.

Tw-i dont think so..i will find the truth. Nd r u joining the job in mumbai?

M-ya i just want to hv sme tym alone.

Tw-as u wish. ok bye u tc i will go see wht tht saddu is doing at home.


Tw-ur jiju

M-wht is thiz di?tututu give sme respect.

Nd both burst out laughing.

Tw-k bye see u later.

M-bye di.

Tw goes to their room in the sarna mansion nd sees kunj confronting himself while crying.

K-kunj it is all ur fault u knw evrythng bt still u let mahi watch the video.
U r the worst jiju,worst bro,worst husband,the worst man ever alive.

Suddenly he feels 2 hands backhugging him.

Tw-kunj u r not the worst husband,jiju or bro infact u r the best…nd hugs him tightly. kunj responds to the hug .

Tw-dont u ever dare to talk lyk thiz hereafter.

K-y r u lyk thiz tw? (Both r tear eyed)

Tw-wht do u mean by y r u lyk thiz?

K-y do u luv me so much??u luv so much tht sometyms i feel im not worth it

Tw-who told u r nt worth my luv? U r the only one. Nd y do i luv u?hmmm(makes a pouty face nd enacts to think)
I luv cuz… u r handsome!!….

K-so if u find a betterlooking u will lev me.

Tw-wait lemme complete
Cuz u r handsome,cute(pulls his cheek),understanding,lovable,friendly,innocent no no nt innocent,infact wild,romantic,hot…(realises wht she said nd luks at kunj)i mean hhh..hh.. ah helpful.

K-so i m romantic nd hot?

Tw-romantic..yaa whole world knws tht bt hot..nt tht much.

K-so u accept tht i am hot??

Tw-yaa smwht.

K-bt u……cockroach!!!

Tw-wht..u..cockroach..wht r u saying?

K-cockroach luk there.(nd turns her face)

Tw-ahh kunj cockroach. Hatto na

K-tum hatto tw.. patni dharm nibhaa(nw behind tw)

Tw-ok we will do one thing. We will shout nd everyone will come. We will tell them to take it away.ok?i will tel 1 2 3 start..(great ppl)


Every1 cm there

B-wht hppnd

Tw-bebe cocktoach.(nd pionts towards it)

B-tum dono bhi na..nd puts it away
U both r thiz much big bt no use………….. nd gives her big lectures nd levs.

K-uff bach gaye.

Tw-otherwise wht nd all wud the cockroach done to us. Omg i cant even think of it.

The screen freezes on their relieved faces.
Hey all

Sry sry sry sry sry sry zillion tyms sry. I am very busy nowadays i sont hv tym nw i ll tell u the reason in the next epi

Nd i will nt intro new couple until the 25th epi or after tht.

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….funny twinj scenes….eagerly waiting for next part…..

  2. Ria

    Hey, it was amazing. I loved it. Also, you told me to update my fan fic but, I didn’t see your comment. Just wanted to ask whether you liked it or not.?

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx Ria
      Btw i read ur ff without fail bt as i dont hv tym i couldnt comment sry??

  3. Fan

    Super epi

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Aishu…lovely it was….

  5. Angita

    Amazing aishu???

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx angita
      I couldnt thnk u in the epi cuz i didnt hv tym

      1. Angita

        You don’t have to worry about that…..remember you’re writing for twinj…. Not for comments
        Once again amazing episode
        Our thank you and sorry will be you posting another episode soon…OK?

  6. Romaisha

    ?? you no i missed u so much yesterday in was thinking abt ur ff and wanted u post thank god u did and amazing episode yaar too good? loved the brother sis Convo and bonding kitna emotional thi ? ❤❤❤ anyway do post ur nexy epi soon

  7. SidMin

    Loves it Aishwarya 🙂

  8. Sayeeda

    Sorry for the late comment ….
    Loved ur episode sooo much ….
    Felt bad for Mahi nd kunj too…
    But twinj scenes were superb …
    Try to post soon as I wait for ur ff ..

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx sayeeda
      Nd ur few shots r also awesome
      Couldnt comment as i didnt hv tym.sry?

  9. Shatakshi


  10. Baby

    hey aishwariya yr misd u so mch osm episode yr luvd it n post nxt episode asap dear

  11. wow so nice n cool epi…
    loved it alot…
    hope uv feels 4 mahi…
    post asap….

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