Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 14


Episode 14
All were happy cum shocked.

Tw-y r u all luking at us lyk tht?

K-i knw i hv done any mistake bt i was not in my senses. Thank u tw for forgiving me even wen u thought i did it.

Everyone is confused.

Tw-yes i hv forgiven kunj he told he was not in his senses nd besides i knw kunj wont cheat me knowingly.

Everyone is happy.

A(thinks)wth this tw na.urhh i hv to do something.

A-(goes nd holds kunj’s handsnd enacts to cry)wht r u telling kunj?it hapoened wid bth of our will only na. Then y r u telling lyk this?

Tw nd kunj luk at eo.tw jerks off her hand from kunj’s

Tw-alisha do u think, if u tell lyk thiz nd enact to cry,i will believe u?i hv more trust in kunj ok,so juz shut up.

A-ok thiz is kunj’s baby so i’ll be staying here only.

Tw-ok bt dont u dare to cme near kunj.samji?

A-wht will u do haa?

Tw-i will shw u if u do it

Alisha goes near kunj nd tries to touch him. When she feels pain her arm.(yes guys tw is twisting her arm).

A-lev me urhh.

Tw-i warned u bt u didnt listen.i just trying to be less painful cuz of the baby otherwise…nd she levs(or pushes) her nd alisha falls on the floor.

A-u will pay for thiz tw.

Tw-we will see.

Tw calls a servant.

Tw-bhaiya shw her the guest room…nd levs.alisha also levs.

In the corridor twinj were waiting for uv to come to excuete the plan.tw sees uv cming.

Tw-kunj just lev me alone.

K-tw listen to me. Pls

Tw-kunj juz shut up.u knw v just did tht drama dwn for the family’s happiness nd v’ll be doing dis infront of the family juz to keep them happy.

Uv(thinks)so this is all a plan tht means tw nd kunj r separated nd my plan ws a success. Yes!!(bechara uv getting happy widout knwing the real thing)

Tw-nd i cant risk their happiness nd i didnt want to lev thiz house. Remember tht….nd starts to lev.


Uv also levs. After tht tw comes nd asks if the plan ws a success by action.kunj shws a thumbs up.they give eo a hifi nd lev.

Tw-kunj i am more than 1000% sure he will go nd tell alisha abt this. Cme v hv to record their conffesion.

K-ya cming.

They go to alisha’s room nd peep to see whether uv is there or not. Fortunately they find uv there talking to alisha abt twinj. Twinj record uvisha talking nd lev to the hall.

Next scene Hall

All come down pls

They all cme dwn. Hearing her shout even uvisha cm dwn.

Tw-bebe see thiz….she shws her the video nd bebe is shocked.

Us-kya huva bebe?…nd takes the phone from her her hand. She watches the video nd is shocked. It passes on to everyone. It ws going to go to mahi.

K(thinks)oh god in all these things i forgot mahi she shud nt watch thiz video otherwise she will be heartbroken.

Mahi ws abt to wat ch it wen kunj runs nd takes the fon from her.

K-mahi u shud nt watch it.

Everyone r shocked once again.

Mh-y jiju? I will watch it…nd snatchs the fon from kunj. She starts watching it wid a smile on face,soon the smile fades away.

The screen freezes on kunj’s tensed face nd mahi’s shocked face.
Hey all

sry for the late update nd next epi i’ll intro 1 new couple into the ff.

Nd thnk u all who commented nd the silent readers too.

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