Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 13


Episode 13
All were smiling wen smone rang the bell.

Tw-i ll open the door.

Tw went to open to door.she opened the door nd her eyes widened.

Smone-move i want to meet my kunj.

Tw-stop alisha
(Yes she was alisha,kunj’s ex)

A-y wud i?i hv all rights in this house as i am carrying kunj’s baby.

Tw is shocked.soon all the family members gather nd r shocked at alisha’s statement. Tw was just standing tear eyed.

K-(holding tw’s hands)tw pls trust nothing lyk tht hppned. She us just trying to separate us.

A-wth kunj. Ik u dont lve me nw bt u cant deny our baby.

Kunj-pls dont believe her.tw pls.

Tw jerks off his hand

tw-how dare u kunj.i never thought u will cheat me like this.i hate u i hate i hate to the core.

k-tw twin

tw-dont talk me.

nd levs from der crying. Kunj goes behind her.tw enters the room followed by kunj.

K-tw pls listen to me.

Tw-kunj pls shut up i dont want to talk to u.i trusted u bt u broke all my trust.i hate.

K-tw listen

Tw-i dont want listen to u.i am going bye.


Tw leaves. Kunj turns around nd cups his forehead wen he feels some hands backhugging him.
(Try guessing who it is)
(Guys it is not alisha,just guess who it is nd tell me in ur coments)

K-Alisha just leave i only luv tw nd iknw u r doing a drama just to separate me nd tw.

S.O-haww really ididnt knw.?

Kunj turns nd is shocked to see tw standing there smiling.

K-tw u….nd touches her face all over nd pinches her to see if its true.

Tw-u fool my makeup….nd goes checks herself in the mirror.(ek no ki drama queen hai hamari tw)while kunj ws standing there with open mouth.

Tw-btw kunj to check if it is real u shud pinch urself not me…nd goes nd pinches him on his hand


Tw-oops is it paining too much?

Kunj gives an angry look to her.tw sees this nd kisses his hand. Nd looks at the plc where she pinched concernedly

Tw-i am sry kunj is it paining too much?

Kunj stops her. He goes nd closes the door. He comes nd holds her from the shoulders tightly which causes pain for tw.

K-wht was all tht?

Tw-ahh kunj it is paining.(nd a tear drop falls from her eyes)

Kunj realises wht he ws doing nd levs her.

K(in a low tone)sry.(back to normal voice)u rlly thought tht i wud do such a thing.


Kunjs eyes widen

K-thn wht ws tht down.

Tw-just an acting

K(gives a confused look)wht do u mean?

Tw-i mean tht v r doing to do one drama infront everyone to expose uv nd alisha.


Tw tells a plan which is muted.

K-then y did u act lyk tht wen we came up.

Tw-tht is becuz


tw comes up followed by kunj.she was abt to tell abt the drama wen she saw uv nd alisha peeping in their room nd acted as if she hates kunj.


K-hw do u knw alisha nd uv r together to separate us?

Tw-good question i ll explain.yester wen i…


Tw was walking in the corridor wen she saw uv talking in the fon. She hides nd listens to them

Uv-Alisha cme here wid our baby nd tell tht it is kunj’s baby nd remember they shud be convinced wid ur acting.hw nicely u shud act na,tw shud fell cheated nd lev him nd come to me. Ok?

A-of course uv if this happens u’ll get tw nd i’ll get kunj.

Uv-cme here tmrw morning at **:** am ok?

A-ok bye.



Tw- Besides did u think tht i’ll not trust u.

K-wid the way u acted, ya one min i thought tht.

Tw-haww(nd keeps her hand over her mouth nd kunj gives a confused look)just a half n hr back u wer giving me lectures abt trusting our luv bt nw u…very bad kunj very bad very bad.

Kunj narrows his eyes nd both burst out laughing.

Tw stops laughing nd starts staring kunj lovingly. Kunj notices this.

K-nw stop being emotional.

Tw-u did a very big mistake by not trusting our love.

K-ya tw u r ryt.

Tw-so u shud receive a punishment.

K-no need.

Tw-haww u gave me punishment na?i will also give u a punishment.

K-no need tw,even if u give i ll not do it.

Tw-r u sure?


Tw-pakka sure?

K-pakka sure.

Tw-ok i thot of kissing u cuz v wont be able to kiss hereafter.i thot of giving it as a punishment.ok u dont want punishment na so just lev it.

K-(wid bright eyes eyes nd a million dollar smile on his face)tw

Tw(innocently)ha kunj.

K-no prob if i dont take punishment u’ll get upset na.

Tw-no prob kunj.

K-no i’ll take the punishment.

Tw-r u sure?




Tw-ok wait..nd she goes to the dressing table nd enacts to put lipgloss bt takes a stick nd hides it behind her. She goes to kunj. Kunj forwards yowards her lips wen tw starts hitting him wid the stick.

K-ahh kya kari hai tum?

Tw-u only wanted pnshmnt na?

K-u told smthing else.

Then tw beats on his face nd his lips start bleeding.


Tw-oh god sry kunj.(she gets tear eyed nd touches hi lips. )
Wait i ll bring the oilment.

K-no need this treatment will be much better.(nd pulls her from the waist)

Tw-kunj lev me.

K-u only injured me na so u only treat it.

Tw shies bt then she forwards towards his lips. Within no tym their lips meet.tw sucks the blood off his lips nd parts away. Both pass a smile to eo. Kunj moves nd kisses her cheeks.

Tw-kunj enough of ur romance. Nw v hv to excute our plan.

K-ok ok bt be4 tht one kiss.

Tw kisses his cheeks.

Tw-cme lets go.

Twinj go down infront of everybody hand in hand.everyone r shocked cum happy.(except uv nd alisha.

The screen splits into 3 parts,everyone’s happy faces nd twinj’s smiling face nd uv cum alisha’s shocked faces.
Hey all
I rlly dont want to end the episode so u guys might be receiving a epi most probably today.

Thanks to those who commented nd silents readers also.

So bye for nw. Love u all ????????

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  1. Fan

    Super epi..

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..aishu awesome….

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx Rashi (i can call u tht na?if no sry)

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..

  4. Dreamer...arundhati

    Aishu dear it was fabulous

  5. Shreya098

    ugghh….UV and alisha.??
    I was really scared at first….I thought twinkle believed Alisha…
    but our twinkle is super smart..
    and ya I thougt it was alisha who was back hugging him??
    but thank god she was our twinkle…
    loved the episode??????

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Sry for scaring u Shreya nd thnx ur compliment? R u writing any ff s if yes pls send the URL or the name of ur ff

      1. Shreya098

        no dear….I am not writing any ff.

  6. You again scared me yaar bt somewhere inside of me was saying come on twinkle will believe kunj just keep reading !! ?? yaar today’s epi was amazing rele loving ur ff day by day …

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Sry for scaring u yaar. Nd thnk u

  7. Angita

    Again such an wonderful episode…..loved their trust

  8. Ria

    It was amazing..n the romance??

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx ris nd y r u nt uploading ur ff i am yaar pls upload fast

      1. Ria

        I’m sorry to make you wait yaar. I have such a busy schedule that I wasn’t able to take out time and now when I had some time TU isn’t accepting new articlesm

      2. Ria

        It’s accepting now..I’ll upload soon.?

    2. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx i am dying to read ur ep yaar so pls upload fast

  9. SidMin

    Loved it and Romance was too good 🙂 🙂

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx sidmin nd pls post ur next epi fast i am waiting

  10. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Thnx guys nd if any of u writing any ff s pls inform me in ur comments in the next epi nd sry for the late update of the next epi

  11. Baby

    osm aishwariya bt pls give a small sumarry

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