Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 12


Episode 12
Twinj room
Uv was boiling in anger nd levs from there.

Tw(thinks)y i hv to tell the truth to kunj,will he believe me?he will believe me.wht if he doesnt believe me?i hv to tell him the truth even if he doesnt believe me.

K(thinks)tw pls tell me the truth i knw it bt still i want to hear it from ur mouth.is our love tht much weak?tw pls dont make our relation weak.u believe only tht much?if u dont tell i will make u tell.

K-tw y do u luk so stressed?i hv been noticing since u went to the kitchen u r lyk this.

Tw starts sweating.

Tw-vo vo kuch nahi kunj

K-nahi there is something.u r hiding it from me.

Tw gulps in.

She goes nd closes the door nd locks it.

Tw-kkk…kun..kunj..uv..i…iss…rraaj.i..tt…thot..of…teelli..telling …u..bb…bef…befor….bt

K(fake anger)STOP,ENOUGH.

Tw gets scared.



Kunj stands up nd turns to the other side nd giggles. By nw tw also stood upm

Tw-kunj pls underst..

Kunj turns to face tw nd holds her shoulders tightly bt nt so tight so tht she doesnt feel pain. He moves towards her ears.

K-tw u understood me only thiz much?

Tw is just crying all thiz tym.

K-i knew this before.i just wanted u to tell me.i just wanted u to trust our luv.i wanted u to believe me,our luv. Our love is not tht weak tw pls understand.

Tw who was shocked all this tym starts beating him wid all her anger.

K-ahh tw sry lev me.

Tw-do u knw u just stopped my heartbeat in 1 min.i will not lev u.

Kunj starts running nd tw stats chasing him.

(Guys pls dont think they will slip nd fall on eo or tw will slip nd kunj will hold her.
THERE IS NO SLIPPING. It has become old fashion nw days.sry for my bak bak in b/w)

Tw-kunj stop i will not lev u today.

Kunj who was running stops bt tw doesnt so ends up bumping on to kunj.

Tw-ahh my nose.(touching her nose)who told u to stop u fool.

K-u only told me to stop.

Tw immediately higs him.

K(thinks)oh god this girl is unpredictable. first she was beating me nw she is hugging me.

He wraps his arms arnd her.

Tw-thank u kunj.i luv u so much.u r always there for me.i was just too scared to lose u thts y i didnt tell u.i am sry for tht.

Kunj thinks smthing nd smirks. he breaks the hug.

K-u did wrong ryt?


K-then u shud receive punishment.

Tw nods.

Tw-wht is the punishment?

K- the punishment is tht……….

Tw-is tht?

K-u shud kiss me.

Tw blushes.

K-enough of blushing nw do as per ur punishment.

Tw moves towards his cheeks.


Tw gives a questioning look.

K-not on the cheeks.

Tw’s eyes widen nd thinks of smthing.then she moves towards his forehead.

K-not on the forehead also.u know where.or u want me to tell.

Tw blushes more nd more.she thens locks his lips with the desired kiss.kunj deepens it.tw was out of breath nd tries to pull back bt kunj doesnt allow her.she was suffering due to this.
She pushes him hard. Kunj looks shocked.

Tw-u want another kiss?

Kunj nods.

Tw-then let me be alive for tht.

Kunj gives a questioning look.

Tw-i was out of breath nd u were busing deepening.

Kunj understands.

K-oops sry.

Tw smiles nd hugs him tightly.

Suddenly smone knocks the door. Twinj compose themselves.

S.O-if u r done romancing cme dwn fast.
(Guys tell me who u expected )..nd levs bt cmes back again

S.O-jiju lev my sis alive i want her.

(Yes guys u r correct it is our pyaari si mahi)

Tw starts blushing badly.

K-chalo cm fast otherwise they will think smthing else.

Twinj goes down.


Bebe,Manohar,Usha,Leela,Mahi, nd Uv r there. Twinj cmes down hand in hand. Uv fumes seeing this

B-ajja puttar luk ur both MBA results r out.nd u both passed wid flying colour.
Everyone smiles (except uv). Kunj gets super happy nd hugs tw tightly. She hugs him back. Aftersme tym everyone starts coughing.(except uv as he was so damn angry seeing them).Twinj compose themselves.

M-beta nw tht u hv completed ur MBA i want u both to handle our wedding planning bussiness.

K-both of us “together”?

Tw blushes+smiles as he emphasises the word together.

Mh-ya jiju he old together only.ENJOY.

The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Hey guys i just found out one thing i hope it helps u.People who r writing their ff thru their fon pls read idk if u already knw bt still i will tell u.U can write ur eps in the MEMO wen u dont hv internet nd later when u get internet u can copy paste into this. I hope this is useful. So as i found this trick even if i dont hv internet i will write my episodes in the memo nd post to guys ASAP. U might even receive 2 or 3 eps together.

So bye for nw nd thanks for all who commented. I guess only me nd baby forgot uv in the scene

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Aishwarya waiting for the next one loved the way Uv was fuming in anger and thanks for not involving the boring but sweet process of the heroine passing the hero but instead they both fall on the bed Thanks for putting something new
    It is a request to you will you please read my ff Tashan e revenge to sadda love
    waiting for the next pls do post asap

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Of course here after i ll start reading ur ff too nd thnx sidmin

      1. SidMin

        Thank you too

    2. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      I ws just reading ur ff from the starting nd ur welx.nd btw the first epi was awesome

    3. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Btw sidmin hv u uploaded ur 12 epi?if yes pls send me the URL thru ur comments.

  2. Angita

    Nice one loved ur humour to….amazing

  3. Sayeeda

    Nice yrr ….when kunj was angry on her I was scared that he won’t trust her but the way u twisted the story was amazing…
    loved the way kunj trust her …
    Awesome episode …post next soon nd thanks for the info

  4. Ria

    Hey, it was amazing. Also, thanks for your help and you know what I always do that only!! Hehe..strange na? Anyways, do continue soon.?

  5. I do that also yaar and i loved that kunj learned the truth!!!! So amazing epi!!

  6. Shreya098

    it was amazing…
    loved it…..

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….twinj kiss was so amazing……

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….twinj kiss was so amazing….

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Aishu atlast everything clears. .Lovely one

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Dont worry arundhati a big shock is awaiting for u all. U will know wht i am talking abt if u read the promo


    really awesome

  11. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Thnx guys ur support means a lot to me

  12. Nice epi

  13. Baby

    hey aishwariya amazing episode yr luvd it

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