Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 11


Episode 11

Next day

Twinj were returning to their room after bf wen tw suddenly remembered smthng
Tw-kunj i forgot my fon in the kitchen it self i ll go get it.

Tw went to the kitchen nd took her fon wen someone back hugged her
(Hw many of u thought it is kunj pls mention in ur comments)
No guys it was uv.bt tw thinks it is kunj.
At tht moment kunj also cmes there nd is shocked to see uv hugging tw.tht tym tw says

Tw-kunj chod mujhe maa or bebe will see

Kunj gets relieved nd was abt to go nd slap uv.wen tw turns nd sees uv nd is shocked.she struggles to get out of his grip.
Tw-uv uv chod mujhe lev me ahh(irritated)
Uv lev me otherwise i will call kunj.lev me
Uv-y babydoll?v both luv wo na?then wht s the prob??besides do u think kunj can stop me?do u think he will even believe u in the first place?

Kunj was hell shocked to hear those words from uv’s mouth
K(thinks)so uv is raj bt hw yuvraj raj,yes uv is raj bt hw cud tw hide thiz much big matter from or she tried to tell me??

***FLASHBACK***(after marriage)

After kunj convinced her.they were walking in the corridor.
Tw-kunj i want to tell u a very imp thing
K-haa bol tw
Tw-vo vo r..ra..raa..
K-jaldi bol.
Then kunj’s gon rings
K-one min tw.
Nd he attends the call
Tw-kunj sun raj is
K-tw tell me later i hv to go bye.
He kisses her cheek nd levs
Tw(in a low tone)bye.


K(thinks)oh god she tried to tell me bt i am a fool i didnt let her speak only.kunj u r a biggest idio…

His thoughts came to a stop wen tw told
Tw-uv i am ur bhabhi remember lev me.
Uv-no prob.
Tw-uv lev me i am kunj’s wife nw i am only his nd will remain lyk tht.nw lev me.

Uv was in his peak of anger after hearing kunj’s name again nd again from tw’s mouth.

Uv-wht kunj kunj?next tym u utter his name na i dont knw wht i will do.
Tw-kunj kunj kunj wht u will do?i luv him nd u dont any right to order me.

Uv gets hell angry nd levs tw (practically throws her) to one side in the kitchen.tw hits her hand in the edge of the slab nd it starts bleeding.kunj couldnt resist nd ran to her aid coming out hishiding place.

K(concerned)tw tw r u okay?(acts lyk he doesnt knw wht was happning)hw did this happen?nd uv y r u here?WHT HAPPND?SOMEBODY TELL ME.
Tw-vo vo k..ku..kuuu.kun
K-wht vo vo?
Ok u tell me later first i ll do ur first aid

Kunj makes tw stand nd walk.bt she was experiencing great difficulties.
K-tw u sprained ur leg.oh god tw cant u tell me this before….nd he lifts her in a bridal style.he takes to the room.
Uv was boiling in anger seeing all this.

Twinj room

Kunj makes tw ly down on the bed gently.He takes the first aid box nd applies medicine in her hand.he puts bandaid nd all. Then he kisses her hands gently. After tht he goes to her leg nd twists it.
K-nw r u okay
Tw nods.
Tw(thinks)kunj y r u so caring??i am dying of guilt for hiding the truth from u. Tonight i will tell u the truth.i am very very sorry.
She eyes him wid lot of guilt nd love.
K(thinks)i knw tw wht u r thinking.bt i ll not let u knw tht i knw the truth.hw much of pain u must be going thru.dont worry tw i ll stand by ur desision.

K-tw y r u seeing me lyk tht?
Tw-lyk wht?
K-lyk u r going to rape me. Nd remember only my wife has the right.
Tw gives him a death glare nd starts beating him playfully. After one point both of burst out laughing
Uv who was passing by sees this.
Twinj together-HISTORY REPEATS


Tw was chasing kunj. When she sprains her leg nd kunj lifts her ndtakes to her room.he does her first aid while tw eyes him loving
KK-tw y r u seeing me lyk tht?
Tw-lyk wht?
K-lyk u r going to rape me. Dont worry tw just 2 more weeks for maariage so control ur self.
Tw gives him a death glare nd starts beating him playfully. After sometym both of them burst out laughing.
Tw-acha give me ahug…nd she opens her hands.kunj hugs her nd tw hugs him back.


Tw eyes r filled wid tears.kunj was just laughing when he sees her crying.
K-wht hppnd tw?r u okay?tw say something na.
Tw-just hug me plss.
Kunj without wasting a sec hugged her. Tw hugged him back tightly. After sometym kunj tried to pull back bt tw hugs him more tightly.
K-tw do u luv me so much?
Tw-more thn my life.
After 10 min tw pulled back nd passed a smile at him. He smiled back. Nd uv was boiling in anger seeing them thiz much close.
(How many of u forgot abt uv in the scene.tell me in ur comments)

The screen splits at twinj’s smilung face nd uv’s angry face.


Sry for not posting all these days.i am really sry.Nd i will be adding one/two more couples after the 13th/14th episode.


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  1. Aishwarya ur epi was fab.
    Nd wht hppnd to u all these days?
    Long tym no seend post the next epi ASAP

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thanks tanya nd i dont think i ll be able yo post this week.i will try my best to post this week

  2. Hey nice episode…

  3. Fan

    Super epi…

  4. twinjfan (tamanna)

    wooooow….I didnt forgot about uv remaining in the scene…the episode was really cute one…

  5. Ria

    It was amazing?

  6. Angita

    I thought first was Kunj but didn’t forget UV in scene funny drama and amazing

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….aishwarya…..lovely episode it was……welcome back after a very long break….?????

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome epi….

  9. Jiya_Ani

    Hey aish …Thanks for posting… I was waiting and waiting and waiting… Vaise honestly I knew that the person back hugging her was UV..coz you din mentioned that kunj followed her..and I remembered that UV is witnessing the scene ….coz main Roz badam lhati hoon…hehehe..
    But the epi was amazing…. Muaaah.
    Well do read my posts too…and comment if u wish…love you??

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thanks lovely.due to sme unavoidable circumstances i cudnt post all these days.sry for making u wait

  10. Sayeeda

    Amazing ….awesome ….loved ur episode…

  11. Dreamer...arundhati

    Aishu kidhar thi.. Missed u.. Wonderful epi. Ctd soon

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Sry yaar i was just too busy nd my internet oh god dont ask abt it only.sry nd thank u

  12. Haaye afer long tym yaar…
    Btw epi ws superbbbbbbb……
    Do cont asap

  13. Baby

    hey aishwariya twinjfan amazing fab u nailed it n yah i ws d 1 who didnt thought uvraj ws dre i totly frgot bout him luvly episode pls post nxt asap

    1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

      Thnx baby nd U knw wht i asked tht question cuz i forgot uv in the scene.

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