Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 1

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Episode 1

A girl is shown running down stairs.she is wearing pink and yellow kurta which she wore in the first epi
Girl-maa i going out with kunj.(yes u have guessed it correct it is our heroine twinkle)today is the last day i see him before marriage(it s a ritual u know)

Leela-okay puttar but gaar jalti aana
Tw-(happily)ok maa i ll come back bye
And she leaves


A handsome man is wating in his car
Just then tw enters the car
Tw-sry sry i am rlly sry kunj i am late
Kunj turns his face to the other side.
Tw-i told i am sry na what do u want me to do?
Kunj still upset-u know how time waiting for u.
Wait i ll show u today who kunj sarna is.

They go to aplace and kunj blinfolds tw and takes her in.The place was decorated with beautiful decorations.(how it was arranged in their recent date)

He removes the blindfold and tw opens her eyes and is amazed.she gets very happy and starts to jump and hugs so tightly and gives him a peck on his cheeks.kunj is shocked.tw realises what she did and tries to change the topic.

Tw-yeh kiske liye hai
K-dont try to change the topic
Tw-what topic
K-oh so u dont know.(mving close to her)
She starts moving backwards.and he pins to the wall.

Tw-kunj what r u talking about?
K-i will show u
He moves forward for a kiss.then she stops him.but he was not ready to give up.then tw keeps her hand on his mouth
Tw- we still have just one week before our marriage
Tw-this can happen afterwards.
Kunj gets upset and moves from there.

Tw goes behind him and turns him back.
Tw(holding his collar and pulling him towards her)-i said this can happen afterwards i didnt say this shouldnt happen now.
And she kisses him on the lips.kunj was shocked but then responds.they share a slow and long liplock and then separate for breathing.
Kunj was still in shock.tw shakes him.
He comes to his senses.

K-what did u just do?
Tw-what did i do?
K-u jst kissd me
Tw blushes
K-so u like kissing me,i know i am ver hot handsome etc etc.but control urself
Tw-hello mr sarna i just did to console u.i didnt want our last date to horrible
K-who told this our last date
K-there will be more and more after marriage
Tw smiles and hugs him.then they enjoy their date with lots of romance and nhok jhok.

Precape-uv comes to india

Sry guys forgot to mention uv went to london after the incidentand mahi was his best friend.but mahi had personal feelings for him.

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