Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 3)


Hello guys I am back with my FF!! I am sorry if my FF hurts the feelings of the readers due to the fact of couple swapping, this is the reason I am mentioning all 4 names in the title so that it does not hurt anyone, and don’t think that I minded, I am instead happy that you shared your views with me which can enhance my writing skills!! Do share your views!
Episode 3:

Swara and Laksh enter their college, talking to their respective brother/sister on phone, oblivious to the fact that they are coming from the opposite sides……
Swara says to Ragini on phone, ‘’Ragini I will apologize to him, but if he shows tantrums then I won’t!!”
Sanskaar says to Laksh on phone, “Even if she shows tantrums bear them look I don’t know you will say sorry to her and apologize to him whole heartedly.”
Laksh says to Sanskaar on phone, ‘’Why shall I bear her tantrums, I am Laksh , I will never ever apologize to her if she irritates me , I have not apologize to anyone but still I am as you said so!!
Ragini says to Swara on phone, ‘’I don’t know you will say sorry that means you will, can’t you listen to your elder sister!!”
Swara replies, “OK OK!! Stop your mellow drama , I will apologize to him , but…’’
Sanskaar says to Laksh , ‘’No buts and because , you have to say sorry which means you have to!!”
Ragini says to Swara , “UNDERSTAND?!?!”
Both Swalak came face to face……
Swara says to Ragini ‘’I will catch you up later!!”
Laksh says to Sanskaar , “I will talk to you later.”
They disconnect the call……
Together: TUM!!!
Laksh says , ‘’Look Ms.Turtle I wanted to say……..’’
Swara intervenes…….
Swara yells at Laksh,”Awey!! Who turtle?? Turtle my foot!!Call me by my name!!”
Laksh replies, “Yeah , yeah , whatever!! So Ms.Swarna……”
Swara intervenes again…….
She says , “Look Mr.Lakhan Maheshwari , my name is Swara Gadodia!!”
Laksh replies,”Hey , Ms.Swara like ways I also have a name Lakshya , in short Laksh , You yourself can’t take ones name correctly and expecting others to take your name correctly!!’’
Swara says , ‘’WHATEVER!!’’
Laksh says , ‘’BTW I wanted to talk to you but it looks like you aren’t capable of it!!”
Swara replies , ‘’Hey you! Mind yourself!!I also came here to sort out our issues but of no use!!”
They both leave in opposite ways , Quarrel tune plays…….

Swara was walking on the road to reach Baadi , as it was transport strike!! On the way she was walking when a gang of cheap boys started teasing her……
Guy 1: Oey Hoey!! What a beauty!!
Guy 2:She is so hot!!
Guy 3: Oh my Gosh!! Madam do you want we can take you with us!!
They evilly laugh, this irritates her and she shouts , “Ohhh you bl**dy idiot!! Don’t you know how to respect woman!
This fumes the boys and they come close to her , a guy pushes her and she falls , they were about to take off her scarf when a hero comes and punches them hard , yes you got it right , he is our Laksh!! He beats the boys ruthlessly! They apologize and run away!! Laksh notices bruise on Swara’s legs and picks her up and places in the car……
The song TO SE NAINA plays……while Swara eyes Laksh who is driving……
Iss Lamhe ko rok doon ,
(I want to stop this moment.)
Ya mein khud ko iss mein jhok doon.
(Or shall I live it.)
Kya karun…kya karun…kya karun
(What shall I do??)
Iss lamhe mein kuch bhi jaanu na
(I don’t know anything about this moment)
Music plays…………
Swara says to Laksh, “You are not that bad as I thought….”
Laksh replies, “You are also not that brave as I thought….”
SONG continues……
(The chords were joined with each other )
Music plays…..
Laksh and Swara both say at the same time, “SORRY!!”
Both look towards each other in surprise….SONG continues…..
Haan sudh budh khoyi hai khoyi mai ne
(I lost all my senses)
Haan jaan gawayi gawayi mein ne
(I lost my life)
Haan tujh ko basaya hain dharkan mein
(You live in each of my breath)
Music plays…..
Both say at the same time , “It is ok!!”
Both give a smile to one another….
Song continues….
Khud ko kho kar tujh ko paaya
(I lost for you)
Iss tarha se mujhko jeena aaya
(That’s how I survived)
Khud ko kho kar tujhko paaya
(I lost for you)
Iss tarha se mujhko jeena aaya
(That’s how I survived)
Music continues…
Laksh applies break , and Swara falls over him , they share an awkward eye lock!!
Teri lagan mein sab hai gawaya
(I lost everything for you)
Iss tarha se mujhko jeena aaya
(That’s how I survived)] Teri hansi , meri khushi hai
(Your smile is my happiness)
Meri khushi tu hi…….
(You are my happiness)
Tose naina jab se mile……..SONG ENDS…………….
They compose….
Laksh says, ‘’You didn’t tell me where to go?’’
Swara replies, “Baadi!!’’
They head to go……

The scene shifts to Ragini….She is seen waiting for an auto.
Suddenly, a car comes before her and stops. The car’s driver is revealed to be Sanskaar.
Sanskaar says, ‘’Come sit , I will drop you!”
Ragini replies, ‘’Thanks Sir!”
Sanskaar asks her, ‘’Do you really take me as your friend?’’
Ragini replies, ‘’Yes!!’’
Sanskaar then says, ‘’So Madam, please call me by my name , S A N S K A A R!!’’
Ragini says, “Sorry , Sanskaar!!’’
Sanskaar says, ‘’Madam , am I your first friend in your lifetime??”
Ragini replies, ‘’NO!!”
Sanskaar exclaims, ‘’So they mustn’t be true ones!!’’
Ragini says, ‘’Sanskaar , I am not understanding a single thing , say it clearly!!’’
Sanskaar says, ‘’Look Ragini , there is a rule of friendship , Dosti mein no sorry no thank you , Oopss!! You are college’s Shakespeare you only understand English so it means ,No sorry and Thank you in friendship!!”
Ragini was all the while giggling on his childishness!!
Sanskaar says, ‘’Wah Wah!! Over here I am convincing you and you are laughing on me!! Come sit!!’’
Ragini says, ‘’I will go by auto!”
Sanskaar replies, ‘’It is transport holiday or you can say a strike!’’
Ragini replies, ‘’OK Boss!!”
She sits on the back seat….Sanskaar asks her, “Am I your driver?”…She nods in no….Sanskaar asks her to sit in front…She sits and accidently says, “Thank you!!”
Sanskaar says, ‘’Ughhh….D….’’
Ragini says, ‘’Dosti mein no sorry no thank you!!’’
They smile…Sanskaar switches on the radio , a song was being played , Sanskaar changes it , but Ragini stops him and asks him to let the song be play….He do a said….Ragini closes her eyes as the song plays….
Pal bhar tehar jao
(stop for a moment)
Dil yeh sambhal jaaye
(let the heart gain control over itself)
Kaise tumhe roka karun
(how shall I stop you)
Meri taraf aata
(Coming towards me)
Har gham phisal jaaya
(Each sorrow slips off)
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
(Want to fill you in my eyes)
Bin bole baatein tum se karun
(Without speaking I want to talk to you)
Agar tum saath ho….Agar tum saath ho…
(if you are with me)
Music plays……Sanskaar looks towards the innocent Ragini….But suddenly something flashes in his mind and his smile vanish…..Song continues……..
Teri nazroon mein hai mere sapnay
(I am your dream in your eyes)
Tere sapnon mein hain naraazi
(Your dreams have annoyance within them)
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil
(I think that the heart’s talks)
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebazi
(Is only betrayal of words)
Tum saath ho ya na ho
(If you are with me or not)
Kya farq hai
(What is the difference)
Bedard thi zindagi mein dard hai
(life was already full of pain , now as well as well)
Agar tum saath ho….(If you are with me)

The episode ends on the split faces of Swalak and Ragsan…..

Precap:Same precap…..Sorry!
Hope you enjoyed it tell me via comments!!

Hope you enjoyed the episode……

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  1. Loved the episode

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Thanks DC

  2. ragsan looks cute Na don’t change pairs, if not possible it’s OK
    nice story

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Thanks Lovely , I would try giving you lots of Ragsan scenes , changing my decision is not possible dear?

  3. nice story and plz let it be swalak

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Thanks I will think about it?

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow nice zuha 🙂

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Thanks Jo!

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