Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 2)


Well I am back , maybe I will not be able to post this week so I thought to post 1 today. So , before wasting time let us get started.

Presenting you all Episode 2

The scene begins , Swara is seen walking to her college , when someone applies break to his car and the mud splashes on Swara’s face. The person turns out to be Laksh. Laksh is seen enjoying in a red sport’s car.
Swara shouts , “Oyeeee!!!Mr.Idiot!!Can not you see , are you blind???”
Laksh shouts back , “Look Ms.Pagal , Speak properly you are talking to Mr.Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari. If I want I can get you out of this college.”
Swara yells , “You spoilt brat!! This is the problem of you rich people. You think you can rule over this world out of paper.”
Laksh replies back , “A cheap girl like you can not understand the importance of money , you have not imagine money in your dreams even.” Swara says”Yes , you are correct I have not imagine a lot of money in my dreams coz I have 2 reasons for it.” Swara continues , “My 1st reason says that small people should dream what they can acheive because when a dream breaks it hurts you alot. And my second reason says Those who do not have parents should not dream high.”
She leaves wiping her tears. While Laksh feels bad.

The scene shifts to Ragini’s college, she studies in English Literature college. She enters. She was on her way to class when she collides with someone , and falls in his arms. The person turns to be Sanskaar. In all this Ragini’s stuff fall down. They both compose.
Ragini apologizes ,”I am sorry!”
Sanskaar also says Sorry to her.

They both bend down to pick the stuff and hit each other’s head. They both pick up the stuff.

Ragini says , “Hi!! I am Ragini Gadodia. And you are the one who give speeches on environment”
Sanskaar replies , “Yeah I am the same person who bore everyone out of my speeches , and you are the one who write for college magazine and titled as COLLEGE’S SHAKESPERE”
Ragini replies , “Yeah I am the so called writer and your speeches are not boring , indeed I learn alot through them and they consists some good points in them.”
Sanskaar continues , “Oh , that is soo sweet of you , anyways Sanskaar Maheshwari.”
Ragini says, “Nice meeting you , So can we be friends.?”
Sanskaar replies , “Yeah , sure why not , actually you are the first person who wants to become my friend or else people run away from me due to my boring personality.”
Ragini says , “No , you are not boring infact people like you are lacking in India who care for our country , if every one turn out to be like you then India can flourish more easily.”
Sanskaar replies, “Thanks for the compliment.”
Ragini says , “OK , I have a class , Bye!”

And she leaves.

At night….
Scene in Baadi.

Swara is in a bad mood.

Swara shouts , “Who the hell was that Idiot , how can he talk to me like this!!”

Scene shifts to MM

Sanskaar says to Laksh , “So it will be your fault I am sure”

Scene shifts to Baadi

Ragini says to Swara , “So why did you talked to that idiot.”

Scene shifts to MM.

Laksh exclaims , “I had to park my car and that lady was walking like turtle , now tell me who is wrong??”

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Swara yells , ” Of course he is wrong , OK fine I was walking slow so he could have use the horn to warn me , but no Ameer Baap Ki Bigri Aulad”

Scene shifts to MM.

Sanakaar exclaims , “What was the need to need to misbehave with her??”

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Ragini says , “Ok , he did not say sorry , you could have said it na , you were at fault as well”

Scene shifts to MM.

Laksh shouts at Sanskaar , “Yeah , yeah , you will take her side , Turtle , who is she to stop the way of Lakshya Maheshwari.”

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Swara says , “Why should I say sorry , I was not at fault , I was just walking.”

Scene shifts to MM

Sanskaar says , “Whether you are at fault or not somewhere you are at fault.”

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Ragini says , “As it is said , Clap Is Made Out Of 2 Hands”

Scens shifts to Baadi.

Laksh continues , “Please Sanky , I am not at all guilty.”

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Ragini continues ,”Look I do not want to hear it anymore.”

Scene shifts to MM.

Sanskaar says,”Look go and sleep it is quite late , and yes , tomorrow you will say sorry to her.”

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Swara says , “But..”

Scene shifts to MM.

Sanskaar continues, “No buts and because , that is final , u will say sorry to her.

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Swara says with a pout face , “Ok , fine”

Scene shifts to MM.

Sanskaar contiues, “That is like my bro.”

The scene splits while SanLak and Swaragini hug each other. Screen freezes.

Precap:Swalak say sorry to each other , Ragsan meets again , Swaragini and Sanlak introduced to one another, Swara develops a crush for Sanskaar , Laksh flirts with Ragini. Lemme clear once again , initially the couples will be Swalak and Ragsan but will end up as Swasan and Raglak. My FF is a treat for all Swalak , Swasan , Raglak and Ragsan fans.

Hope u are enjoying my FF , please comment , coz your comments are meaningful.

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Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  1. more ragini scenes please

    1. Ok lovely I would try. Thanks dear?

  2. Good one

    1. Thanks.

  3. Hi!silent reader here!ur ff s awesome……nd i lykd the way tat u gave importance to four of tem…keep going

    1. Thanks for commenting Rhea , and thanks for liking my idea.

  4. Sorry for being late Zuha… Actually my lappy went kaput while typing my updates and I am still working on it.. Poor me… The update is awesome dear… Keep going…

    1. No worries dear , and thank you dear Nivi!

  5. Sorry for being late Zuha… Actually my lappy went kaput while typing my updates… Poor me..????… The update is good dear??? keep going..

    1. Thanks once again!!

  6. Sorry if l hurt you but l literally hate Couple swapping. You could directly make it raglak nd swasan but what is d use of this.l wld if it’s otherwise too if u give imp to both couple.

    1. Sorry Amna if you are not liking it, I will try not to make it boring anymore!!

  7. Zuha I m loving it I wonder how ragsan will become raglak and swalak will become swasan here

    1. Thanks Jo and you will be waiting for it.

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