Tere mere khwabon ki kahani (Story of our dreams)- Swaragini (Episode 1)


Well I told u all that it will take me time to post an episode as I am busy with my studies , I was not able to stop myself from doing so , after reading your comments.

Well let us get started.

It was a dark , rainy night in Kolkata (or Calcutta)In a small room a girl was seen writing something , in dark only a study light or lamp was open that was much for her to write. Her face was not revealed but she was wearing a beautiful anarkali dress , purple in colour , with open hair. With all this we can easily figure out that she is a calm person who loves to be alone , all around her was silence , each drop of water , the birds sound , the breeze , all were audible. But suddenly someone came and opened the lights and shouted “Yipeeeee!!!”

The girl was disturbed , the silence broke , but the girl smiled after seeing that person. Girl who was writing says , “Shoona , why are you shouting as ,you have won overseas” Yes the other girl was Swara , she was wearing a brown colour jumpsuit with cheetah spots. She jumped on the bed which made the girl laugh. Swara exclaims , “Ragini when you will hear it you will be proud of your sister , I have won something more than overseas. Guess what??”
Yes, the girl was Ragini.
Ragini asks,”What have you won Shoona , Hindustan??”
Swara replies in an irritated voice , “Ufffooo , Ladooo you and your talks are unbelievable , I got the admission in Musical Art college , you know what Ragini , I can see my destination.”
Ragini continues , “Swara I am indeed happy for you but are you sure you have taken the right decision , as it can affect your future , Shakespere has said….” Swara requests Ragini , “No , no , not again , I am leaving from here sorry for the disturbance Mam , Good night!!” And she leaves , while Ragini smiles on her childishness and closes the lights and sitsback to write.

The next morning…..

A big mansion is shown incarved on it is , MAHESHWARI MANSION , The inner sight is seen , which leads us to a room where a boy is seen sleeping , the very next moment another boy comes out of washroom wearing a white shirt and blue denim. He stands infront of the mirror , sets his hair and wears a black blazer over it and shouts , “Lucky , yaar , wake up it has been 8:05 already , and you are still sleeping”
The boy who is sleeping says , “Bhai , Lemme sleep 10 mins more , and what about college
, I am son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari even if I reach 2 hrs late I will still be allowed to enter.”
The other boy is irked on his thinking , he mischeviously shouts for someone named Uttara. A girl comes wearing an anarkali salwar suit in light blue and red colour , she is Uttara. Uttara and the boy give each other a hi-fi. They go to the boy sleeping and tickles him and he wakes up irritated. The boy is our Laksh , who was sleeping and the handsome hunk was ofcourse our Sanskaar. Laksh shouts , “Idiots! I told u I am waking up but no , here everyone is the enemy of one’s sleep.”
He leaves for the bathroom. Later , he comes out wearing a grey shirt and an orange , skiny jacket with blue denim. He sets up himself and the brothers leave in their own cars.

Scene shifts to Baadi.

Swaragini are in a hustle of reaching to their respective college , Swara shouts , “OMG!! It is my 1st day of my college and I am late , Ohhhh!!”
Ragini shouts back , “How mean!! You are tensed about yourself only ,what about me?? Till date Ragini Gadodia has never came late to the college and today….” Swara continues , “Acha , acha do not fight , let us leave.”

The both sisters leave to their respective colleges.

Screen freezes on Swaragini and Sanlak.

Precap: RagSan and SwaLak meet…..

Sorry for a bit short update , and yeah as I have told u it is a treat for all Swalak , Swasan, Raglak and Ragsan fans that my FF includes all the couples , initially it will be Ragsan and Swalak it will end up as Swasan and Raglak.??

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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  1. Aw my Hun, loved this episode so much, I’m falling in love with already!! Muah cutie pie!!! Also I wrote a new ff of ragsan http://www.tellyupdates.com/sanskar-ragini-will-marry-ragini-yes-sanskar-will-intro-episode-1/
    Hope you can read it!! Love you so much~Nusz

    1. Awwww,Nuszz my cutie pie , Love u and I will surely read it????

  2. Pls continue ragsan

    1. Yes for the 1st half they will

  3. raglak/ràgßàn rocks

    1. Thanks for commenting and indeed they rock???

    1. Thanks Meenu.

  4. Nice Zuha.. I am Niveditha..I posted an article yesterday. Your story is nice.. Continue soon…

    1. Yeah Nivi I remember u and ur post as well as . Thanks for appreciation. Hope you like it further too.

      1. When are you posting your next part Nivi??

      2. Soon.. Right now I’m working on Phir sent. Will star writing the first part of Gypsy lover by 8…???

      3. Ok will be waiting for it?

  5. nice but do swalak till end please..

    1. Thanks masthi and sorry dear I can not make Swalak till the end but will give you alot of Swalak moments. Hope you do not mind.

  6. OMG Zuha u r awesome and great love ur ff very very interesting can’t wait for the next part btw zuha besides QH an SR is there any other ff u write and using all 4 couples wow what an idea I m planning to write a one shot on SR this month but m not getting the time as I m giving more time to my 2FFs 😛

    1. Thanks JO dear and yes apart from these 2 I an currently writing one for KKB named Abhigya :Love for 7 lives!!
      But I am wrapping it up within upcoming 5 chapters. Thanks for liking my idea of 4 couples together. And keep writing dear???

  7. Cant wait for ragsan n swalak meet….

    1. Thanks , they will meet soon.

  8. Awesome…really loved it

    1. Thanks DC and you also write well.???

    1. Thank u Priya dear???

  9. awesome swalak continue

    1. Thanks Pia yup I will continue Swalak for sometime but give you all many Swalak moments.

  10. Really awsm

    1. Thnx Amna.

  11. Awesome but i need raglak nd swasan tis jodi rockzzz plz i beg u zuha

    1. Yeah I too love them and it is for Raglak and Swasan dear.

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