Tere Liye (Thaahaan) – Episode 1

hi guys….sorry for the delay…because, i have changed the ff’s storyline a bit…i hope you will like it…support me guys…..

the episode starts with in banaras. thapki’s house is shown. her parents were in a hurry.

poonam : thapki! thapki!
thapki : yes, mom. i’m coming.

thapki comes to poonam. poonam gives her the bag. chandrakanth and athithi also comes to her. thapki takes the bag. thapki hugs her parents.

Chandrakanth : you stay in agra till we call you back.
thapki : haan, papa.

thapki comes to athithi. both are cries.

athithi : i miss you, di.
thapki : i’m also going to miss you.

athithi and thapki hugs each other.

chandrakanth : thapki , it’s getting late. you have to go to rail way station. any time they will come here.
thapki : i will miss you guys.

thapki goes and puts her bag on taxi. thapki gets into the taxi. she waved her hand and they waved back. they drive from there.

In railway station.

thapki silently gets into the rail. she goes to her seat. she sit there. her bag beside her. opposite of her a man is reading a magazine. she looks at the man and turned. a girl comes to her.

girl : excuse me ,it’s my seat. so…
thapki : sorry.

thapki puts the bag down. she unknowingly puts the bag on the man’s foot. he screamed. his face is shown. it’s none other than bihaan. thapki looks shocked.

thapki : i’m so sorry. i did’nt know.
bihaan : what? sorry? sorry will make a wrong doing into right.
thapki : what are you trying to say?.
bihaan : take your bag away.

thapki looks down. she starts stammering.

thapki : s…so…so…sorry.
bihaan : stop saying sorry and take the bag.

thapki takes the bag. bihaan winced in pain. thapki looks concerned.

thapki : are you okay?
bihaan : haan, fine.
thapki : okay.

the train starts to get on track. she reminisces the sweet memories that she spends with her family. she gets teary eyes. she wiped it. bihaan looks at her.

thapki’s POV

in these one month everything has changed. our peace, happy. because of me my family and i were in this state. because of the problem i was separated from my family.

POV ends.

thapki cries thinking about leaving her hometown. bihaan looks at her. he looks on. he takes tissue and gives it to her. thapki looks on.

thapki : what’s this?
bihaan : tissue.
thapki : i know. for what?
bihaan : to wipe your tears.
thapki : don’t want.
bihaan : just take it. if not your tears will make your make up erase.

thapki looks on. she takes the tissue and wipes her tears. bihaan looks at her.

thapki : why are you lookin at me?
bihaan : nothing.

bihaan turned and looks out. thapki looks at him and smiled inside her.

In banaras

thapki’s family packed their bags. a car comes and stopped infront of their house. thapki’s family looks so afraid. the episode ends with their face…

Precap : some goons break the things in thapki’s house. bihaan does a bike race with his friends.

i hope so guys…you will like it…keep supporting me….thank you. bye….

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