TERE LIYE (Prologue)


aguys a new story came in my mind so thought to write it, actually na i’m free so i’m writing nowadays. godd knows how i will complete my fanfictions when my school will start but till then enjoy

Love is feeling which is indescribable, we can do anything for our loved ones even we can separate ourselves from them for their happiness.

A soulmate is a person who Completes us, who completes our incomplete heartbeats living far from us to fullfill his’her duty to complete us till then we meet them

Let’s start the story

A little girl and boy are playing in park but suddenly a fat boy came and pushed
The another boy due which the boy started crying.

Girl(anger) : how dare you push him

Boy: what will you do chudail (attitude)

Girl: i will show you motu what can i do

Girl pushed him and boy started pulling her hair.

Their parents came and freed them

Parents: why you two can’t be friends

Boy/girl: impossible

Both boy and girl went in opposite direction after giving each other a glare

Girl: hate you

Boy: same here


A boy and a girl is getting married but they are teenagers. They are giving each a disgusting look

Girl: i hate you
Boy:same here

Boy is giving a love letter to a girl and girl is happy seeing that but boy is sad seeing the girl happy


A beautiful girl is shown talking to a photo and she is crying

Girl:where are you motu? I am waiting for you. I hate you very much for leaving me

she burst out into tears

I have taken the concept from serial but story will be on my ideas.this story was going to written by mysister but now i’m writing it

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    Good one dear

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  3. Kriti249

    Nice….start soon and by the way from which serial is the story adapted??

    1. Moon

      its from tere liye star plus

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    Interesting.. Continue..

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