Tere Liye (Part 3)


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I then looked straight into his eyes and asked him

Me: Are u a virgin? I noticed that he was so shocked that his eyes popped out. Poor boy i thought. As he didn’t reply so i continued, ‘Actually u know every boy want a virgin girl 4 their life partner. And I wonder why don’t girls want virgin boys bcoz the boy who made a girl impure is no longer a virgin, right? So r u a virgin?’ I asked him eating chips.

Sushant (in a shock): Yes. I guessed he didn’t find words to tell anything else.

Me: Ok now 2nd question. Have u ever kissed a girl; not on cheeks but on lips?

Sushant (again bowing his head down): Yes.

Me (in a happy mood): Marriage cancelled.

Sushant (in shock): Waaatttt?

Me: Did u say watt. I think it’s the SI unit of Power right hehehe. And plz don’t get shocked again. U r handsome n good looking. I am sure u will get a good wife. So can we be friends?

Sushant: what friends?

Now plz don’t over react. U know we can’t go outside now as elders will suspect what happened that we came outside so quickly, So it is better if u say yes to watch a movie. Plz Sushant don’t tell no otherwise my heart will break into small pieces like atoms n then i will be unable 2 join them’. I tried my best 2 be friendly with him n make him laugh and i finally succeeded. I asked him 2 bring the chair near 2 my bed so that we can watch movie in my lappy.
I opened my lappy n he saw that the movie KKHH was in pause mode. He asked me, ‘U were watching this movie earlier’.

Me: Till u knocked our door n i had 2 let go of my Shahrukh. Anyway will u watch this movie or anyother.

Sushant: No do u hv Harry Potter. It will be a better option.

Me: Fine.

Sushant: Seems like u r obessed with SRK.

Me: Not like that i just love his acting. Now will u plz shut ur mouth so that i can watch the movie.

After few minutes a girl, who i assumed 2 be his sister came n asked us 2 come out. Then our family bid bye 2 their family. While having lunch mom asked me about Sushant n i replied her that he is a nice guy but poor in intelligence. I thought Don’t know what he will say to his family. God i want a no Plz.

The next day sushant’s mom called n told mom that Sushant said he is not worthy of me n i am more qualified than him so he can’t marry me. I thanked God as well as Sushant innumerable times. They both saved me. Mom was still upset n i n dad tried 2 cheer up her. It seemed that not mine but mom’s proposal was rejected.

3 weeks later.
I had an off day. So as usual i went 4 jogging with dad. After returning home i was welcomed by a shock from my mother. She said a guy’s family was coming 2 see me. B4 i could argue with her my phone rang n i went 2 receive the call. The call was for the land dispute case i was handling n i need 2 go near the plot immediately. I told dad 2 explain things to mom. I got ready n went out soon.

The day went on smoothly n the case was solved. Nxt day while hving breakfast mom told that the family that came 2 see me was nice. And they liked me. I was irritated by all this talks. At evening mom told that the boy wants 2 meet me. I asked mom abt the name of the boy 2 which she replied u will know it after meeting since u know him b4. I pleaded mom 2 tell me his name or else i m not going 2 meet him.

While i was entering my room, mom shouted, “ANURAG”. The name was enough to make my heart skipped a beat. I closed my door n went 2 my bed. I never wanted 2 hear this name again. The thought that 1st came 2 my mind was which Anurag, the one whom i only knew or the one whom both me & mom knew. I lied on my bed bt couldn’t sleep n switched the light on & off. Suddenly my phone beeped. It was a msg frm an unknown no. which read as “Tmrw at 6 pm in Cafeteria in Nehru Road. I think it would be nice 2 meet u after so many years. Eagerly waitng 4 ur arrival. Anurag Malhotra”.

Then I was assured that the Anurag whom I was going 2 meet was my childhood friend but I couldn’t give any reaction. The incidents that happened 3 yrs ago flashed in my mind. I opened my secret drawer which no 1 knew n i took out a diary from that. I opened the diary & dnt know when tears rushed frm my eyes.

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