Tere Liye (Part 2)

Thk u guys 4 ur support n mostly my bestie pratiksha.
Here is the 2nd part, Enjoy it n dnt forget 2 comment ur views.

The next day i got up n found my dad helping me 2 brush my teeth. It reminded me of my childhood where i won’t wake up n dad will take me in his arms to the wash basin n brush my teeth. My sweet dad i love him so much. I really wanted a life partner like him who would love me more than anyone unconditionally. Finally after my mom’s scolding i brushed my teeth, took bath n came out to see a new saree on my bed. ‘What the hell is this mom’?, i shouted after guessing what she wanted me 2 wear infront of some unknown ppl. Mom came running and said, ‘Wear this. Girls look beautiful in saree’.

Me: And 4 ur kind information i don’t want 2 look beautiful. U know i hate wearing sarees. So take this. I handed over that pink saree 2 mom.
Mom: 1st tell me what will u wear, churidar. Why don’t u understand saree create a better impression on the ppl.
Me: Mom Now plz stop interrogating me or else u know what will i do.
Mom: Wear whatever u want bt plz try 2 look beautiful.

After mom left i went 2 my closet n choose a yellow colour blue embryoided long churidar. I hate wearing jewelleries n so wore a bracelet in my right wrist which i found after searching 4 nearly 10 minutes n as usual a golden colour watch on my left wrist. I did light make up and came 2 the living room n saw Dad was reading newspaper. I coughed a little 2 let him know my presence bcoz he was immersed in the world of newspaper just like me or 2 say i was like him. Dad complimented me saying i looked beautiful. I thanked him n took the newspaper from his hand n started reading it. Mom came with breakfast n asked me 2 eat faster. Moms i tell u have every problem in our work.

Mom: See the time. It’s already 9:45 am. They might be reaching here. So eat soon.
Me: Mom u know Indians. Their watch moves late n yes all r not like ur hubby n daughter. Always punctual. I gave hi fi 2 my dad.

After completing breakfast mom went 2 kitchen 2 cook some delicious dishes n dad went 2 their room 2 wear formal dresses. So i went 2 my room opened my lappy n started watching my all time fav movie KKHH. After nearly 25 minutes mom shouted, ‘They have arrived. Get ready soon’. I really didn’t want 2 leave the movie n go bt hv to. I thought, ‘Stupid boy. Wait i will show u ur place as u tried 2 separate SRK frm my dreams’.

I looked at myself in the mirror n saw that yellow colour suits me well. I prayed 2 Durga Maa 2 help me get rid of the boy. I heard the knock n peeped through my door. I could hear mom welcoming the guests n asking them to take seats. I sat on my bed thinking whether the plan will work out n suddenly i got a msg displaying “ALL THE BEST. EXECUTE UR PLAN PROPERLY” from Neha. I thanked her 4 enhancing my confidence.

Suddenly mom came into my room n dragged me into the kitchen
Mom handed me a tray full of tea cups in the kitchen.
Mom: Behave urself infront of them. Make sure u don’t make any mistakes this time. The boy works as a software engineer in Banglore. He already likes u.
Me: He didn’t see me yet n already likes me. Strange.
Mom: He had seen ur photo.
Me: Then ask him 2 marry my photo.
Mom: Atleast become serious now. It is the 9th proposal and if it will be rejected then people will think u have some demerits n then no one will agree 2 marry u. Seeing mom’s condition i assured her, ‘Everything will be fine. Don’t worry n plz smile’.

Then i took the tray n went 2 the living room of course putting a fake smile on my face. I handed over the cups to 6 people n my mom n dad. Aunty sitting opposite 2 me ask whether i would not drink tea or not 2 which my mom replied that i neither drink tea nor coffee. While everyone was taking a sip i looked at the boy. Yes he was handsome n good looking bt parde ke peeche ka raaz kisko pata hai. Aunty told that tea was really good n everyone else nodded. Mom said, ‘Tani made it. Though she didn’t drink tea bt she makes good tea’.

I was hell shocked but tried not to bring any expression on my face. I couldn’t understand why mom lied. I had never ever made tea in my life n she said i m good at this. God plz save me. After a little more conversation Uncle asked my mom n dad if we both i mean the stupid boy n me could talk in private. My face glowed up. Finally the moment arrived. But the expression on mom’s face changed. But i pity her she couldn’t say no.

I went 2 my room followed by the boy. I asked him 2 sit on the chair n i sat on my bed. He was busy looking at my book’s collection. Then he sat on the chair bowing his head down as if he had committed a murder n is ashamed of himself. I never thought he would be so shy. From the conversation i got 2 know that his name is Sushant. I took my phone n turned on the voice recorder for Neha.

After thinking a little i started the conversation.
Me: Would u mind if i ask a few questions? It’s really personal but if we get married we need to know about each other. Right? I said those things without looking into his eyes since i was searching for my fav pillow.
Sushant: Right.

Credit to: Aparna


  1. Pratiksha

    Hi aparna its really intresting yar….l m eagerlly waitng for those questions…which she will ask to the boys….plz jaldi..atlest update it for me….i m ur bff yar plz

  2. Pratiksha

    Hi aparna its really interesting..plz yar update it soon…i m egerly waitng for those questions that she will ask to that boy..atlest update it for me……i m ur bff yar….jaldi

    • Aparna

      Patience yaar. U know sabr ka fhal mitha hota hai. So wait plz. Thnk 4 liking my story. Luv u loads

  3. Roma

    Awesome, very cute episode. ..what’s her plan n what will be her questions? ?? Very interesting story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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