Tere Liye Episode 10


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Sanskar kisses Ragini .he loses control and falls on her on the bed and continues kissing . Finally he bites her lips. Blood starts coming out . Ragini doesn’t respond as she is too shocked by sanskar’s kiss. She doesn’t care about the blood and keeps looking at sanskar’s eyes. Sankar gets worried . He immediately takes cotton and wipes her blood and applies medicine. After finishing everything he looks at Ragini. He hugs her
Sanskar: I love u Ragini. U are my life. I love u
Ragini comes to her senses and frees herself from his embrace. She looks other side
Ragini: this is not correct sanskar. U and I can’t be together.
Sanskar catches her chin and makes her look at him
Sanskar: but why Ragini? I know u are worried about ur health condition but I promise I will take care of u . My love will become ur medicine. Ur fear will get defeated in front of my love. Just give me one chance.
Ragini: I can’t Sanskar my fear is a part of me . I have tried a lot to come out of it but the truth is that it is a part of me.
Sanskar: then I will accept even that part of u I don’t care ra
Ragini: sanskar now u will feel this because now u love me. But as days pass u will feel me as a burden
Sankar: u are doubting my love for u?
Ragini: no sanskar I know u love me truthfully but u can’t take care of me always. U are acp. Ur job involves a lot of focus. I don’t want to become a distraction for u
Sanskar: u are not a distraction Ragini
Ragini: I am . U know u will get a lot of injuries in ur profession. It is also possible that u will have serious injuries .as a life partner it will be my duty to take care of u at that time. It will be my duty to dress ur wounds and take care of u. But I will not be able to do that. I will leave u at that time when u will need me the most. In return u will be forced to take care of me . I don’t want all this .
Sanskar looks at ragini. He knows she is scared . He decides to not talk further about this.
Sankar cups her face ‘I will not force u Ragini. But I promise u I will make u realise my love for u. U don’t take any stress. ‘ He kisses her forehead and makes her sleep. He goes out and sees Laksh
Laksh: how is she Sanskrit?
Sankar: she is fine Laksh. Can u please tell me the reason for ragini’s illness?
Laksh: even I don’t know sanskar. I used to live with my father in Mumbai .My father brought her home when she was 8yre . From then only she had this problem. But with my and papa’s love she became fine. But my father died when she was 10. I was 12 that time.She saw dad covered in blood. From then again her problem started.
Sankar: what u both did after ur father died.
Laksh: after that my dad’s police colleagues sent us to Kolkata orphanage as they felt we are in danger. From then her attacks were a bit more frequent.
Sankar: thanks Laksh. I want ur help to make her realise my love.
Laksh: but how sanskar?
Sanskar tells him a plan.
Laksh: are u mad? It is very dangerous. I can’t risk u and her.
Sanskar: it is the only way. Please Lakshm
After a lot of persuasion Laksh agrees.

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