Tere Liye Episode 8

Hi guys please comment as comments are really less . Anyways Today and tomorrow I will update long updates as from Wednesday I am going to camp. actually in camp we have to get up at morning 4 and sleep at 9 . In the middle we will get only 2 hours time and I have to upload 2 ff’s so my updates will be more short please don’t get disappointed.


Sankar: so be ready guys . We should not fail in our plan. Omi and Abhi u stay in the party and make sure that no one from the party should come in the direction. Vipluv and Aryan u both should hide in this place(remember Sanskar took photos) and when u see Arjun goud and his followers u follow them. I am sure they will split into 2 . One to the girls and one to Arjun goud. U both also split and follow them . Violin u make sure u follow Arjun and when they halt u inform me. Aryan when u see the girls u inform Laksh. I have asked other officers to come in plain clothes. Omi and abhi if their is any problem we will send distress call u then u guys should immediately make the people evacuate and come to our help.
All others : OK Sanskar
Allhave gathered in the beach. It is 9 but party is in full swing.
Swara was wearing a gold dress (which she wore on Diwali).
Ragini was wearing pink dress (which she wore on Holi ka Dahan)
Sanskar and Laksh are in casuals. Both were mesmerised on seeing Ragini and Swara respectively. Both Sanlak wished Swara happy birthday.
Swara: thank u guys where are my gifts?
Laksh gave her a huge human size teddy. When she looked at Sanskar he have her a nervous smile.
Swara: what happened ragini’s acp sir did u forget to bring my gift ?
Ragini comes from back and gives Swara a necklace and matching rings.
Ragini: what acp sir u can tell her na ur gift is with me. Swara necklaces is from cap sir and earrings are from me.
Swara: oh thank u they are beautiful.
Ragini winks at Sanskar and he smiles. Swara and Lakshm were lost in their world. Sankar drags Ragini from there and says
Sanskar: what is this Ragini ? What was the need to tell ur gist as mine?
Ragini: oho sir its ok. We are friends and vaise Bhi bade bade Desho Mein choti choti cheezein hoti Rathi hai. And ur acp I didn’t want anyone to make fun of u saying u couldn’t even remember to bring gift.
Sanskar got emotional and hugged her tightly. Even Ragini hugged him back. Both were lost in each other when sanskar’s phone rang. He got alert and saw the time. It was 11: 30.
Sankar: Ragini I have an important work u please go and join the party.
She nodded. He kissed her forehead and left. He saw Laksh also leaving and signalled omi and abhi

(Guys I am not good in writing about fights etc. So please ignore those parts if u feel it is not good.)

Aryan and Laksh side:
They both followed and found the girls but many goons were their . They knew that they both alone cannot handle it. So they informed omi to come with backup . They slowly went and saw that many girls were in a container . Inside only 2 members were there. They went in and locked the door so that people outside couldn’t come in. They overpowered the 2 goons and tied them up. They messaged omi to come and asked Abhi to get everyone out of the beach. Laksh was worried for Ragini and was trying her number but it was not getting connected.

Meanwhile vipluv and sanskar’s side:
They could see that 10 to 15 members were there . They were waiting for the ship. Arjun Gould was talking with someone but couldn’t see the other person.Arjun: once this deal gets finished I will retire and u should become my successor Rajat.
Rajat: of course dad but dad what about her I saw her in Kali badi that day?
Arjun: Hmm I know. Let her live her life Rajat . I snatched her childhood from her I don’t want to do anything.
Slowly Rajat turned and Sanskar saw him . It was clearly visible that he didn’t like what Arjun said. But kept quiet. Suddenly Sanskar got message that all girls were safe. Sanskar messaged him his location and got ready to attack.

Party side:
All were leaving the place but Ragini was searching for Sanskar . She saw him leaving and decided to check for him and followed his
footsteps(sand was wet so to some extent she could follow his footsteps)

Sankar’s side:
Sanskar and Viplav got ready to attack and came out of their hiding spot. Meanwhile Laksh ,omi and aryan joined them . There was a shoot out .
Arjun goud got trapped but Rajat and few others escaped.
Sankar and his team rounded Arjun.
Omi: What shall we do should we arrest him?
Aryan: We all know what will happen? He will come out by hook or crook.
Vipluv: yeah and what waste of money.
Laksh: There is only one solution guys kill him. We can cover it up as an encounter what say Sanskar?
Sanskar was looking at him with deep interest.
Sankar: The girl u were talking about . Who is she?
Arjun: why should I say u are going to kill me anyway.
Sanskar: well that is true.
All 5 of them shot him simultaneously. All this was being watched by Rajat and someone else.

Yes it is Ragini. She looked at arjun’s body . It was full of blood . She screamed and fainted.Sankar and Laksh together shouted

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