Tere Liye Episode 9

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flashback: ragini didnt see the face of arjun goud
sanskar and laksh run towards ragini. sanskar picks her up and rushes to the hospital.both waits for ragini outside. swara and others also come there.
doctor comes out
doctor: MR LAKSH i already told u that she should take these tablets carefully. in the last three days how many did she take
SANSKAR: yesterday she took 2tblets
DOTOR: see day before yesterday she had attack and yesterday she tok so many tablets. i think we need to send her to rehab. otherwise u may lose her
LAKSH: No doctor please give me one more chance i will take care of her.
doctor(sighs): ok but please take care she is resting mow omly one of u cam stay.
dotor leaves
LAKSH; all happened because of u sanskar. i told u that party should not be kept there. see now
SWARA; common LAKSH he didnt know about RAGINI . but please dont tell anyone abut RAGIMIS condition. people can take advantage of the situaton.
all nod. Sanskar curse himself for ragini s condition . HE kneels down near Laksh and says
SANSKAR: i am sorry LAKSH but trust me RAGINI matters to me more than anyone in this world,. I LOVE HER LAKSH. i dont know when and how but i do please give me one chance.
laksh; i am sorry i overreacted. but Sanskar Ragini will never accept your propasal she always feels herself as a burden .
SANSKAR: that u leave to me i will convince her. if u dont mind i will stay with her today.

all leave and sanskar goes into the ward. He holds RAGINI hand and presses it. RAGINI opens her eyes and looks at SANSKAR and her surroundings. SHE IS VERY WEAK . SHE sees her surroundings and realises that she is in hospital. SANSKAR helps her to get up . she smiles at him and gives him a weak smile. she is about to talk when sankar kisses her passionately. Ragimi getts shocked.

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  1. waiting fir d confession

  2. Awesome

  3. Awesome

  4. tisha(raglak fan)

    nice plz updates next part soon

  5. Awsm epi….loved it…..

  6. Awesome Fabulous Fantastic
    Waiting for the next one……

  7. Awesome as usual

  8. Awesome as usual…

  9. Amazing loved it

  10. nice atleast skanky accept his feeling for ragini now it’s her time to accept it update next part soon

  11. Plz update nxt part
    I eagerly waiting
    Plz update the previous episodes link

  12. Wat u went to cafe for typing crazy fellow?
    But darling concept is good keep it up

  13. Awesome

  14. Nice… ooooo their first kiss

  15. Finally Sanskar confesses that he loves ragini. Can’t wait to know about ragini’s phobia

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