Tere Liye Episode 7

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Sanskar was unable to understand how to help Ragini . Then he remembers her tablets and ran to the hall and took the tablets and ran back. He made Ragini take the tablets with water . After a few moments she calmed down she saw that sanskar’s hand was still bleeding. She turned to the opposite side.
Ragini :Acp sir u sit I will go and bring first aid box.
Ragini gave him the first aid box and continued cooking.
Sanskar wanted to talk to her but felt it was not the right time to talk to her. Both had their dinner silently. Sanskar broke the silence.
Sanskar: Ragini food is very nice. If u cook like this I will become fat.
Ragini: oho acp sir even if u become fat ur fitness mantra is there right .
Both looked at each other and laughed . But Sanskar noticed that ragini’s laugh was not reaching her eyes. He asked her to sleep in guest room and went to his room. As soon as he reached his room he took out his phone and dialled his friend’s number who was a doctor. Sankar asked him about the tablets.
Doctor: Sanskar the tablet ur saying is used by patients who have a lot of phobias when they can’t control their fears this tablet is taken
Sanskar: what type of phobias?
Doctor: it can be anything being afraid of blood , round objects etc.
Sanskar: should they use this tablet daily
Doctor: no Sanskar this t let if used more is dangerous. I think once a week is fine
Sanskar: ok thanks
Sanskar was really worried Ragini ‘s dosage was way too high . He was feeling restless for her and thought to check whether she is fine or not. He knocked her room’s door but their was no reply. He got scared and searched for her . He found her on the terrace. There was no moon but it was a starry night. She was sitting on the ground and counting stars. He smiled and sat beside her.
Sanskar: are u not feeling sleepy?
Ragini : no I like to count stars when there is no moon.
Sanskar: are u okay? U can share with me anything u want. U can trust me
Ragini: I know acp sir. I trust u more than anyone else otherwise I wouldn’t have asked u to accompany me to the beach.
Sanskar: then what is stoping u from sharing ur fears with me?
Ragini: it’s just that I don’t want to recall the pain of remembering everything. U know sir why I like ur company because u never force me tell things which I feel uncomfortable about.
Sanskar: like?
Ragini: like today’s incidents of there was anyone else in ur place like Swara or Laksh they would ask so many questions. But u knew that I would feel uncomfortable so u didn’t force me . U gave me my space.
Sanskar: Ragini I trust u . I will wait whenever u feel free u can tell me
Ragini looked up at him and smiled. They both were amazed by the trust they had on each other. It was really unique. Slowly Ragini kept her chest on Samskar’s chest and he wrapped her in his arms . Both were feeling very warm and cozy. They both dozed off in this position.

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