Tere Liye Episode 6

Hi guys thanks for comments please comment more and encourage me. I want to inform u that from 1st June till 15th June I may not update regularly I am going for a yoga camp. I have completed my second year and will join soon in IIT so before that my parents wanted me to become thin. So I will try my best to update but the updates will be short so please adjust.


Next day Sanskar was in a very good mood. He was looking forward to go out with Ragini. He wore casuals as he wanted to look around the beach without getting suspected. As he reached the orphanage he saw laksh and Ragini having a serious discussion. He went near them but they didn’t know about his presence.

Laksh: Ragu what is the need of keeping party in beach that too at midnight?
Ragini :offo Laksh relax u know na swara always wanted to have such party with a lot of difficulty I made swara’s parents agree . Stop being a spoilsport
Laksh:but ragu
Sanskar: She is right laksh.
Ragini: Hi acp sir I will get my bag please wait

After Ragini left
Laksh: Are u mad Sanskar, day after tomorrow at midnight Arjun goud will be coming to beach right.
Sanskar: I know laksh but it will be a perfect hide out for us no one will suspect us we can pretend to be part of the party
Laksh: but sanskar I think it will be risking we can’t let anyone get harm nod Ragini if there will be blood then she(he realises what’s he saying and keeps quiet)
Sanskar: don’t worry laksh they won’t come near more people and what are u saying about Ragini .
Just then Ragini comes back so they stop their discussion.
Ragini: let’s go acp sir.
Laksh: Take care Ragini don’t stress urself much
Ragini: ok Laksh bye

Saying this Sanskar and Ragini leave.
Sanskar: Ragini I dint bring my jeep today so shall we go by bus.
Ragini: No need sir we will go on my cutie.
Sanskar: cutie?
Ragini : yeah it is name of my bike pleasure u know why should boys have all the fun.
They both shared a hearty laugh. Sanskar was driving and Ragini was sitting back of him.
Sanskar: vaise Ragini what were u doing that day in Kali badi?
He could see through side mirror that ragini’s face lost its colour
Ragini : vo I went to borrow some notes from my classmate.
Sanskar (to himself): why did she lie to me indeed to find out.
They reached the beach . The party was outdoor . Ragini was looking at the decorations and was talking to the caterer. Sanskar took this opportunity and snooped around . He took photos of certain places and left.
He returned but couldn’t see her anywhere. He was searching for her and finally saw her building a sand castle with utmost interest after all she is an architect. He went and sat near her on sand. She looked up and have him one of her cute smiles.
Sanskar: It is looking beautiful u are really talented
Ragini: Thank u acp sir. If u want to build a house anytime u should tell me I will help u.
Sankar nodes his head both were lost in each other’s eyes when someone shouted’Didi please pass the ball’
Ragini froze to the ground looking at the ball. She was literally shivering and sweating. Sanskar looked at her and got worried. He passed the ball and held ragini’s shoulders and started rubbing them with his hands
Sanskar: Ragini what happened? Are u ok ?
Ragini looked at him and nodded slowly she freed herself from him and took tablets from her purse
Ragini: Sir I will go and look at the arrangements for one last time u please wait here (actually she went to get water)
Sankar was restless he wanted to know the reason for her weird behaviour. He took her purse and took the picture of the tablet(name dosage etc) and kept it back.
Ragini came back and smiled at him. Even he smiled and dint question her as he dint want to listen to lies from her. The journey back home was silent neither of them spoke much. Ragini insisted to drop Sanskar home. As they reached his home it started to rain heavily. So Sanskar asked her to stay back.
Ragini: OK acp sir . By the way are u not going to climb the pipe she asked mischievousness
Sanskar smiled and opened the door. Ragini was impressed with him. His house was very neat. As Ragini was roaming around Sankar called laksh and informed him that Ragini was with him.
Sanskar: Ragini u sit I will prepare dinner
Ragini: no sir I will prepare and u should not deny
Sanskar: ok baba but I will help u
Ragini started mixing the atta for chapattis. Sanskar was cutting vegetables. Ragini’s hair was flowing. There was atta on her nose and cheek. Sankar was mesmerised seeing her and by mistake cut his finger.
Sanskar: ouch
Ragini: what happened act sir ? Are u okay?
But she didn’t speak more as she saw blood coming from his finger and started shivering.
Sanskar was skiing her to bring first aid box but she was rooted to her spot without any movement. He got confused.
The screen freezes on sanskar ‘s confused face and Ragini’s frightful face

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  1. Amazing….actually I want to say one thing whenever ragini says acp sir …I remember surya jyothika…they r kollywood actors…. And real couple.. In one movie named kakka kakka Jo l call surya as acp Sir only whenever I read ur ff..my mind goes to that movie…that was one of my fav movie and this was my fav ff….

    1. Thank u so much but I don’t know Tamil I took this from Telugu movie gharshana

      1. haha great one telugu means garshana?

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  4. I loved it…awesome…enjoy your camp…

    1. Thank u will try to enjoy I hate yoga

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  6. superb update dear
    laskh n ragin’s bonding is nice
    i understand ragini fright from insects or blood
    but why from ball
    didnt get that
    smart sanskaar
    now he’ll figured out wts wrong with her

    1. She is afraid of round objects

  7. Awesome….

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  10. Wat happened to ragini past???nice epi

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  12. Ya plz seine tell.me y ragini has such phobias ….??? Please reveal fast I’m eager to know

    1. Sorry but that truth will come in present when Ragini will get consciousness

  13. It was superb.

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