Tere Liye Episode 5

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Sanskar and Laksh reached their office and went into the conference room. They could see other four’s serious faces.

Vipluv: Sanskar we came to know that day after tomorrow Arjun goud is going to come near the beach at half past 11. They are then going to send all the girls to Saudi .
Abhi: Not only that we also came to know that all the girls from the missing complaints list are with them only.
Sanskar: This is a golden opportunity we must catch them but we must have a full proof plan.
Laksh: Yes Sankar but our first priority should be to ensure all the girl’s safety.
Sanskar: Hmm. Let’s discuss our plan.

After one hour
Sanskar: So guys we should not do any mistake.I think one of us should go there and check everything first so that we can make any changes.
Let’s meet tomorrow

Laksh’s phone rings and he excuses himself. Sanskar also follows him as he wanted to ask about Ragini.
Laksh(in phone): Ha Ragu! No I am not busy.What but I told Swara not to leave u alone. Okay I won’t scold her and please take care. Do u need anything? (There was silence for some time and suddenly laksh bursted) How can u be so careless Ragini ur tablets are over and u don’t inform me u even lost ur prescription . U know na without that no one will give u tablets. Anyway u don’t worry and take rest don’t look at ur surroundings or u may get attack. I have a copy of ur prescription I will bring ur tablets as soon as possible.

Sanskar(to himself): What medicines is,laksh talking about ?I think there is something about Ragini which laksh is hiding. But why am I thinking so much about her.

He saw laksh going to his table and taking out a paper from the dashboard which he guessed as the prescription. He went towards Laksh .
Sanskar:Laksh what are u hiding in ur hand ?
Laksh: Nothing sanskar. Anyway I am tired now so I am going back to orphanage.
Sanskar: Hmm okay come I will leave u.

Laksh hesitated but accepted as he wanted to reach Ragini as soon as possible. On the way laksh asked Sanskar to stop near medicine shop saying that he wanted to take medicines for his headache. Now Sanskar was getting doubt and was worried for Ragini.
Soon they reached the orphanage.
Sanskar: Ok lucky good night and does Ragini also lives here?
Laksh:Ha Sanskar she lives on the third floor ( he shows him her room’s balcony)bye
As soon Laksh left Sanskar left the place and parked his jeep in the nearby lane and climbed pipe to reach ragini’s bedroom(it was night so no one could see him)
He opened the door a little bit and could see Laksh and Ragini talking.
Ragini: Sorry lucky I didn’t want to disturb u. I went to Kali badi to get my medicines but because of morning’s incident I lost my tablets also.
Laksh: okay but please take care u are my life Ragini hare the first one in this world who cared for me. U are more than a sister to me okay.
Ragini okay. Now go and have ur food I need rest.

Saying this laksh went out and Ragini switched off the lights ,closed her eyes and started singing song.

(Hasi ban gays female)
Hearing her voice Sanskar got mesmerised and went near her and sat beside Her. On hearing some movement Ragini opened her eyes and was about to shout . Sanskar closed her mouth and switched on table lamp. The light was feeble but she could see his face.
Sanskar: Sorry I didn’t want to scare u. I just wanted to check whether ur fine or not.
Ragini: Oh Acp sir I know u are very well trained but that doesn’t mean u should do such stunts of climbing pipes u know.
Sanskar: Voh wait how do u know that I have climbed the pipe?
Ragini: Because I am Antaryami and I know face reading so.
Saying this she started to laugh .
Sanskar(to himself) I am so stupid anyone would have guessed that
Sanskar: That is a stupid question.Are u fine? U look weak.
Ragini: I am absolutely fine and u could have come with Laksh right through the main door
Sanskar: Vo I and he trailed off
Ragini with a smile on her face: Oh I got it . U never use main door right. I guess even to go to ur room u will climb pipe. It is ur fitness mantra right. Well u should Share this trick with everyone especially laksh bechara he always goes to gym to keep himself fit.
Sankar felt embarrassed
Ragini: Oho Acp sir I am joking vaise if u want to impress any girl u can use this trick.
Sanskar: So are u impressed
It was now ragini’s turn to blush. Sanskar felt very good on seeing this side of hers.
Sanskar: ok I should leave bye.
Saying this he got up and was about to leave when Ragini held his hand
Ragini: Not so fast Acp sir I need ur help.
Sanskrit: hmm ok but I have a condition friends
Ragini: aren’t we already?
Sanskar:then stop calling me acp sir
Ragini: No I will call u like this only I like it and u should not argue
Sanskar: ok baba now tell what u want?
Ragini: actually day after tomorrow is swara’s birthday and I am keeping a midnight party in the beach for her. So can u please come with me tomorrow to check out the arrangements.
Sanskar thought that this was the best chance to snoop around the beach.
Sanskar: :Okay I will come bye.
Ragini: bye
Sanskar walked away to the balcony but again come back and hugged Ragini. Though she was surprised she hugged him back. Though the dint talk verbally their eyes had talked a lot.
Sankar left and both of them had a peaceful sleep awing for a beautiful tomorrow

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