Tere Liye Episode 4

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Sanskar’s PoV
I saw her fainting in Laksh’s arms. I got angered by this and went to them and picked her up in my arms. As I took her I felt as if I have an unknown relationship with her I ran to the hospital and asked the doctor to treat her and waited for her recovery outside. I saw laksh and Swara coming towards him. Before I could ask them anything else I saw Swara going inside the doctors cabin and talking to the doctor. I asked Laksh
‘Who is she? How do I know her? Why was she shouting like that? What injection did Swara give her? Why did she faint? Tell me dammit’.

‘Sanskar relax . Please ask one question at a time. She is Ragini who lives in orphanage with me. U have killed sipomeone in front of her eyes anyone would get afraid.’
Somehow I was not satisfied by laksh’s answer but before I could question him more I saw Ragini gaining consciousness.
End of PoV

Laksh to himself ‘ Timegod he left I can’t tell him about ragini’s health. But I never saw Sanskar so much worried. Anyways I need to see Ragini .’

Ragini was slowly gaining consciousness . She saw Swara and gave her a small smile and hugged her tightly. It could be clearly seen that she was very much scared. Sanskar was unable to see her in this state and went near her and said ‘Are you alright?’ She nodded her head and looked at Laksh and hugged him.
‘Calm down ragu everything’s fine and I asked u not to come to Kali Badiarea right so what were u doing there?’ Said Laksh.
‘Lucky relax I had an important work there and will u not introduce me to ur friend’ she asked with a very cute face.
‘Okay baba he is sanskar. My head and best friend. Sanskar she is my very good friend.’
Ragini and Sankar shake their hands. Both felt happy on touching each other’s hands.
Suddenly Sanskar got a phone call from vipluv. ‘Ha vipluv. What! Ok I am coming lucky is also with me’.
‘Laksh our team has caught the goons we need to go’
‘Ok sanky Swara take care of Ragini.’
Sankar and laksh were about to go. Sankar turned back and said’Take care Ragini’ Ragini gave him a reassuring smile.

The screen freezes on sanskar’s tensed face and ragini’s smiling face.

(Note that Ragini got a cut on her neck due to knife and has a bandage)

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