Tere liye episode 3

Hi guys please tell me u want me to continue my ff or not so that I can think about the length of the past please comment as I am getting less comments.

‘Sanskar sorry to say Ragini is on coma.’
I was hell shocked. Tears started flowing from my eyes. But suddenly I started smiling. Of course it is a prank of Swara and Ragini both always used to play pranks on me. ‘ Swara u are joking right I know Ragini is fine waiting for me’ saying this I ran to her room and saw my angel sleeping on bed peacefully. I went and took her hand into mine. ‘Ragini stop this game I know u are all right please wake up and once take my name please Ragini .’ I started crying like a kid. I saw tears on her hand and immediately wiped my tears and again held her hand and said ‘Sorry Ragini for disturbing ur sleep I know u need rest. I will wait for u for my entire life but please wake up soon. ‘ I have to be strong and bring her out of coma’
Flashback: The story is set against the backdrop of Kolkata

Acp Sanskar Maheshwari: son of Rp and Sujatha. Is disowned by his father as he refused to take over the business. He always wanted to fight against injustice. He is head of alpha group.
Laksh Sareen: an orphan. Is the most trusted officer of sanskar and best friend of Ragini . Is the only person in the orphan who knows Ragini s health condition. Boyfriend of Swara .
Ragini Gagodia: is an orphan. Studying architecture in XYZ university.very fun girl and a big prankster. Hides her fears from everyone except Swara and Laksh.topper of college
Swara Shastri : studying medicine at XYZ college. Always helps Ragini in hiding her fears and manages situations.

Alpha team consists of Sanskrar, laksh , Abhishek , omi, aryan , viplav.
The team’s purpose is to catch Arjun Goud, underworld don of Kolkata. He has a son Rajat goud who is gangster in Mumbai. But no one in the police department knows about Rajat.
The scene starts with a few people running in the markets of Kolkata. Sanskar and his men are following them. They reach a bus stop and finally Sanskar manages to catch them and starts beating them black and blue.
Suddenly a girl starts shouting stop it.(note that sanskar and his team were wearing civil dress not police uniform). Sanskar turns and looks at her. And gets mesmerised and stops beating them. Taking this as an advantage the goon escapes and keeps a knife on that girl’s neck. Ragini someone shouted from beside (yes she is Swara )
‘Let me go or I will kill this girl.’

Sankar got angered by this and shot the goon on his forehead(awesome right). But suddenly Ragini fell on her knees and closed her eyes and started shouting like mad girl. Suddenly Sankar saw laksh going and hugging her. Sanskrar felt very angry on this but was disturbed as Ragini was still shouting and saw laksh trying to calm her. Then he saw Swara giving her an injection and she fell unconscious.

The screen stops on Ragini’s unconscious face and sanskars angry cum worried face.
Please tell me if u want me to end this ff

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  4. superb update dear
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    plz dont be disappointed if you arent getting comments because there are so many silent reader who just read
    hope you continue writing
    im curious to know
    wt happened with ragini that her health condition is like this

    1. Oh thank u so much about Ragini’s health it has a past to it but u will know it in present story after she gains consciousness. So u will have to wait for that

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