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(I am not good at describing fights so I will skip that)
Sanskar and rajat’s fight carries on for a long time. Both are wounded heavily. Sanskar finally overpowers Rajat and takes him to the hospital.
San: Doctor he is her brother please operate fastly
Doc:but sanskar he is weak if we operate now on him he may lose his life
San: I don’t care he will anyways die just save Ragini
Doc: ok but I think even u should get treated u are bleeding
San: no doc until Ragini’s operation gets successful I won’t get treated
Doctor sighs .
Sanskar goes to Ragini she was taking rest. On seeing him she gets up
He comes to her and hugs her.

Rag: what happened to u sanskar?
San: nothing much u should get ready for ur operation
Rag: but what about u? Even u should get treated u are not looking good
San(catches her hands and kisses them): don’t get worried about me I am perfectly fine. U just come out of the ot perfectly fine.
Rag: why?
San: because I want to get pampered by u from 1 month only u are getting pampered now it’s mine
Rag: acha ji
San: ha Jai vaise I am waiting for something else also
Rag: what?
San: our suhagraat

Rag: chi
San: what chi now come out fast ok
Rag: ok
Nurse comes and takes Ragini to the ot.
Sanskar was walking here and there being tensed. His condition was getting worse but he didn’t care. After a long time doctor comes out.
San: doc Ragini is alright na?
Doc: we have to keep her under observation.
San nodes. He goes to Rajat .rajat gains consciousness

San: today u saved my life so I am going to let u live in jail.
Rajat laughs hysterically.
Rajat: what did u think that I will help u and that b*t*h. Never. I have not helped u but I have destroyed u.

San(gets shocked he catches his collar):what do u mean? What u did?
Rajat laughs and doc comes inside.
Doc: sanskar something is wrong with Ragini come fast
Sankar rushes out and sees Ragini breathing heavily
San: Ragini relax what happened?
Doctor gives her injection.she goes to sleep.
Doc brings Sankar out
Doc: sanskar whose blood did we give Ragini ?
San: he is her brother

Doc: how is that possible? His blood worsened her condition.
Sanskar runs to rajat’s ward and shakes his collar
San: what have u done Rajat?
Rajat: did u really think I will try to make that Ragini fine?u know why I hate her. Because she is my step sister. U heard it right . She is not my blood .
Sanksar jets shocked he has never thought that Rajat is her step brother. He should have asked Ragini once .
San: doc what will happen now?
Doc: I am sorry sanskar. She has to be with life support system for her entire life.
San: means

Doc: she will be alive but she will be bed ridden for her entire life. She has to depend on machines for her survival.
Sanskar doesn’t understand whether he has to be happy or sad. Happy that Ragini will be alive or sad that she has to spend her life in this way.
He arrests Rajat and makes sure he gets lifelong jail. He finally gains courage and goes inside ragin’s cabin.
She had her eyes open. Her entire body was connected to a lot of machines. She looks at him with tears eyes. Sanskar’s heart gets weakened as he goes near her. He sits beside her.
Rag: I am sorry San I couldn’t fulfil ur wish

San: no Ragini it is my mistake it’s all m mistake
Rag: no Sankar it’s our fate will u please do one favour to me?
San: anything for u Ragini
Rag: please kill me sanskar
San(gets shocked): have u gone mad? I love u Ragini I cant even think to do this
Rag: u promised
San(cries bitterly): please don’t do this with me.. I can’t do this
Rag: please sanskar I can’t live my life like this .its really painful please help me to have a peaceful death . Please free me from this burden.please help me sanskar
She cries. Sanskar cries heavily he knows that he can’t kill her but he also knows that what she is asking is not wrong.
San(whispers): what about us?Rag: we are always together. We will be together for 7lives sanskar we will always be together.
San: yes but u have to promise me that u will also kill me

Rag(terrified):no sanskar u should live ur life u should live both our lives
San: no Ragini please . U are thinking about ur pain please think about my pain do u really think I can live without u? I can’t live with this burden of
killing u. Please take me away with u. Please
Ragini(closes her eyes in pain): sanskar what is happening with us? We didn’t even celebrate our suhaagraat.
San(smiles): so what Ragini. U only said na we will be together for 7 lives so in next life we will celebrate our suhagrat OK

They both laugh with tears eyes.
San: will u please call me act sir for the last time?
Rag: of course act sir.
San keeps his gun in ragini’s hand. They both come close and kiss each other . They keep kissing when she shoots him in his stomach while Sankar switches off the life supporting system. They both kiss each other and sleep. They go very far away from the world hand in hand getting ready to again come back for another life to fulfil their vows in another life to write a new love story.

Sorry for the sad ending guys. I actually so a movie’million dollar baby’ where the heroine is a boxer . She is a very good boxer but once in a competition the opponent cheats her and hits her on the back. She gets paralysed and has to spend her entire life based on a life supporting system. She requests her coach to kill her and free her from the pain.
I was really touched so I included it here please comment for the last time.

Credit to: Swati

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