Tere liye episode 20

Hi guys some of u are thinking that the story is similar to gharahana movie it’s not same guys as I have did many changes and added a different plot sorry if I disappointed u guys thanks for commenting .

Sanskar: Ragini

Yes its Ragini . She was looking very tired and was unable to stand properly but her face had a bright smile . A smile which she lost from many days . She stumbled and fell into sanskar’s lap. He was still looking at her with shocked eyes. He slowly took his hand and started tracing her face lightly. His fingers stopped at her lips which were looking pale. He slowly his lips close to her lips. Both lips were trembling. Finally their lips met. He was unable to believe that she was there with him. He kissed her softly not giving her any pain. He broke the kiss and looked at her with tears eyes. He hugs her
Sanskar: u came back Ragini u came back for me why were u so late Ragini?u know how much I missed u. Please don’t leave me again Ragini please
Ragini: I am sorry I left u. I am a very bad wife na
She cries . Sanskar cups her face.
San: no Ragini ur the best wife ok now stop crying.
He wipes her tears when he sees blood coming from her nose. Ragini’s breath also gets heavy.
He gets shocked and lifts her up and takes her to the hospital.
Doc: it’s good that she got out of coma. But we need bone marrow fastly
San: is it necessary that the person has to be alive for this
Doc: of course sanskar it is necessary
San nodes and goes into ragini’s room. Where she was sitting . She looks at him and hugs him
Ragini: will I die sanskar?
Sanskar: shut up Ragini nothing will happen like that . Ok
Ragini: sanskar I wanted to tell u that Rajat is my st
Sanskar: sh I know everything Ok u relax
He kisses her forehead and goes out. He gets a phone call
San: hello
Rajat: what happened acp?or should I say lover boy
San: shut up tell me where are u? I will kill u
Rajat: both of us know u can’t kill me as u need me come acp I am waiting for u at the bridge come alone
Sanskar cuts the call and tightens his fist.
They both reach the bridge and look at each other with disgust.
Sanskar: how could u do this with ur own sister?
Rajat: she was never my sister. She was only my fathers beloved daughter. And moreover her phobias oh god
Sanskar: but why she has them.
Rajat: because of my father and me. U see papa was a big gangster one day when I papa and ragini’s mother where going to temple opposite gang members attacked us and killed her mother. From that day Ragini was scared of blood. And I was always there to increase her fear. I used to hurt her always and not allow her to clean her wounds. I used to torture her so much that her madness reached peaks.
Sanskar: how dare u do such a thing with her. Chi
Rajat: I don’t need ur character certificate mr.sanskar so let’s start our fight I want to kill u soon
Sanskar: don’t worry the feeling is mutual
They both see each other and get ready to fight.

One last episode is left please comment

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  1. superb y u ending this ff so soon or comeback with another ragsan ff

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    Dont kill any one

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    Ragini is back
    Awesome Superb
    That is disgusting
    Waiting for the next one……….

  5. How cruel step brother..

  6. amazing part, don’t end this yar

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  11. Nice part…rajat is jst disgusting

  12. One ep left but y i loved ur ff
    And i love rags

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