Tere liye episode 2

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Sanskar I heard her voice. I immediately ran to the room followed by Swara and others. I could see Ragini shivering because of blood which was there on her hands and dress. I hugged and tried to calm her but her shouts were increasing . Then Swara with help of others injected her and slowly she fell asleep. My heart broke into million pieces . She had to undergo all these difficulties because of me. I knew that someone betrayed us and I have to find them them fast but first I need to ensure Ragini safety. Her condition was very bad and she was not gaining consciousness.

As I sat on the hospital corridor waiting for news about Ragini I got an unknown call. I knew who it was an I picked it up. ‘Hey Romeo atlast found ur Juliet’. ‘Just shut up u jerk’ I shouted on the phone. ‘Relax Sanskar but I must say ur Ragini is very lucky if u had been 2 hours late she would have been sold for a very high price mind u after all she is such a heavenly beauty’ ‘I will kill u Rajat I will kill u damn it’
‘Control ur anger and take care of ur mad wife I will be coming for her very soon ‘
My anger knew no bounds. As I was in my thoughts I saw Swara coming out of the ot ‘Swara how is she? Is she fine ? Can I meet her? ‘
I looked at her with a lot of curiosity. ‘Sankar sorry to say Ragini is in coma’.

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