Tere liye episode 19


Hi guys sorry for the abrupt ending of yesterday’s episode. Thanks for ur comments. The ff is going to end soon so please comment.

Ragsan reach the farmhouse. It was looking beautiful with attached swimming pool.
Ragini: acp sir u take rest I will cook some food.
Ragini leaves to the kitchen. She is preparing dough when she feels a pair of hands on hers.
Ragini: sanskar what are u doing?
San: I am here to spend time with u not to make u work.
He helps her in working. Both feed each other lovingly.
Sanskar: now we have completed our dinner so
Rag: so
San: so let’s do some excercise
Rag: what!exercise
San: yeah what did u think?
Rag: I nothing else ok now tell what exercise?
San: this

He lifts her up and throws her in the swimming pool and jumps into the pool
Rag: what have u done? I will not leave u
They both fight with each other when Sanskar grabs her wet waist and pulls her toward him. He touches her face sensuously and wipes the water on her face. Some water droplets are left on her lips. Ragini’s lips start trembling. Sanskar grabs her more tightly and keeps his lips on her lips.
He starts kissing her more pasionately and sucking her lips. His hands go to the back and removes the blouse dori. Ragini gets shy and hugs him tightly.
San: Ragini get changed into ur wedding dress I want to make u mine today just mine
Ragini simply nods and comes out of the swimming pool and runs to her room. Sanskar also gets changed and goes to the music system.
Ragini comes behind him.
Ragini: sanskar
He turns back to see her in her bridal dress.
San: won’t u ask me why I asked u to wear ur bridal dress.
Rag: why?
San: because when I saw u in this dress I got all naughty ideas. So I want to fulfill my dreams.
Rag: chi acp sir
San smiles and plays tum hi ho.
They both dance romantically . Sanskar again kisses her on her lips. He sucks them very hardly.
Rag: ouch sanskar
San: sorry
He again kisses her lips softly.
Rag: ab bas bhi karo na how many times will u kiss me?
San: what this is just trailer. U have no idea how many times I will kiss u today.
Rag: how many times?
San: min 1 thousand
Rag: bas I thought u will say 1 lakh
San: as ur wish wifi but for that I have to kiss u from now only
He again grabs her and kisses her. They both part after some time and breath heavily

He again kisses her 3 times.
He again comes close to her when she pushes him away. She runs while he runs back of her to catch her.
Rag: catch me acp sir.
She clashes with someone and falls back when sanskar catches her.
San: Ragini are u ok?
Rag nodes her head. Both look at each other and then look at the source. Sanskar gets shocked. He immediately takes gun out of the pocket and shoots Rajat. But nothing happens.
Rajat: what happened acp? No bullets don’t use more brain I will tell u how

When everyone is busy with the wedding one of the waiters goes to sanskar’s room and takes the bullets away. He places a tracker on the pistol with the help of which he could trace sanskAr.
Flashback ends
Rajat: so what will u do now acp? How will u save ur love
San: please kill me leave her.
Rajat: na but I will hurt u.
He shoots sanskar’s legs.
Rag: sanskar
She runs towards him
Rag: are u ok? Sanskar. Please don’t hurt me kill me if u want please leave him.
Rajat : oh shut up I won’t leave u and ur husband . Ur husband will die for sure but not now. He will die eventually. But u u will face something more worse than death. It’s my promise.
He catches her hand and drags her away from sanskar
Ragini: sanskar
Sankar: Ragini
He tries to reach her . He slowly stands up and drags his feet.
Sanskar: leave her
He stumbles but manages to walk.

Rajat looks back at him and pushes him out. Sanskar falls in the pool and gets unconscious.
Sanskar reaches home and goes to ragini’s room. He gets tensed when he doesn’t see her on bed.
Sanskar: Ragini
He gets tensed and starts crying sitting on the floor when he feels someone’s hand on his shoulders. He turns back and gets shocked seeing the person.

The episode ends on his shocked face

Credit to: Swati

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