Tere Liye Episode 18

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A new morning. Everyone were busy with the preparations. Ragini was wearing pink lehenga and sanskar was wearing white and red sherwani. He was looking at the mirror and was getting ready. He was looking at the mirror and smiling sleepishly at himself. His eyes went to the gun on his dressing table. He was debating with himself whether to take the gun down to the mandap or not. He knew that if he would take the gun with him Ragini would feel bad but if he didn’t take he would get restless. His thoughts were disturbed by the sounds of anklet. He looked up through the mirror and saw his Angel,his Ragini . She was looking like a fairy who came to the world to brighten his life.
He was about to turn back when Ragini said’ no sanskar’.

She came to him and hugged him from back.
Ragini: u are not supposed to see the bride before marriage
San: hmm but I am seeing my bride now
Rag: u are not seeing me directly right some cheating is allowed
San laughs and takes her hands and kisses it.

San: anyways what are u doing here
Rag: voh I knew u would be confused about bringing ur gun or not. So I wanted to tell u that even if u bring gun I won’t feel bad. But I know that u are enough for me. U don’t need this gun to protect me.
Sankar turns back and hugs her. Both feel each other and smile.

Half an hour later all rituals start . Sanskar and Ragini get married. All congratulate them. They take pictures and spend some happy moments.
Laksh: we have to leave but we have a surprise for u.
Vipluv: yeah u know I have a farmhouse far away from here where u both can spend some time together.
Sanskar: no Ragini will immediately leave for Delhi
Laksh: but Sanskar
Sansakr: no I can’t take any risk
Vipluv: it may take months to find Rajat spend some time together sanskar who knows again after how many days u will see her?

Sansakr sighs and looks at his wife. She was standing there with tears eyes. Of course he also wants to spend some time with her but he couldn’t risk it. She looks at him and gives him a reassuring smile. His heart melts . He knows he is wrong but he forgets everything and gets ready to go to the farmhouse. Laksh and Swara dress up as Ragsan and leave the place to distract Rajat. Ragini changes into red saree while Sanskar changes into a white shirt .

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Credit to: Swati


  1. Sonya

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    superb update dear
    as always ragsan r awesome
    ragsan got married in this episode
    then how did rajat reach them

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