Tere Liye Episode 17

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Ragini: where is he?
Laksh: who Ragini ?
Ragini(laughs ):who? U know Laksh problem with u is u always underestimate me. What did u think? U will make a statement in the press and I will take a wrong step in anger. I knew u wanted me to kidnap ur sister. I am ahead of u in every move. Where is he Lakshm? Where is my dad?
Laksh: ur dad is dead Ragini.
Ragini: shut up just shut up
She starts shouting in anger . Laksh gets shocked seeing her state. He tries to stand up but fails.

Laksh(struggling):Ragini relax what happened? Ragini please relax. Please
Ragini falls down on her knees and comes near laksh she sits near him and keeps her forehead on his forehead.
Ragini: he is not dead Laksh. He is alive . I have seen him. Many times he had escaped the prison and came to meet me laksh. But he couldn’t stay. He just couldnt tell me where the prison was? But he told me that u would know the place where he is? Please laksh tell me.
She starts sobbing. Laksh was slowly understanding what was happening. Sankar comes in and takes Ragini with him while Ragini continues to shout where is he?

Raglak are in the music room practicing. Ragini was still annoyed with him while he was irritating her. He sits near the piano and starts plying loud irritating noise.
Ragini( frustrated): offo what are u doing? If u don’t know how to play piano u can ask me na. I will teach u
Laksh: sachi then come na please teach me
She keeps irritated expression on her face and comes to the piano
Ragini: get up and let me play
Laksh shakes his head
Rag: if u don’t get up how will I play?

Laksh: like this
He pulls her and she falls on his lap. Ragini looks at him and gets shy . She turns around while laksh removes her hair and keeps it on one side and keeps his head on her shoulder. He inhales her scent sharply and kisses her hair. He traces his fingers along her shoulders and finally rests them on her hands. He takes them and kisses. Ragini closes her eyes . He then takes her hands and plays the piano. Both get lost in eachother.

Laksh returns home happily reminiscing about his love’s memories. He senses some moment behind him and turns back.
Laksh: papa u here. What happened?
Dp: I am sorry Laksh I couldn’t understand ur love for Ragini . But now I realised how much u love her.
Laksh: thank u so much papa
He hugs him.
Dp: have u confessed ur feelings for her yet?

Laksh: no dad
Dp: then u should do it fast beta. I have booked a resort on ur name tomorrow evening. I want u to propose my Bahu there.
Laksh: but papa what is the need for all that
Do: need is there beta. I did a mistake by not understanding u. I just want to rectify my mistake
Laksh: thank u so much papa for understanding me.
He hugs his dad.
Dp(to himself):After tomorrow both father and daughter will spend their entire life in jail and my son will be free of this madness.
Laksh(to himself): why I am feeling like something is wrong? God please make everything fine.

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  5. I think it’s raglak humtum, nice part

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  7. it’s not title of tere liye it’s aur pyaar hogaya

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    It is Raglak hum tum ri8
    Awesome Superb
    Raglak scenes were Nice
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