Tere Liye Episode 16

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Sanskar: are u sure
Raghav: yes I still remember that day.

Raghav and dp were running behind a man and 2children(1 girl and 1 boy). They were running behind a train.
Dp: Arjun stop or I will shoot
But they don’t stop . Do shoots arjun’s leg. Blood starts coming out but still he manages to climb the train.
Boy runs but the girl stops seeing the blood
Arjun(covers the blood):Ragini come beta nothing to worry come fast beta
The girl starts running towards her papa.
The boy and girl start running and extend their tiny hands for Arjun to catch. Arjun and the children knew that only one child could be saved. He extends his hand towards Ragini and tries to pull her. The boy gets angry. He pushes the girl and catches his father’s hands and climbs the train. The girl falls and she criesPapa Papa and faints.
The train moves ahead. Dp moves ahead and takes little Ragini in his arms and rushes to hospital. The doctor dresses her wounds while she gains consciousness. She looks around and bends her face. Dp goes to her.

Dp: hi beta are u fine?
She nods her head and again bends her head.
Dp: won’t u ask me where ur brother and father are there?
Ragini : I know they left me. Bhai always used to tell me that he will take daddy away from me.
She keeps her head down and starts tearing. She lifts her head when she sees a small hand
Laksh: will u be my friend?
Ragini shakes her head negatively.
Laksh: will u be my sister?
Ragini: will u also scare me like my bhai?
Laksh: no I will treat u like a princess
Ragini: means like my papa. He also calls me princess.
Laksh nodes his head and they both hug
Dp and Raghav see their bond and smile
Raghav: are u sure about this . I mean she has gangsters blood in her veins
Dp: so what? She is still a child. But make sure that this stays between us.
Raghav nodes his head.
Flashback ends.
Raghav: from that day she became a part of their family.
Sanskar: did she have any health issues
Raghav: yes she used to get scared on seeing blood etc. We never asked her about her past. Dp used to take her to a counsellor. She became fine. But later dp died and we were forced to send them away from the city.
Sanskar: thank u uncle
He turns around to leave
Raghav: sanskar beta is she ok? A month back one of our colleagues came here to ask about her whereabouts.
Sanskar: who is he ? Did u give any info
Raghav: his name is pratap.well I didn’t tell him anything but I found one of ragini’s photos missing from my house.
Sanskar: ragini’s photo?
Raghav: yeah I was in touch with both of them.i used to go to meet them. So I had their photos
Sanskar left from there and went to meet pratap.
Sanskar beat him
Sanskar: Whom did u give the info to?
Pratap: a month ago some people came here to ask about her. When I refused they threatened to kill my dear ones I had no option.
Sanskar took a photo from his pocket .(rajat’s )
Sanskar: was he one of them?
Pratap: yeah he was the leader. He was really not happy about trying to find her. I often heard him complain about how he had to waste his,life trying to search for her.
Sanskar leaves him and walks back to his car. It was evident that Rajat hated his sister but to what extent.

Sanskar took a glass of milk and went to ragini’s room. She was sitting on the bed thinking something deeply.
San: hey u ok
Rag: yeah I am fine what about u?
San: hmm fine have it it will give u strength
Rag : yeah what do u want to tell me?
San: how do u know I wanted to tell u something?
Rag: well sometimes silence speaks more words u know
He hugs her
Sanskar: I don’t want to lose u. I want u to go to Delhi for a few days . U will be safe there until I get that goon .
Ragini: marry me sanskar
San: but Ragini
Rag: sh if something happens to me I want to die as Mrs sanskar maheshwari. Please I will go wherever u want but with ur name. Will u marry me?
Sanskar gets teary eyed and hugs her
San: I love u if this is ur wish then I will fulfill it.lets get married tomorrow .

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