Tere Liye Episode 15

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Ragsan were busy in their wedding preparations. They used to fight over all little things. But all fights used to end with sanskar pleading Ragini and Ragini irritating him with her requests. After one such hectic day ragsan were sitting on the terrace. Ragini was sleeping on his shoulder
Sankar: kehte hai in love people lose their sense but I am losing all my organs.
Rag: par kyu?
San: dekho na from morning I am roaming behind u my legs are getting damaged. By listening to ur talks my ears and now my shoulder is bearing ur weight also.
Ragini gets angry and sits .
San: oh and something else is also paining
Rag: what else(angrily)
San: my eyes I am not able to close my eyes for a second also because of ur beauty
Rag shoes and turns opp side her back was facing him
He removes her hairs from back and kisses her back
Rag: sanskar
He ignores her and continues to kiss her back . Rag turns back and both fall on the ground.
San: oho u are too fast Ragini
Rag: shut up

They both look at each other and smile. Ragini keeps hier head on his chest and hugs him tightly . Both sleep peacefully.
Next day sanskar starts searching for Ragini in the entire house. He finally finds her in his bedroom.
Rag: ur room is so untidy. Uff
San: that’s why I am going to marry u.
Rag: oh how mean. Ok u get ready we have to go to
San: actually Ragini I have to go out of station for two days
(Continuation in episode 11)
San leaves for Delhi. Ragini ,Swara and sanskar’s team is staying together to help Ragini and to protect her.
One day after sanskar leaves. Swalak went for a date while vipluv and Abhi were in the headquarters omi went out to get food. Ragini was talking to sanskar in phone
Rag: I am feeling so bored without u.
San: ha I completed my work I am on my way I will be there in two three hours
Rag: really
Suddenly current goes off
Rag shouts getting scared
San: what happened Ragini are u ok?
Rag: current is gone sanskar
San: what!
Rag: yeah (she sees some people entering the maindoor )sanskar someone is coming in they are having guns
San: what? Ragini u don’t panic u go and hide
Ragini runs and hides herself.
Sanskar immediately calls all and speeds the car.
San: Ragini everyone are coming soon nothing will happen
Rag: San they are searching everywhere what if they reach me before u?
San: shhh nothing will happen I will not let anything happen to u
Sankar rushes home and opens the door to see a dead body on the floor. He sees around when someone hugs him tightly
San: Ragini are u ok
Rag: he died he died San
Rag: who?
Rag: omi
Sanskar: how
Rag: they were pulling me out when omi came alone . That were all wearing masks . One of the person shoot omi sanskar. He died in front of me. He died
She cries miserably and faints

sanskar carries her up and makes her sleep . He goes down and cries seeing omi. He gets a call.
Rajat: it’s nice to hear u cry
San: how dare u
Rajat: relax acp vaise are u wondering why I left ur love alone.well because I wanted to show u only a trailer. I will take Ragini with me I front of ur eyes and u won’t be able to do anything. Don’t finish ur tears u will need them more.

Sanskar: Lakshm I am leaving to Mumbai u please take care of Ragini.
Laksh: don’t worry here is the list of my father’s friends and colleagues all the best.
Sankar leaves to Mumbai. He asks many members but doesn’t find anything. At last he comes to the house of Raghav laksh’s dad’s best friend.
Raghav: yes I know Ragini.
Sankar: do u know anything related to her family.
Raghav: yes I have her father’s photo. He was a wanted criminal. We could never catch him. I always used to keep photos of criminals whom we couldn’t catch.
Raghav brings the photo and gives him
Sankar turns the photo around and gets shocked.
Sankar: Ragini is daughter of Arjun goud !!!!!!!

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    oh my god
    that mean rajat n ragini r sibling
    is rajat aware of that
    now will sanskaar take rajat’s help for saving ragini
    but why were she bought up in orphanage n how laksh’s father got her ?
    were she abandon ?

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