Tere Liye Episode 14

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Sanskar (catches ragini’s face):I won’t let anything happen to you.u are my angel ok so u stop getting scared.
Laksh calls sanskar ‘we came sansakr we are waiting for u outside.
Sanskar goes to the back door and opens it and his team enters.
Vipluv: Bhabhi u don’t worry for ur honeymoon we will send u so far that even we won’t be able to disturb u.
Ragini smiles through her tears
Sanskar thanks vipluv for making her smile through his eyes . Vipluv nodes at him reassuringly.
Sankar: omi u take Ragini and with Swara keep yeah min police headquarters
Ragini: no acp sir I won’t leave u I will also come with u
Sanskar: don’t act mad please ragini
She nodes and sanskar accompanies her to the back door. He holds her hand and takes her into a bone crushing hug and kisses her forehead.
Sanskar: please give me a smile na
Ragini smiles at him sweetly
Sanskar: haiii
Omi: bhair if ur romance is over I think u have an important work to do
Ragsan gets embarrassed and leave.
Sanskar goes inside and all start moving towards the main door . He signals them and opens the door and all come out. Rajat and his team get startled. Soon everyone start shooting each other. Sanskar’s team overpowers rajat’s gang. They start to treat while sanskar’s team follows them. They reach a construction site . Rajat runs in one direction while his gang runs in an opposite direction.so snaskar goes after Rajat . He runs behind him and stops when he stops on seeing him stop.
Sanskar: who are u? Why were u following us? Anyways now u can’t escape
Rajat: relax acp sanskar or should I call u acp sir like ur beloved what’s her name ha Ragini.
Sanskar: don’t u dare to take her name
Rajat: oh love I see u are here not because u caught me acp. U are here because I made u come here
Sanskar? But why what u want?
Rajat: to avenge my father’s dead. My father whom ur team has killed mercilessly
Sanskar: ur father? Is Arjun goud ur father?
Rajat: yes he is. I Rajat goud summoned u here to tell u to get ready to lose all ur dear ones first ur team then ur love Ragini
San: hoe dare u?

He comes forward but slips and falls down from the floor. He catches some wires and hangs there. Rajat comes there
Rajat: take care sanskar I will see u soon on the funeral of ur love.
Laksh comes there and gives hand and pulls him up.
Laksh: sanskar what happened ? Who is he?
Sanskar: laksh I will tell u in route first we should reach there before he hurts Ragini .
Everyone rush to the headquarters.
San: omi where is Ragini?
Swara: Vohra she was tired so she slept
San: did she have her food?
Swara shakes her head negatively.
He takes a plate of food and goes inside and sits on her bed. As soon as he sits Ragini wakes up
Rag: u came back act sir
San: but how did u know?
Ragini: just like that
San: ok now have ur food
They both feed each other lovingly and wipe each other’s mouth
Rag: vaise acp sir who was that?
San: offo u don’t worry but ha from tomorrow don’t go anywhere without informing me.
Rag: until now marriage is not over from only started ruling me not fair
San: no Ragini it’s not like that it’s j
Rag: I am joking baba I won’t go anywhere without telling u I promise
San: thanks for promising Mrs acp sir
Rag: what!
San: ha if I am acp sir then u will be Mrs acp sir
Rag: sanskar
San: acha baba I am joking
They both laugh and sleep in each other’s embrace

San: what happened doctor? Why have u called me suddenly?
Doctor: Sanskar their is a very big problem ragini’s organs are getting infected we need bone marrow of her realtives(just my imagination). As only their marrow can match her. If it will be her parents or siblings it will be more helpful
San: but doctor she is an orphan
Doc: what! Then u have to find atleast one relative then only we will be able to save her
San: u don’t worry doc I will search the whole world and will find the person
San(to himself):now I should know about ragini’s past before it’s too late.

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