Tere liye episode 13

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Flashback :
Ragini looks at sanskar’s face. When he was about to say something more she kisse him on his lips. Sanskar gets shocked but reciprocates . They both start kissing passionately. When Ragini was about to pull out Sankar grabs her and continues to kiss her more.

Ragini: Sanskar leave me
Sankar: never
He kisses her one last time and leaves her. Ragini comes out and rubs her lips cutely
Sanskar(smiles): what happened is it paining?
Ragini nodes her head
Sanskar(naughtily):if u want I will take away ur pain
Ragini: how
Sanskar: by keeping my lips on ur lips I will transfer ur pain to me what say?
Ragini hits him
Sankar: ouch
Ragini gets tensed and keeps her hand on his shoulder
Ragini: are u ok?
Sankar nodes his head painfully and hugs her. She also hugs him.
Laksh and Swara enter at that time.
Laksh: so finally u accepted Ragini finally ur plan succeeded
Swara and sanskar hit their head while Ragini looks at them angrily.
Sanskar was about to say something when he feels dizzy and faints. Everyone get shocked and Laksh rushes to get doctor
Doctor operates Sanskar while all wait outside for him
Ragini: Laksh u told it was a plan na then what happened to sanskar.
Laksh: yes Ragini I asked sanskar to use fake blood but he was adamant on getting himself hurt. He wanted everything to be real so that u don’t doubt urself again.
Ragini gets tears eyed. Doctor comes out.
Doctor: no worries he is fine he is asleep now. We will discharge him by tomorrow.

Next day:
Sanskar gets discharged. Laksh helps sanskar in walking. Ragini walks in front of them.
Sanskar: all arrangements are done na
Laksh: ha sanskar just wait and watch
Ragini opens sanskar’s room door and switches on the light and gets shocked.
The room is filled with ragini’s photos and balloons. In the middle there is a question
Sanskar: will u marry me?
Ragini turns back to see sanskar on his knees with a ring in his hand.
Sanskar: I know Ragini it is too early to ask this question but what to do it is just too difficult to imagine my life without u. So miss Ragini will u become Mrs sanskar Maheshwari and will u call me as a person sir for ur entire life?
Ragini smiles and nodes her head. Sanskrit shouts yippee and lifts Ragini and spins her .
Ragini: Sankar put me down u are hurt
He puts her down and pulls her towards himself and kisses her forehead. They both smile.
Someone takes a photo of them both and burns it in fire.

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved it a lot ?????
    The way he proposed to marry her
    Waiting for the next one………

  5. oh this 2part went so beautiful but again this rajat from next part.

  6. Nice epi swati

  7. chap was really nice. A mystery stry!!!!

  8. Wonderful dear.plz dont end this soon

  9. Awesome

  10. Sonya

    the episode was superb
    full with cuteness
    loved the way sanskaar propose ragini n how swalak helped him
    now who is the villan

  11. Awesome.plzz don’t end it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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