Tere liye episode 13 (2)

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Doctor comes and checks her. Everyone are waiting for the doctor. Atlast the comes out . Sankar goes to him
Sanskar: Doctor what happened is she ok?
Doctor: good news is she started responding to our medicines .but
Sankar: but what doctor?
Doctor: the wound she got on her head is very deep. It is effecting her nervous system and brain . We don’t know to what extent we can protect her.
Sankar: what will be the effects?
Doctor: she may get paralysed or impaired. She may also lose her mental balance or have memory loss. She needs to recover fast mr. Sanskar otherwise the damages will be high.
Sanskar(totally broken):can I do something doctor?
Doctor: yes I was thinking that we should shift her to ur house. Spend more time with her. Compel her to come out of coma. Only u can do this.
SanskAr: yes doc
Doctor leaves. Sanskar goes to Ragini
Sanskar: did u hear what doctor said I can take u home we are going to our home Ragini where we have promised to be together till we reach eternity.no one will separate us now.
He hold her hand and cries while tears skip from ragini’s eyes.
Ragini: Offo cap sir where are u taking me? I have to go to college.
Sankar: no u will spend all ur 24hrs only with me
Ragini: but u don’t know my principal he is a khadoos he will scold me
Sankar: ah who will scold my bacha? U tell me his name I will send him to jail for entire life
Ragini: oho misusing ur powers and punishing innocent people what is this acp sir.
Sankar: What to do?i have lost my self in ur love
Ragini: now stop this and tell me where are we going?
SanskR: u will come to know? U tie this cloth on ur eyes.
Ragini nodes and ties. He then lifts her in a bridal style and takes her somewhere and opens her cloth. Ragini sees a beautiful house there
Ragini: wow sanskar it is so beautiful but whose is this house?
Ragini: ragsan? The name is so weird. Is it a boy or a girl?
Sanskar: none
Ragini? What the person is a gay?
Sanskar hits his head and folds his hand
Sanskar: meri ma I am sorry ragsan means Ragini+sanskar
Ragini: oho but those are our names na
Sankar: wow u are so intelligent
Ragini/ sanskar
Sankar: acha baba yes it is our names as it is our house I thought it will be perfect for us both did u like it?
RAgini: like it I loved it thank u so much
She is about to enter when he stops her
He: ruko Ragini
He brings a cement plate
He:I want our both footprints to last forever
They both keep their first step on that and go inside. Sanskar takes it out and keeps it outside to dry it
She: what is the use of five bedrooms acp sir?
He: well one will be our room(she gets shy he winks at her) two rooms for our children one for their stay and another for their play. One for guests
She: what is the other one?
He: that is for me if u get angry and kick me out of our room and then I can sleep here as sleeping in hall is not my cup of tea.
She: sanskar jao I won’t talk to u
She starts leaving when he holds her and keeps hands on his ears
He: sorry please call me acp sir na
She(laughs): u will not change
They both keep talking and discussing things when sanskar’s attention goes to a car parked outside the house. He gets suspicious and slowly peeps through another window and sees two auto filled with people with guns.
He immediately closes all doors and windows and calls laksh.
Sanskar: Lakshm listen to me there are some people outside my house. U bring our team from back door of my house yeah Ragini is also with me.
Ragini: sanskar I am getting scared
Sanskar cups her face and says trust me Ragini nothing will happen to u
He. Kisses her forehead and takes his gun out and gets ready.
The episode ends on sanskar’s determined face and ragini’s scared face

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