Tere liye episode 12


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Ragini was discharged. It’s been 1 week since sanskar’s proposal . Ragini didn’t meet him in this week . She confined herself to her room. Sanskar tried to meet her but she didn’t allow him.
Sanskar: what yaar lucky when will u help me implement the plan? After 60 years
Laksh: not a bad plan sanskar but don’t u think 60yrs is a bit too early what about after 75yrs?
Sanskrit: yeah 75 yrs tab tak I will kill u also to ruk I won’t leave u
He starts running behind laksh
Swara: offo guys stop it we should unite ragsan not fight among ourselves. Sankar I think we should implement our plan tomorrow as tomorrow is laksh’s birthday we can bring her out easily.
Laksh: nice plan vaise birthday is mine but ur going to get the gift.

That night Sankar climbs the pipe and enters ragini’s room . He sees her sleeping peacefully.
Sankar goes to her and catches her hand.and keeps looking at her lovingly. He kisses her forehead.
Sanskar: u are so beautiful Ragini. I am unable to control myself. But I am sure u will confess ur feelings to me tomorrow. From then no one will separate us I promise I will keep u as a queen queen of my heart.
Sankar gets emotional and a tear drop falls on ragini’s hand. Ragini’s sleep gets disturbed and she opens her eyes slightly and sees him. She gets shocked and closes her eyes and again opens them. But doesn’t see anyone as sanskar hides himself.
Ragini: calm yourself Ragini he is not here it’s just your imagination. She opens a drawer and takes a frame of sanskar’s photo
Sankar got shocked.ragini hugged the photo and cried.
Ragini:I am sorry Sankar I know u are hurt. But trust me this is better for both of us. I know u will never feel me as a burden but I can’t let u spoil ur life for me. Ur happiness matters a lot to me even if it means I should stay away from u. I don’t know I will be able to tell u this or not but I love u and will always this
Ragini cries for some time and sleeps.
Sanskar wipes her tear kisses her hands and leaves.
Next day:
Swara: come on Ragu it is his birthday I need ur help to select a gift for him.
Ragini: sorry Swara I am not feeling like coming
Swara: please
She keeps a puppy face.
Ragini shakes her head and gets ready.
Swara(in phone) : we are on our way
Swara and Ragini go to a shop and buy gifts for Laksh. They come out and Swara leaves saying that she has an important work.
Ragini starts walking alone . She gets scared when someone keeps a hand on her shoulder . She turns and gets shocked seeing sanskar full of hurts filled with blood. He is about to faint when she catches him. She calls a taxi and makes him rest on her lap
Ragini: sanskar what happened to u? I won’t let anything to u . Please stay with me. I can’t live without u. I love u Sanskar I love u so much.
Her dress and hands are filled with blood but she doesn’t care . All her attention is only on sanskar.
She takes him to a hospital and makes him lay on a bed. She is about to leave for calling a doctor when he holds her hand.
She turns back and gets shocked seeing him awake and hugs him tightly
Ragini: sanskar are u ok? I was so scared that u will leave me
Sankar: but why Ragini? U don’t love me right?
Ragini realises her position and comes out of the hug. She looks at him
Ragini: I love u Sanskar I love u so much but I
Sankar: I know Ragini but have u noticed that I am filled with blood not only me even u are but still u didn’t notice it ur attention was only on me. U were afraid that u may not be able to take care of me right .u were afraid that u will leave me and go. But u didn’t ur fear didn’t come in the way of ur love ragini please listen to me let my love be the medicine for ur love please.

The episode freezes on sanskar’s pleading face and ragini’s crying face

Credit to: Swati

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  1. Yaar l read ur ff today in one go. Got updates from epi 5 . So could you provide link from 1-4 epi as l m confused in somethings. ??

    1. Sorry I don’t know how to give links to previous episodes sorry

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  7. awe this story is really touchy

  8. Lila

    Very nice but I’m confused… in previous ep…Ragsan were going to get married in few days and nw they’re saying I luv u… what’s happening???

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Really loved it
    Ragini’s care towards Sanskar Awesome
    Waiting for the next one……..

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