Tere liye episode 11


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1 month passed. Ragini was still in coma. Sankar was becoming more crazy as days passed. He was trying his best to bring Ragini out of coma. But she was not responding. He was trying his best to find out who leaked the info about ragini’s health condition . There were many things which were unexplained. Somehow he felt all these things had a connection with ragini’s childhood and Rajat. Laksh was not in good terms with him as Laksh felt that he was responsible for ragini’s condition. He remembered the past when Laksh told him how laksh’s father brought Ragini when she was a kid. He decided to trace laksh’s father’s colleagues.

Before leaving to Mumbai he goes to meet Ragini. He sits beside her and catches her hand.
Sanskar: I am sorry Ragini.i have to leave u for a few days . But I promise I will be back soon. Please take care of urself. I want the same send off gift
which u gave me when I went out of station for a few days . U will give me right?

Saying this he looked at her and went into flashback.

Ragini: what is this sanskar? How can u leave ne and go for 2days?
Sanskar: oho from acp sir to sanskar. I dint know my Ragini will become so much angry on me that she will call me by my name.
Ragini:yes I am angry. Our marriage is in 1 week and u are least bothered. U see I will also leave u and go immediate after marriage.

He gets angry and grabs her shoulders .

Sankar: how dare u ? How can u even think like that? I will die if something like this happens. If u want me to die then u can go.

Ragini: no sanskar.please don’t tell like that.i was just joking. And even if I leave I know that u will come after me. U won’t leave me so easily haina acp sir?
Sanskar’s anger disappears when he hears acp sir from Ragini. He pulls her more closer

Sankar: I will never allow u to be away from me. Wherever u will be there I will find u samjhi.
Ragini: ji samjh gai
Sanskar: vaise I want a send oh gift. What will u give me?
Ragini: what do u want?
Sanskar: kiss
Ragini: miss haina
Sanskar: what miss?
Ragini: vahi acp sir kissmiss(it is a dry fruit). I will give u now only
Sankar: acha playing games with me ha. No worries u give what u want I will take what I want.
Sanskar pulls her more closely and inhales her scent. He kisses softly on her shoulder and then starts kissing her neck . He slowly cups her face and bites her cheeks
Ragini: ouch sanskar why did u do this?
Sankar: for being too cheesy
He then kisses her cheeks and comes close to her lips. As he is about to kiss her, the room door opens
Swara: Ragini u know (she then sees them) oh know sorry Laksh I think we came on wrong time
Laksh: get a room guys
Sanskar: we are in a room . It is u people who came barging into our room.
Ragini hits sanskar with her elbow.
Laksh: wah Sanskar u are caught red handed but still u have no fear.
Sanskar hugs Ragini sideways and says’jab pyaar kya toh darna kya ‘
End of flashback
Sanskar:who knew that what u told that day would come true. Ragini tough u are not able to give me a send off gift please give me a return gift. By the time I come back please wake up. U will come out of coma na for me please Ragini..
Saying this he catches her hand and cries. Ragini’s hand tightens its grip on sanskar’s hand. He gets shocked and looks up.
‘Doctor’ he shouts

Credit to: Swati

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