Tere liye episode 1

Hi guys thanks for ur replies. I will make it ragsan please raglak fans don feel bad I started another ff on raglak Jeene ki Wajah please support both my ffs Thanks

‘Ragini please wake up look ur Sanskar has come please wake up’ saying this I hugged her. As my hand up to her hair I felt something wet I was shocked to see blood only then I observed my surroundings it was filled with blood. Now I understood why Ragini fainted She has haemophobia (afraid of blood) I immediately lifted her up and took her in my car to hospital. Never in my life I was so scared. Ragini’s hands were totally bruised.

I wanted to kill myself for not being able tipo find her. As I was walking in the hospital worried for her my team came there. My team has 6members in it. My best friend laksh,Abhishek,omi,aryan,viplav and me.
I could see that laksh was shot in his thigh. All others were bruised but otherwise looked fine. Swara wife of laksh came out of raginis room(she is doctor) she immediately rushed to laksh and took him for dressing his wound. I could see other doctors still treating Ragini.
Viplav came to me and said that he had to talk to me. Though I was not interested I could see that it was something important. We went to a corner. Viplav said that the blood found in the room dint belong to Ragini. It was normal o+ blood. He also added that room in which Ragini was held captive had other things Ragini was afraid of. I was shocked. Not many knew about Ragini s health condition.

Actually Ragini has a lot of phobias ex she is afraid of blood,tiny objects,round objects etc. Listening to viplavs report about things in that room it was evident that they knew about Ragini s condition. According to him only Swara and his team knew about it.

Now he had to be extra alert he will not let anyone hurt his Ragini. His thoughts were disturbed by a shrill painful shout SANSKAR

Thank u guys I will first show about past is it fine

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  13. He guys can anyone tell me how to give reply to each member

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  15. finally sanskaar found ragini
    is sanskaar going to doubt his own people
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