Tere liye duniya chhod di hai-RagLak ff (Chapter 27) Sangeet special

Hii my dear lovely friends…thanks for reading this ff from the start and the day has come..this is the second last plot of this ff…guys please don’t skip this chappy bcz it consists of full of songs..plz do read it dears…
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Malhotra’s reached mm…everyone’s face were lighted up except Krish…
He was dressed up in purple colour sherwani which is nithya’s favourite colour…
Ragini was dressed up in her blue with gold colour choli…and her eyes were searching for our hero…!!
“didi…!!wait for some more time…jiju will give grand entry…”Vidhra laughs…
Bala and swara were in their pink colour dresses…he stands numb when he saw swara descending the stairs…!!
Maheshwari’s welcomed them and all entered inside…flowers were thrown on them…
Darshu shooks Bala and drags him inside…swara smiles seeing his antics…he lost in her completely…!!

“ladies and gentlemen…since it’s the special day for my sister and jiju and my brother…let’s rock on…let’s nacho…”vidhra goes towards Bala and drags him to dance..!!
Sangeeth Segment…
“Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai, Tu Kahe To Main Bata Doon..!!”
{What all there is in my heart, if You permit me, I’ll tell it all}

Bala points his finger towards swara and shooks his head madly…swara looks at him in disbelief and shrugged her shoulder…

“Na Chahun Sona Chandi, Na Chahun Heera Moti…!!
Ye Mere Kis Kam Ke..!!
Na Mangu Bangla Baadi, Na Mangu Ghoda Gadi..!!
Ye To Hai Bas Naam Ke..!!
Deti Hai Dil De, Badle Mein Dil Ke…!!”
Bala moves beside swara and places his hand on her shoulder and sings above lines…
Swara moved aside making him stumble and sings “Ghe Ghe Ghe Ghe Ghere Sahiba, Pyaar Mein Sauda Nahi..!!” by shaking her forefinger against him…
Bala smiles madly and hits his backhead…
Ap watches the things and she felt something fishy but she pushed away all her thoughts and enjoys the sangeeth…

“Bachna Ae Haseeno Lo Main Aa Gaya..!!
Hey Bachna Ae Haseeno Lo Main Aa Gaya..!!
Husn Ka Aashiq, Husn Ka Dushman..!!
Apni Ada Hai Yaaron Se Juda
Hey Ho!
Bachna Ae Haseeno Lo Main Aa Gaya..!!”
Laksh gave the grand entry by holding the rope and gets down into hall…he bends down on knees and forwards the red rose to Ragini…
Ragini accepts the flower and blushes hard…she then sings “Aap Yahaan Aaye Kisliye..!!(Why have You come here?)”she beats his head with the rose he gave…
Laksh(rubs his head and sings):Aapne Bulaya Isliye..!!(I’ve come because You have called me)…
Ragini(acts like she is thinking):Aaye Hai To Kaam Bhi Bataiye..!!(As You’ve come here, then state Your purpose of visit)
Laksh(shooks his head and sings):Na Na Na Pehle Zara Aap Mushkuraiye..!!(No, no, no, first You give me a smile)
Ragini smiles widely listening to him…
Ap comes near Krishna and brings him near swara and sings “Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh..!!
Kahaan Shuru Kahaan Khatam..!!
Yeh manzilein Hai Kaunsi..
Na Wo Samajh Sake Na Hum..!!(swara and Krish blinks at each other weakly)
Mubaarakein Tumhe Ke Tum..!!
Kisi Ke Noor Ho Gaye..
Kisi Ke Itne Paas Ho…
Ke Sab Se Door Ho Gaye..!!(ap takes Krishna’s hand and places swara’s hand above his hand)”

Bala comes and drags swara with him and sings “Le Jayenge Le Jayenge, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge..!!
{The brave hearted ones will take away the bride}
Haan… Le Jayenge Le Jayenge, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge..!!
Arre Reh Jayenge Reh Jayenge, Gharwaale Dekhte Reh Jayenge..!!
{The family members will witness this and won’t be able to do anything}
Reh Jayenge Reh Jayenge, Gharwaale Dekhte Reh Jayenge..!!
Arre Le Jayenge Le Jayenge, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge..!!”
Bala entangled his hand with swara’s hand and bids bye to others …
Ap doesn’t like bala’s attitude…
Ragini’s badepaapa proceeds near ap and says”bala is like a kid..he doesn’t know what he is doing so don’t mistake him..”
Ap frowns…
Ragini takes a deep breath of sigh..!!
“lights off..!!”
Spot light falls on Raglak…where Laksh is kneeling down and asking for her hand…
Ragini forwards her hand and smiles brightly…
“Tenu itna main pyar karaan..!!
Ik pal vich sau baar karaan..!
(laksh holds her waist and Ragini wraps her hand around his neck and they make side moves)
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke..!!
Maut da intezaar karaan..!
(laksh twirls her and they came back to the previous position..)
Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai..!!
Tujhpe hi sans aake rukhe..!
(laksh points towards Ragini and sings these lines romantically..)
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon..!!
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake..!
(laksh pulled her towards him and stares her fondly)”

They came out from trance and hugged each other…
Sujatha drags ap aside and asks about Krish and swara’s marriage…
Sujatha:jiji…!!what’s the need for fixing swara’s marriage with that Krishna…matlab he is 7 years elder than our swara na…she is still kid and I heard that Krish loves some other girl and you blackmailed him to marry our daughter…is that true jiji…??
Ap:suji..not like that dear…you heard wrong..Krishna is a perfect match for my swara…and don’t get confused…come let’s bring the gifts…!!

Bala holds swara’s hand who was about to leave and pulls her towards him and sings
“Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
(side moves…)
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
(he stares her lovingly and twirls her back to back and she landed on his chest)
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri”
Swara felt embarrassed and leaves while Bala grinned…
Krish who was standing at the corner without any interest thinks about nithya and tears touched his cheeks…
“Krishna..!!”he hears her voice…he came back to normal with a jerk and his eyes looks out for her…!!

“Oh Dilwalon, Dil Mera, Sun Ne Ko Beqaraar Hai..!!
{Oh crazy lovers, my heart is impatient to hear this}
Kaho Na Pyaar Hai..!!!
{Say, You love me}”
(a girl who covered her face with shawl and only her eyes are visible comes beside Krish and blocks his way and sings above lines..)
“Chaahat Se Hum Tum Hai, Chaahat Se Sansar Hai..!!
{Because of love we exist, because of love the world exists}
Kaho Na Pyaar Hai..!!!”
(she then moves away from him forwarding her hands towards him…)
Krishna was about to touch her hand but she moved away when ap comes towards them…
Krish felt some unknown feelings when he saw those eyes…the pain he felt in those eyes…
“main phir bhi tumko chaahunga,
main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga…
is chaahat mein mar jaaunga
main phir bhi tumko chahunga…” plays
Krish eyes welled up…he want to shout loudly and he doesn’t want her to go but he doesn’t want to spoil ragini’s life too…
Bala placed his hand on Krish’s shoulder…Krish wipes his tears and smiles weakly…
Both gets back to dance floor by shaking their legs…

Darshu and Vidhra goes near Ragini who was standing near the pillar and was brushing the floor…
“Chup Chup Khade Ho Zaroor Koi Baat Hai..!!
{You’re standing quietly, surely there’s some matter}
Pehli Mulakaat Hai, Ye Pehli Mulakaat Hai..!!
{It’s the first meeting, it’s the first meeting}”
They dances by shaking Ragu here and there for the above lines and she gets bumped into laksh…!!
Laksh(placing his hands on her shoulder):Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche Har Zabaan Par..
{Our love affair is the talk of the town}
Ragini(pulling his nose):Accha..{Is that so?}
Laksh(rubs his nose and sing):Sabko Maloom Hai Aur Sabko Khabar Ho Gayi…
{Everyone knows about it}
Ragini(shrugged her shoulder):Toh Kya{So what?}
“Tum paas aaye..!!”plays…bala drags everyone at centre and they breaks the dance floor except one…yes..it’s Krish…he was dancing but unwilling…
“bhaiyya..!!I know you are doing all this just for me..but trust me I won’t snatch your happiness,I promise…”Ragini said to herself…
Laksh holds her tightly and assures her something…Ragini’s gaze then falls on Bala…he simply nods and sighs something…swara does thumbs up…
Everyone gets tired and they settled to their respective rooms..!!
Malhotra’s leave after bidding greetings to maheshwari’s…
Laksh stares Ragu lovingly and went down to drop them…they leaves in their car…
Bala peeps outside the window and looks upwards and found swara standing in the balcony..!!
She waves her hand…he smiles sheepishly…
“Bala…”he came back to the world when he heard his paapa’s voice and drove off..
To be continued •••

Precap:the final plot…
What will happen next??will every pair gets united??what happened between Bala and swara…why they are behaving like this??will Krish accept swara or he will go back to nithya??what raglak and swaraji were planning??
Answer all these questions…!!
Take care dears

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