Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 30


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After 2 days
Ragini was sitting on sofa watching tv. She was getting bored. She looks at sanskar who was working on some files.

Rag: sanskar.

San: (without looking) hmm?

Rag: y r u quite? Talk with me.

San: ok talk.

Rag: sanskar m serious.

San closes his file.: ok tell on which topic u want to talk?

Rag: (thinks)

San: ragini. Already all topics u wanted to talk r over. Now u only think and tell.

Meanwhile Milan comes to take sign of sanskar on few documents.

Rag: I got idea. Sanskar. Both of u play hide and seek.

Both look at her.

Rag: yes. Its gud. Both of u play I’ll watch.

San: ragini stop kidding.

Rag: m not kidding. I want to see playing hide and seek. Play with bhaiya. Or else play with me.

San: m not going to do these idiotic things.

Rag: (fake anger) idiotic? I’ll complaint our baby that u r scolding mamma.

San: (widen eyes) when did I scold u?

Rag: just now.

San: now wat u want?

Rag: hide and seek.

San: ok . but only once I’ll hide.

Rag: ok. Bhaiya close ur eyes and count till 10. Then search sanskar.

Mil little scared started counting. Sanskar went behind ragini.

Rag: sanskar go in proper place where he shud not find u.

Sanskar stood behind refrigerator. Mil finished counting and found san fastly. Rag clapped seeing that. San smiled.

San: now over.

Rag: one more time.

San: ragini. I had told u.

Rag: ok. She pouts.

San: instead of this lets go for a drive. U’ll feel fresh.

Rag agreed. Both left.

San: ragini. Wear seat belt.

Rag: let it be. Only for few mins we r going. Its non traffic area.

San stopped telling as he came to knew its waste to argue in this situation. He starts to drive. They were enjoying driving. Suddenly a small puppy comes in front of their car.

Rag: sanskar stop.

He suddenly applied break. Due to sudden break ragini was abt to get hurt on stomach but sanskar hold her.

San: (shouts) I had told u to wear seat belt. But u . not at all listening. See if I wud have not hold then wat wud have happened. U r careless.

Ragini’s eyes get moist. She was scared seeing sanskar angry. San looks at her. He calmed seeing her teary eyes. He cups her face.

San: m sry. I was just tensed abt u and baby. I don’t want to take any risk. That’s y left going office till ur delivery. U know that rite. Then y don’t u listen to me.

Rag: bending down her head. Sry. I wont repeat. But u shud not shout like this.

San: ok I wont repeat.

Rag: if u repeat then I wil tell golu and sweety.

San confused and then remembered.: no need of them. I told na. sry.

Rag: good.

She looks on road. That puppy was still there. She went to that. She tried to bend but stopped and looked at san. He understood and took that puppy and gave in her hand. She happily caresses it.

Rag: its so cute. Sanskar lets take this to home.

San: but.

Rag: pls.

San without any option agreed. He was scared of golu and sweety.
Both returned to home.

Two days passed rag was spending her time only with puppy. San got happy that atleast she’s busy in something.

Rag: Robbie . Sanskar. We call it as Robbie.

San: from where u get these kind of names?
Fond of names?

Rag: actually in free time I used to read books in lib. Once I read names book. So I remembered. See.. reading that book not got waste.

He just smiled at her.


Days passed. One day ragini gets pain. Sanskar took her to hosp. doc took her to OT. San was standing outside. Tension was clearly shown on his face. Swalak also came there with mil. Swara is also pregnant. Next month is her delivery date.
All were outside. After some time they hear baby crying voice. All were happy. Sanskar was happy and tensed too. Coz he wanted to know ragini’s condition whether she’s ok or not.

Doc: congratulations. Its..

San interrupts.: doc how is ragini.

Doc smiled at his concern towards rag.

Doc. All 3 r good.

All: 3?

Doc: yes. Its twins. A boy and a girl.

San got full happy.


San: swara, laksh, Milan I became father of 2 babies.

Mil: congrats sir.

San: declare 1 day holiday for all workers and give them sweets.

Mil: ok sir.

San: doc. Can I see her?

Doc: wait for few mins. Let us shift her to ward. Then u meet.

After shifting. San enters ward. Slowly he was keeping steps. Ragini was on bed seeing their babies with moist eyes. He got happy to see this. He was waiting to see this from long time. Rag saw him.

Rag: sanskar. We both won. Its both. Pink and blue.
Sanskar sits on chair which was kept near. His smile vanished.

Rag: wat happened? U r not happy?

San: m scared of u.

Rag: surprised. Wat? Me? y?

San: u always targeted me to complaint abt me to our babies.

Rag(confused): y u r telling that now?

San: I want to take babies in my arms.

Rag: who stopped u?

San: I have to take one by one. If I take girl first, u’ll complaint to our son in future that I took girl first. And if I take son, then u’ll complaint to girl.

Ragini laughs: sanskar, now u r behaving like kid.

She gives both babies in his arms. He lost in their innocent faces.

hope i dint bored u..

love u all…..

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