Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 27

Hi sissy’s. today let’s start without my long bak bak.

Next evng. Sanskar brought dress to Ragini while coming from office.

Rag: wow. It’s beautiful.

San: u liked it?

Rag: yes. Y?

San: u don’t like these kind of dresses na?

Rag: it was earlier. But now I’ll wear. (Goes to him touches her nose with her’s) only for u.

San: shall I help u?

Rag: no need. I’ll manage.

San: I bet u. U need my help.

Rag: no. She ran to change.

After few mins. She peeped outside slowly. Sees sanskar luking at her direction only as if he knows that she’ll call her.

Rag: I know u did it purposely.

San: it’s my rite dear. So shall I help?

Rag slowly turned. That has long jip at back. San moves to her touches her back. She felt like loosing her control. He kissed her bare back. He was showering kisses. She turned to him and hugged him tightly. He started to kiss her neck. She was holding him more tight as he kisses each time.

Rag: slowly.sanskar. We’re getting late.

San: let it b. Let me love u more.

Rag: really.
She slowly bites his neck.

San: ouch. Ragini. Wats this?

Rag: I just tried hw Wil u feel if I become wild while loving.

San: I want that only.lets both become wild.

Sanskar’s phone rings.

San: who invented mob?. It always disturbs.

He picks it. It’s laksh.

Lak: where r u guys? Party is abt to start.

San: we r on the way.

Lak: ok. Come fast.

San cuts call. Ragini smiles naughtily at him.

Both get ready and left.


At party hall. Ragsan hug swalak.

Ragsan: congrats laksh.

Lak: thanku. Let’s enjoy the party.

Ragsan saw Nikhil there.

San: little anger. Wats he doing here?

Rag: be calm sanskar.

Lak: he had come to ask forgiveness. We dint. But he told that u both forgave him. So we too thought to forgive and let’s him give a chance.

San: but m not feeling it’s gud.

Rag: u r thinking very deeply. That’s y u r not feeling gud. Let it b. See here. So many people r there. Y r u concentrating on him only?

Ragini sees there that her colony frnds also present. She got happy and looks at swalak.

Swa: this was a small surprise from us.

Rag: thanku both. Really m very happy. I never met them from long time.

Swa: actually this was Nikhil’s suggestion. He only gave idea. We thought it wud make u happy.

Nikhil comes to them.

Nik: hi ragsan.

Ragsan: hi.

Rag: thanku for this Nikhil. M happy

Nik: just a small try from me to correct my mistakes.

San: Don’t u think u r becoming so gud?

Rag: sanskar?

Sanskar luks other side.

Sanskar’s frnds call him. He went to them telling Ragini that he’ll b there. she too signed him that she’ll meet her colony frnds. Both went to their respective frnds group.

They talk for sometime. Nikhil went to swalak.
Nik: hey u both r still here? They were calling u.

Swalak: who?

Nikhil showed them sanskar’s group. Sanskar’s frnds know swalak. Swalak went to them.

In between thier talk Ragini’s frnd says.

Geet: Ragu, where’s ur hubby? U didn’t introduced us? U r hiding him from us?
They teased her. She shyly

Rag: don’t tease. Wait I’ll call him.

She looks at him. He was surrounded by friends. She excuses and went to call him. Nikhil comes in between.

Nik: where r u going?

Rag: to call sanskar.

Nik: now u r going? Means he didn’t call u to introduce?

Rag: wat do you mean?

Nik: acted. Nothing. Leav.

Rag: say Nikhil.

Nik: first tell me u won’t tell to sanskar that I told u.

Rag: ok.

Nik: nothing big. His friends were asking him to introduce u. He was telling that u r shy girl, and won’t like to meet. He ignored u.

Rag: I don’t believe this.

Nik: ok. Then u can go and ask him. He’ll ask u y did u come here? He wanted u to not to come there.

Rag: she ignored his talk and went to sanskar.

Rag: sanskar.

San: arey Ragini. Y u came here?

Ragini shocked. Stood without talking.

San: hey wat happened?

Rag: nothing. Meet u later. U enjoy.

San: ok.

Ragini felt bad and sits on chair. Nikhil comes to her.

Nik: I told u na. He don’t want to introduce u. Coz u r middle class. Don’t take it seriously.

Rag: go from here.

Nikhil left smirking. He remembers how sanskar sent waiter to call Ragini. While waiter was going Nikhil stopped him and gave him money to tell as he told. Waiter told to sanskar that Ragini met her friends after many days so she’ll take some time to come. That’s y when Ragini comes to sanskar he thought she came early. So he asked like that. Nikhil turned that thing into negative way Infront of Ragini.

Ragini’s frnd comes to her and told to join them. Ragini told that she has headache, she’ll leave.

She left without telling sanskar. Sanskar was anware of everything.

Ragini comes to home. She goes to room and stands Infront of mirror. She looks at herself. She converted herself according to sanskar. Though he never told her anything but she wanted him to b happy. So she started to wear whatever kind of dress he likes. Just for him. But today?

Rag: sanskar is this true that still u cudnt accept me as am? Was Nikhil rite?

Here party over and sanskar started to search Ragini.

San: swara. Did u see Ragini?

Swa: no sanskar. M luking for her only. She dint had food.

Ragini frnd comes: Ragini went to home.

San: she didn’t tell me.

Frnd: she told that she has headache and she left.

San worried: ok. Swalak. I need to go.

Swalak: ok. Take care of Ragini.


Sanskar reached home and sees Ragini sleeping on bed. He goes near to Ragini. She was acting like she’s sleeping.
Sanskar kept his hand oh her forehead.

San: there’s no fever. Ragini. R u ok? Wake up pls.

Rag: slowly got up.

San: y did u leave party suddenly that too without informing me?

Rag: (normally)I had headache. So I came.

San: u cud have told me. We cud have come together.

Rag: u were busy with frnds. So I thought not to disturb u.

San goes near and cups her face.
San: u can order me whatever, wherever and whenever u want. Sanskar is all available for u.

Rag smiles fakely.

San holding her face: wat happened?

Rag: nothing.

San: may b u don’t know but let me tell you one secret. (Near her ears) I can read my wife’s mind and heart. So tell me now Wats bothering u?

Rag: actually in party( in mind: wat u r telling Ragini, first think urself) I met one of my best friend. So got emotional.

San: r u sure only this much?

Rag: yes sanskar only this much.

San: u take rest I’ll bring tablet.

Rag: no. I’ve already taken.

San kissed her forehead and started to apply balm. She tried to stop him.

San: close ur eyes and sleep. M here with u only.

Rag smiles and sleeps.

Rag in mind: no. My sanskar is not like that. M only overthinking. He never thought about me like that. Unnecessary I took tension.
She sleeps peacefully in his arms.

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