Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) episode 8

Guys thanku so much for your lovely comments and suggestions. Glad that you are liking it. So here’s my next episode. Enjoy. I’m bringing in a major change in the story. Hope you adjust with it. I want to make Raavi a fourth standarder. So that will mean Gayatri returned back to India after ten years

Raavi and Arav are walking to their respective class. They see their senior boys (well basically seventh standards) playing football.
Raavi shows Arav her dream boy. “ I too need a boyfriend just like him. “ She looks at him with puppy eyes.
Arav: what’s so special about him?
Raavi: look at him. If he is so dashing now, how hot will be he once he grows up. So isn’t it better if I book him now itself. What if hot girls chase him when we grow up
Arav: why don’t you give quotation to your friends to bully him. You can save him to become his girlfriend
Raavi: abhe bhuddhu. Boys don’t like their girlfriends to save them. It works the other way round. Hero always save heroine. ( She pauses a bit) wait….when did you know?
Arav: from the beginning itself.
Raavi: (sheepishly) then why did you take my help
Arav: well I too wanted to be your friend.
Raavi walks towards her class murmuring “ ye toh mujhse bhi Shana nikla’
Arav also follow her to class.
Raavi : why are you coming to my class
Arav: well my mom talked to the principal and transferred me to this division. Now we can always be together. (Raavi looks at him questioningly) ah…BFF
Sanchi is preparing to go out
Isha: Sanchi are you going to office again
Sanchi: no isha. I need to go out with Mr Bhansal.
Isha: ooooh…..date with a client
Sanchi: tumhare dimakh main aur kuch aye na aye par aisi baatein hamesha ata hain. It’s work related
Isha: bit Sanchi you need to rest. You promised you wont go out for work.
Sanchi: Isha it’s really important. I need to personally meet few of Mr Bhansals patients whom he had treated for free. I might get late , so please Raavi ko sambhal Lena. And Ma bhi a rahi hain. So send someone to pick her up. And ya , Pragya ayegi tho tell her to work on file number 65.
Isha: tum khud kyu nahi jaati aunty ko pick karne
Sanchi: why? Do you want to send her back in the next bus itself.

Isha : I don’t understand you both. You don’t talk to each other but can’t live without each other.
Sanchi: mom has every right to be angry on me. And I deserve her anger. After What I had done, I’m not worthy of her forgiveness. She had many expectations from me. All her dreams were about me. My one wrong step had changed all our lives. Agar mujhse naaraz rahne se unhe thodi si sukoon mile to main zindagi bhar unki narazgi sahne ke liye tayar hoon. And I’m sorry to you too….
Isha: bas bhi kar pyaar. Kitni baar bataon. Meta makeup kharab karogi kya? Ab jao apne Bhansal ke pass.
Sanchi leaves the café.
In the hospital Riya looks for doctor Kabir. Someone tells her that he is with his mother. She gets glad hearing that Kusum is in the hospital. She doesn’t want to miss the chance to impress.
Riya : arre aunty, kya hua? (She looks at kabir) not done Dr. Kabir. You didn’t consider it important to tell me that aunty is not well. When I heard from the staff, I came running leaving behind all my duties.(she touches museum’s feet. Kusum feels awkward)
Kabir: Dr. Riya, she is perfectly alright. Just came for her routine checkup. And for a doctor, her duty should come first. Everything else comes after that. You shouldnt be irresponsible towards your patient.
Kusum: leave it na kabir. Why so khadoos always. Thank you Riya for coming. It’s been long since we met. Heard that Gayatri is back in India. How is she. Did she come back for your marriage. I should tell her to find you a good guy and marry you off
Riya( smiling awkwardly) : woh, aunty, you know …SDCH is my life. It’s likesecond home for me. How can I leave from here. I was thinking to settle by marrying someone here itself.(looking at kabir) ab main doctor hoon toh mera pati bhi doctor hi hona chahiye na?
Kusum: ( in mind “ in your dreams “) toh use kya hain. Find a good doctor for you and then you can give him a post at SDCH itself. Hain na Kabir beta?
Just then kabir receives call. “ I’ll be there soon. You wait at office. I’ll pick u up”
Kabir: sorry ma, I need to go. Something important came up. I had totally forgotten. Will you take a taxi home
Riya: don’t worry kabir. Your mother is my mother (they give her a look). I mean, like my mother.. So I will personally drop her.
Kabir : thanku Dr. Riya.
Kabir leaves
Kusum: tum bilkul apni ma ki tarah ho
Riya: kya
Kusum: woh…beautiful….your very pretty
Riya pretends to blush.
Gayatri enters the room
Gayatri: Kusum ji. How are you. It’s really good to see you. I wanted to come meet you as soon as I came back from London. But you know, works and works. But I’m really happy that I met you. And am really pleased with Kabir. What a talented and gifted doctor. I see him at the head of SDCH in future. And are you thinking about his marriage.
Kusum: you know Kabir. Shaadi ka Nam sunte hi bhaag jata hain. He is nearing his forties and I’m worried
Gayatri: may be he was waiting for the perfect girl. Sometimes we have the perfect person before our eyes. ( Looking at Riya) we just need to recognise them.
Kusum tries to smile “ yeh choti chudail kya kam thi Jo badi bhi agayi. Golu yeh kaha phasa diya beta tumne???”

Pragya comes to the café. She comes to isha. Isha is not so pleased to see her.
Pragya: woh, Sanchi ma’am she left some file for me?
Isha: mein kya file jeb main dalkar ghoom rahi hu kya. Jakar table main dekho na.
Pragya: you seem busy. Do you need any help? ( She is eager to help her and make friends)
Isha: do you really want to help me
Pragya nods with the cutest puppy face.
Isha: you see those table over there, go and clean them
Pragya gets sad: do you want me to clean table.
Isha: do you know how to brew coffee? ( She nods no) then why do you pose to help if you really don’t mean it.
Pragya: no I will clean it and then study my files. She leaves.
Isha: waise toh ma beti tumhe nachane hi wali hain. Abhi se thodi practice ho jayegi.
(Tseries mix tape: pee loon + Ishq sufiyana by neha kakkar and sreeram.)
(Dr. Kabir opens the car door for Sanchi)

Sochun tujhe to hai subah
Sochun tujhe to shaam hai
Sochun tujhe to hai subah
Sochun tujhe to shaam hai
Manzilon pe ab toh meri…
Ek hi tera naam hai
(Sanchi and kabir are in the car. Sanchi goes through the file and at times she clarifies with kabir. Kabir also smiles being with her.)

Tere bin jee nahi lagta
Tere bin jee nahi sakta
Tujhpe hain haare
Maine vaare do jahaan
(Little Arav is all puppy eyes stealing looks at Raavi in the class. He is so in love……little lover boy.)

Tere waaste mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
(Kabir and Sanchi talk to an elderly couple. She thanks them and folds her hand along with Kabir.)

O tere waaste mera Ishq Sufiyana
( kabir is going through a file. Sanchi comes beside him and keeps a hand on his shoulder and discuss the file. Kabir is fluttered by the gesture)

Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
(Sanchi and kabir are walking along the road. She comes across golgappa stall. She hears a voice “ miss golgappa” she closes her eyes. She opens to find kabir asking “ would you like to have golgappa. She says she doesnt like them)

Hosh mein… Rahun kyun aaj main
Tu meri baahon mein simti hai
Mujh mein samayi hai yun
(Raavi is sitting on the bench. Arav brings her ice candy. She is greatful for it. When she is about to lick it she spots her crush going by. It’s time for Raavi to be all puppy eyes. She signals Arav to see him going.)

Jis tarah ki koi ho nadi
Tu mere seene mein chupti hai
Saagar tumhara main hoon
(Arav takes the ice candy from her hands and leaves. Raavi pouts at his behaviour and follow him begging to return her ice candy. Awe…..they are the cutest couple ever.)

Haan tere aag mein hi jalke
Koyle se heera banke
Khwaabon se aage chalke
Hai tujhe batana
(Sanchi is busy on her phone. Kabir brings tea and sit beside her on the bench. He offers her a glass but she accidentally spills the hot tea on his hand.)

Tere waaste mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
(Sanchi takes kabir aside and pours cold water on his hands continuously and checks if it got burnt. Kabirs heart flutters again.)

O tere waaste mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
It starts raining while Sanchi and kabir were walking towards their car. They run to a shed for shelter. Sanchi puts out her hand and enjoys the rain. Kabir can’t stop staring her. He has started seeing her in a new light.)

Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
Dil ki Diwali hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali hai ishq
(Kabir suggest they run to the car. He removes his coat and cover their heads with it and runs in sync towards the car. While running, kabir’s heart was beating fast due to the proximity.)

Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
Dil ki Diwali hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali hai ishq
( In the car kabir could not take his eyes of Sanchi who was drying her hair with her hands. He finally drives off and drop Sanchi at her home. Once Sanchi is gone he sighs and slowly leans back in the seat. He gently places his hand over his heart and slowly closes his eyes.)
Epilogue: airport . A pair of boots are walking towards the exit. His messy hair is shown. He is wearing a blue jacket and a pair of jeans. He gets out and removes his glasses. His naughty eyes have a twinkle. He boards a taxi. He gives the address SDCH. He smiles through his messy beard.

Time for the triangle…..

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  1. Anonymousaa

    I loved Raavi and Arav’s jodi so much.
    Wow Kanchi are coming closer.
    About precap is there going to be a triangle or two triangles or even more three triangles?

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Itne angles toh Maine bhi nahi Sochi……???

    1. Ziyarasheed

      Thanku swetha

  2. Raavi & Arav Jodi …..so cute….awesome episode dear. . About precap…it’s a tough job for me to guess…do update soon…..lots of love to u Ziya dear.

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      Thanku dr. Love you too??

  3. RuCh23

    Oh god a triangle? On offence Ziya but I started to hate love triangles because of the show, but I know you won’t make us go crazy like them ??? love today’s part dear, Raarav and Kanchi, both couples were so cute ???

    1. Ziyarasheed

      ??I’ll try my best to do justice with the lovers…….?

  4. Lied raavi and aarav bonding….. Awesome

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  5. Amazing Superbbbbb

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    love triangle………..after watching sdch……NO……..but by watching kundali bhagya….YES……& I believe Ziya that u r not going to mess up the plot like that of sdch…… raavi & aarav part bought a big smile on my face…..& the song sequence & the dialogues in between, osm…….luv u sweetieeeeeee………

    1. Ziyarasheed

      I’ll try my best to take along both the love tracks in a balance. Specially the cute little love story of raavi and Arav. Thanku dr…?

  7. Dhruti

    aww kanchi coming closer……………..i love arav and raavi’s bonding……..what about precap?i think new guys i think he is veer…………..i love today’s ff…………post next one soon……………

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      I’ll try to post the next one soon. Between, thanks dear?

  8. Very very nice. Personally I do not likeTriangle luv stories. BTW I want to know who is aarav.

    1. Ziyarasheed

      ?. Well Arav is just a cute little classmate of Raavi who is smarter than her. For now, there is no back story of him. But if u insist….I’ll think about it?

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  10. Niyaaa

    Hey ziya awsome yaar actually main bhi triangle k naam se tang aa chuki hun.. Ab to maths ka triangle bhi koi bolta h to michchi hone lagti h .. Hehehe.. Per umeed nahi vishwash h tum un sdch walon ki tarah nahi karogii.. Btw epi is awsome mindblowing nd actually i like aaraai more than kanchi.. Sorry.. Nd my fav. Line ye to mujhe bhi sana nikla ye pdhte hi to main haste haste bed se hi gir gayi.. Hilarious yaar.. Post nxt one asap.. Bye tc

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      *aaravi nd sorry for late commnt u know diwali nd all preparation shoppiong at all.. Gud ni8

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      Ha ha…..thanku dr. I’ll try my best to keep the love stories interesting. And happy diwali in advance. Have a blast….???

  11. Ziya, i m commenting 1st tym on ur ff……excited 4 love triangle n i believe u tht u will do justice wid all characters not lyk RS……love u sweetie

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      Thanku dr.?. Keep reading and commenting. And I’ll do my best to do justice with each character.

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    Mind blowing… Superbbb… Kaanchi moments were truly amazing… And the cute couple Aravi… Awww?????

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