Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) episode 6

Sorry guys for the delay. Was down with fever. Feeling better. Missed tu family very much. And Riya darling, love you too. So here’s the next episode
Recap: kabir and Sanchi meet to discuss their case. Kabir later recieves a call from someone that makes him relieved.

Kabir : where are you. Why didn’t you answer any of my calls. Do you know how worried I have been.
The caller at the other end is shown. And it’s our sweet and lovely cupid Kusum.
Kusum: when did you you start worrying about me. If you really worried about me then you brought me a bahu long ago.
Kabir: Ma, you have started again. Tell me where you are. I’ll come and get you back now itself
Kusum: I’m at your mamu’s home. No need to come all the way. I’ll be there after a week.

Kabir: a week??? How can you stay away from me like this. Do you even know how difficult it was for me to spend a week without you. I don’t want to hear any thing. I’ll come there tomorrow. That’s final.
Kusum: oye , don’t do drama. I won’t fall in you emotional blackmail. Being with you all these years I have learnt that emotional blackmails don’t work much. Waise bhi , what will I do coming there, I’ll be just bored . I don’t even have a bahu for entertainment. Look at your age. When will you get married? Even your hairs have started greying. I’m afraid if I will have to settle with a second hand bahu.

Kabir: ma kuch bhi? Waise entertainment ke liye log TV series dekhte hain. Bahu nahi laten.
Kusum: until when will I see saas bahu on TV. I too need to see live drama.
Kabir: mom, until now I have not met any girl whom I felt interested in. And more over, you know how committed to work I am.
Kusum: don’t worry beta, your mom is very straight forward. And you know how much I love you. Ma will find a good boy for you
Kabir: ma kuch bhi. You always enjoy pulling my leg. Be ready in the morning. Take care and don’t forget to take your BP tablet
Kusum: agar bahu hoti, then you have to worry about all these things
Kabir: ghuma ghuma ke baat ko wahi pahuncha deti ho. Good night.
Kusum: sorry beta
Kabir: I love you ma.

Kabir is finally at ease after talking to Kusum. Kusum had purposely gone away to make him worried so that she can blackmail him to marrying. But she too couldnt stay away for long.

Sanchi: Raavi come. Let’s do your homeworks.
Raavi: mamma, I have already finished everything.
Sanchi: acha then let’s finish your assignment. You need to submit it tomorrow.
Raavi : I have submitted them today. So no works
Sanchi: (suspiciously eying both raavi and isha) what happened to her. When did she start showing interest in studies?

Isha: why are you looking at me. Ab bachi pad rahi hain toh achi baat hain na. Why are you cross examining her.
Raavi: chill mamma. You have to worry about me any more. I have decided to become a good girl from now on. And see, the teachers are gonna go flat after seeing my performance.you love me so much. Can’t I do this much for you. (Making puppy face)
Isha: can I get a bread for you.

Raavi ( giving death glare to isha): maasi!!!
Sanchi laughs at the two. : Acha, zyaada maska math laga. Let’s have dinner.
They enjoy dinner and have a good family time. They form a lovely family and have much love and care for each other.
Their home is upstairs of their cafe. There is stairs inside and also outside the café connecting their home and cafe. So most of the time , they are in the café. In the night after closing hours, they have dinner from the café.

It’s a new day. Sanchi is out shopping with raavi and isha. She selects dress for raavi. Raavi insists for icecream. So Sanchi asks isha to take her for icecream as she has somewhere to go. On her way out she collides with a lady and her bags fall. Sanchi apologises and helps her with the bags.
Sanchi is surprised to see the lady.
Sanchi: aunty aap?
Kusum: Sanchi beta. Is that you. Oh my god.its been ages. How are you. Look at me. Am asking so many questions at once.
Sanchi: I’m good aunty. How are you.

Kusum: look yourself. All good. Only slight BP troubles.
Sanchi: are you by yourself.
Kusum: woh, I’ve asked the driver to come. Pata nahi kaha rah gaya. Phone bhi nahi lag raha.
Sanchi: it’s OK aunty. Come, I’ll drop you.
Kusum: no no beta. I don’t want to trouble you
Sanchi: kaisi takleef aunty. It’s been ages. Let me help you with your bags. You wait here, I’ll get the car.

In the car
Kusum: Jaya kaisi hain?
Sanchi’s expression suddenly becomes sad. She gives a week smile and replies Jaya is fine.
They reach kusum’s house.
Kusum takes the bags inside and ask her to wait in the living.
Kusum : I’ll bring tea for you beta.
Sanchi: aunty you sit here. I’ll get the tea
Kusum: acha beta, pakode bhi banana
Sanchi(smiling): ji huzoor.

Sanchi goes to the kitchen and gets busy with tea and snacks. Kusum goes to her room. Just then kabir returns home. He gets the smell and heads towards the kitchen.
Kabir: are, kushbu to badi achi a rahi hain. I’m sure it will be yummy also(Sanchi looks up) I want to kiss your hands. (Sanchi turns towards him shocked. That’s when kabir notices her)
Both: aap???
Kusum: golu beta, aagaya tu. (Sanchi smirks murmuring golu. Kabir gives her an annoyed face) waise golu, meet Sanchi. And sanchi, this is my son kabir
Kabir: ma woh…
Kusum: are, don’t you remember my friend Jaya. She is her daughter. Are, Dr. Sunil Mishra’s daughter. It’s strange na, that you guys never met. Anyway you go and freshen up . have tea together.

After tea Sanchi and kabir are in the lawn.
Sanchi: so Mr. Bhansal, what have u decided.
Kabir: I have nothing more to say than i have already said. I want you to pursue the case with the details given to you.
Sanchi losses her cool: Mr bhansal, a child died on your table. Even if you had no other choice, there is a minimum rule that you take the consent of the close relative. Your intentions might have been genuine. But the law doesn’t listen to emotions. What are you trying to protect. You decide what is important to you.
Kabir: you need to coordinate your brain and heart while in this profession. Every patient is a dear one for someone. You should also see them as so. The relatives waiting outside the operation theatre wait there after putting all their trust on you. They see you above god. And their thankful smiling faces is the proudest moment in your life. And their crying faces is something that keeps you haunting for a long time. (Sanchi feels emotional)
Sanchi: papa….

Kabir: dr. Sunil told me these words when I first assisted him. And I still regard these with great respect. I’m fighting this case not because I’m afraid to go to jail. But not being able to treat people is something i won’t be able to live without. So please miss Sanchi. I need your help. And I need to protect the person who have already lost everything.
Sanchi leaves from there without a word.
The next day Sanchi feels a bit drowsy . Isha advice her to take a few days of from office as she was having mild fever. Sanchi easily agrees. Isha is surprised.
Isha: Sanchi ,I said off. You heard me right na?

Sanchi: ya I won’t be going to office for few days. Happy?
Sanchi makes a call to Mr Jindal
Sanchi: sir, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it office for a few days. Just not feeling well.
Jindal: it’s on Sanchi, take your time.
Sanchi: no, no. I have thought that I’ll work from home itself.
Isha gives her a death glare
Jindal: are you sure Sanchi

Sanchi: ya, I’ve thought about it. The case cant wait.
Jindal: OK then, I’ll sent Pragya with all your files. I’ll ask her to assist you from there.
Sanchi: thank you sir.
Isha: is this how you take rest?
Sanchi: you told me no office. So no office.
Isha: and I didnt tell you to bring office here

Isha leaves muttering in anger
Sanchi keeps thinking. She finally makes the call to kabir
Sanchi: okay, solve this case…….together
Kabir (after a few moments of silence): thank you miss Sanchi.
Sanchi : let’s meet tomorrow. Sanchi smiles .
Sanchi finds isha giving her a suspicious look. She shoves her off when she tries to sit on the edge of her desk. Little Raavi perches on the other side of her desk and also gets pushed off. Raavi fusses that she is here to ask about her health.

Raavi and Isha sit on desk again and she gets anxiety. She warns that it was just a client.
Isha : we ask you. By the way, your client seems pretty handsome.
Raavi: mamma, is he hot?
Isha and Sanchi glare at her: aren’t you a little small to ask me that
Raavi: mamma, you always say that I should clear all my doubts, never to keep anything in mind.
Sanchi : and what type of doubt is this? How do you cook up things?
Raavi: I know I’m more beautiful, but I have got your brains. So I just catch things quickly.
Sanchi: beemar mein hu. Aap school nahi jaoge kya?
Raavi: I’m leaving. Such a boring life . God I’m stuck with these two single ladies. No wonder I’m the only one without a boyfriend in my class.

Isha: Abe Beauty queen ka boy friend kyu nahi hain?
Raavi (on her way out) : because boys like dumb girls.

Sanchi: look at her. Aaj kal ke bache, play school se hi love story shuru.
Isha: chill Sanchi. They just mean friendship at this age. I’ll get you a hot coffee and pie.
Khwabon ke parinday plays in the background. Sanchi sits there enjoying her coffee and smiling. Isha is serving her customers with a smile. Kabir is also having a good time in his office. Mrs. Fernandez is surprised to see him smile. Raavi and Arav are also bonding on their way to school……

Precap: love is in the air….

So that’s it. Hope you enjoy. Sorry if it was a bit lengthy.

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